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  1. I would like to see maybe a g3 style battlerifle or an m27. For machine guns I would like to see the m240 bravo and maybe a .50 cal emplacement gun some where. For sub guns, an mp7, p90, Kriss vector would all be good choices. for guns that haven’t seen any military service but are just cool, keltec RDB and the 308 version the RFB.
  2. I have noticed that me games go from playable to completely unplayable through out the match as people join in. I went from one match having an 85 ping to having 250 ping all while being on the NA server. I feel like there’s no ping lock. I feel like people who join I game and have over 150 ping should be kicking and sent to a server that’s closer to their area. This is a problem that keeps coming up. Team balance is another major issue. The servers need auto balance due to people crashing or leaving the match. One team will end up losing people while the other stays at full strength. Being down 5 or 8 people with out any auto adjustment just makes the game boring for both sides.
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