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  1. I dont know about you guys but i have pretty difficulties with using the Hellfire missile. 1. It goes to fast 2. Visibilty to bad Maybe its better to give us satelite view instead of what we now have.
  2. Hi, i think i have found the solution. I ran the verify integrity of game cache function on steam and it found that some files were not verified or something so it downloaded these files again and problem was solved. Also the update to Windows 1903 gave me a huge performance boost. I didnt have any FPS lag so far... Very good.
  3. It only occurse while gaming. So when im playing than suddenly the screen closes and i do get crash message from the game itself. Win 10 I5 7600K RX 480 4GB 16GB DDR4 750 watt PSU
  4. Somebody know a fix? Almost every game i have a sudden crash.. Not hardware related..
  5. I gave the game a break some weeks ago. I wont play if there is no improvement on the FPS. My PC is just fine but still get stutter and fps drops. The FPS on TDM moscow for example is just terrible while on other hand berlin is fine.
  6. Connection got trash after 0.4.3. Much more spiking now.
  7. These settings wont help while the game is still under development.
  8. TDM Moscow is just horrible FPS rates for me while TDM Berlin i get constant 80 - 100 FPS. Not a single setting will help improve.
  9. I choose Berlin over Warsaw. Warsaw is indeed not practical because of the two floors you have. To many spots where you can get hit from. You cant check every place while running. Especially when its dark. Visibility is almost zero. To annoying!
  10. They are still on the beer. They are Polish remember. But after their ''beer'' vacation they will work full gas again.
  11. Yes make fix the ammo bug and make SMG's a bit stronger.
  12. Is it a big problem to release a hotfix for the current ammo bug on the SMG's?
  13. Hi, I do get a lot of random crashes after the update. Thanks.
  14. Almost every game the server is full??
  15. I hope some hardware optimization will happen with the upcoming update because the unstable FPS starts the frustrate me a lot.
  16. What kind of moderator are you? You give 100% false information as this game isnt even more GPU demanding than CPU. The graphics settings doesnt change anything. When you go from ultra to low you get even a worse FPS. Problem is the CPU optimization and devs working on it. No matter what this guy turns off or on in Windows, he wont get better FPS.
  17. I know they were in but they werent overpowered and overused. Most nowdays known FPS games become more casual and LMG's playing a huge role in that. High rounds, less recoil and high damage. Its a bad thing to have it in a game because the one that uses doesnt have to think about the amount bullets he fires because he doesnt have to think about reload times and has a low TTK with that. If you dont have to think about these little things than why we talking about skill? Skill is formed by different aspects. Recoil control, amount of bullets, reload time, movements etc. etc.
  18. No but they prone and give supressed fire so troops can move forward. You see a special force guy running with a huge LMG and bust in a room or something? I dont think so.
  19. I never understood the passion of devs for LMG's. It all started with BF1 where the LMG where used both by casual and "pro" players because the easy use and being deadly. No skill required at all to use those lame ass things. Also it makes no sense if you compare it with real life. Lmg's should be only used in prone position but thanks to holywood mentality you see everybody running and spraying with these things in games. Old competitive FPS games never had LMG's or they where never used in scrims.
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