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  1. Hi, If i remember correctly you have to chose "Play WW3" and don't chose a server when you are using PTE. Did that earlier and could join some matches even on Smolensk. About the separate games between LIVE and PTE it was planned for 0.3 but the devs have to go threw Steam validation that's why it is not the case yet but it will come soon
  2. Look at the Roadmap, in the OTHER IMPROVEMENTS AND FEATURES section you can find : REPLAY SYSTEM So i suppose that it means that it's already on the table
  3. This is already the case, temporary spawns are popping when your team doesn"t hold any point, it doesn't stay very long and sadly never helped (in my experience) to shift the balance of the battle. This is coming, it will be available, some day Ragir said this about the other currency that you can't use yet : This is a good idea, have to admit that i recognized myself when you said "I love the map with the shopping mall" ! Lastly, About the BP distribution, quite love it the way it is, it brings a good dynamic to teamplay by putting more responsabilities to the squad leader. Even when i am a "simple" squad member i am capable of calling useful strikes, from times to times i actually have more BP than some others squad leaders x) Thanks for the time you took to bring to us and the devs your feedback. Let's keep this community positive and constructive
  4. Hi, If i remember correctly with my SIG i have 1 + 2 mags with the 30 bullets mags. + 1 with the special ammo This is quite low if you manage to stay alive by playing carefully, with SMG as main weapon ammo bags are sadly pretty much mandatory.
  5. 91 hours of play here, didn't met any obvious cheater in game (albeit having met some guys that fell under the map and were shooting threw the ground). I don't say you are not telling the truth but i am curious of what is your experience with them, what did happen to you that let you believe that those guys were cheaters ?
  6. In my opinion, the fact that there is no revive mechanics in the game invites you to be more careful, to try to not engage ennemies without your health full unless you have to. I am far more careful in this game than in BF, i use covers, the sliding mechanic and use flank routes to remain "safe". Like @TZoningHard said it avoids the famous BF's chokepoints syndrome. My point is, don't think about coming back from the deads, think about how not to die (especially true if you are squad leader) : Call your teammates to help you (obviously it works best when playing with your friends but i frequently give and receive medpacks from randoms). When playing with my friends we take our gadgets accordingly, one guy take a med pack, one guy take the ammo pack and generally, the squad leader use the seringe. I think it is the opposite : The bullets that hits hard without the possibility to be revived (and the low ammo count) improve the squad teamplay
  7. All previous customizations / ranks on live servers have been wiped and the progression system is now active on live too. It means that you now have 51000 in your wallet to buy some stuff
  8. Did i say it was mandatory ? I think not His answer to this question could help to understand where is the issue. If his game is installed on a SSD and his loading takes more than 10 minutes, it could mean that the other components/settings are faulty. My intention wasn't to be condescendant and say something like "your PC is potato, buy a better one", I need to have the more complete answer to bring him the best help possible, that's all
  9. The game is great, that's True Can you post your PC specs ? Also is it installed on HDD or SSD ? What is the issue ? Does the game crash after loading ? Not responding ?
  10. Hi, Wanted to test the 0.2 on PTE but quickplay only lead me to TDM matches, didn't get to a classic match, not once. If i manually select a map in warzone (2 on 3 times i will be redirect to a TDM match), i am alone and nobody is joining me. Is this because the PTE isn't populated enough ? By the way, it's really pleasant to play TDM perfomance wise, it runs great and smooth
  11. DESCRIPTION OF BUG : As you can see in the video below this particular pillar on Warsaw let all the bullets going threw GAME BUILD ID : 3324385 STEPS TO REPRODUCE : go there and shoot on the pillar SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS : i7 4790k 4,5GHz / GTX 980 4Go / 16Go DDR3 1866MHz / game on SSD DESCRIPTION OF BUG : As you could see in the second part of the video there is an animation bug when reloading the G29 when hitting multiple times the reload key on the keyboard, doesn't seems to happen with the SIG GAME BUILD ID : 3324385 STEPS TO REPRODUCE : shoot some bullets, hit multiple times the "R" key on your keyboard SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS : i7 4790k 4,5GHz / GTX 980 4Go / 16Go DDR3 1866MHz / game on SSD
  12. Epic Games isn't what we can call a small studio but it could be great if WW3 reach a quarter of the popularity of Fortnite
  13. Oh, thought it was part of the November update ! I suppose we can expect it to be out with the Reckon game mode next month ^^
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