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  1. I like Warsav a lot more than Berlin, personally. I feel like Berlin it's a bit too big and has a lot of areas that does not have so many people (for example the corridors from the hotel/cafè with the two huge hands to the lower floor of what i believe is a Library)
  2. @maddinii I thought the same about the first Aid and the Med bag. That's why I use the first aid almost on everything but my sniper classes. Being a sniper I expect to recieve heavy bursts of damage but still have a lot of time to hide behind cover and jerk off on my med bag without anyone interrupting I feel that first aid is kinda weak for snipers cause it does not heal you completely and leaves you waiting for the gadget reset because the fear of oneshots. While you can throw the med bag on the spot way before you get hurt. EDIT: ammunition bag restores RPG ammos (at least was in the closed test)
  3. I'll try to be as quickly as possible. There are fences all around the upper floor in Warsaw, the fences can stop bullets and while their hitbox seems quite accurate for the most part, shooting through could be quite an NRG sometimes. I played one TDM match today and got called cheater at least by three different players after I've won an engagement against them shooting though these fences. Specifically I've got called "god-mode cheater" so I guess that their complain was against their bullets not hitting me. The "problem" is far worse when you have to shoot through multiple fences (diagonally/through a bridge so it's not that uncommon). It's quite frustrating when you could clearly see the opponent on the other side but your bullets are being stopped by what, in the heat of the battle, looks like thin air. I've got multiple interactions where one player was on the lowground and the other was on the upper floor and the engagement only got resolved by a lucky, or unlucky, NRG after even multiple magazines. My opinions: Is it gamebreaking? No. It is frustrating? At times. Could damage the reputation of the game making it look like full of cheaters (I would not be worried but if one people is an isolated case, then three in a single match are statistically relevant imo), or with a poor hitreg or whatever else people can find out these days. How would I fix it: I'd reduce either the height of the fence, giving a wider angle to shoot without being obligated to shoot though it. Or I'd lower the density of the vertical poles of the fence (hope it makes sense, english is not my native language), to make it easier to shoot through it and maybe improve performance a little bit. Sorry for the scuffed post but I am really in a hurry.
  4. @maddinii or @Ragir my question is: does it matter which kind of compensator or which kind of grip I have or do they have the same stats across the board? If all grips or compensatoers were granting the same bonuses even after further developement it would be a (minor) letdown to me. I mean there are easily a lot of statistics, other that the 3 already present, that can be linked at least to the grips like -First shot recoil reduction or faster recoil recovery, since all the guns have quite a jump (useful to single tap for exe) -Accuracy for small bursts -reduced penality for spraying -weapon steadyness -orizontal recoil -vertical recoil -ads spread -reduced penality for shooting while moving and so on. Grips could influence the various statistics in different measures or being more specialized. It sounds weird to me that I could use the same grip for the Ar I use as DMR and the SIG as my secondary and they bring the exactly same bonuses to the table. EDIT: like there is no need for every piece to be unique. That would be overhelming especially to new players. But having something like 3 groups of compensators (one mainly vertical recoil, the other mainly orizontal and a third in th middle) and something like 3-4 groups for grips (DMR type, raw recoil type, ADS/hipfire type and so on) would be kinda ideal
  5. He means after the 12-13 months of Early access. If the game goes well I guess they'd keep addaing weapons and such. If it goes bad I guess there won't be any further update after the complete relase.
  6. I personally do not feel any mouse acceleration
  7. Then what if it gets buffed again, would you just keep swapping guns according to the OP or the Broken one of the moment? Why don't just buy them all in like a month? Two months if you play like 2hrs a day. Maybe you could not try it properly but I can assure you that I've unlocked an AR and an SMG in the same day and I did not even play so much of the game despite being in the weekend because back in the closed test my friends had not the game.
  8. Sorry but this is nonsense to me. It would be understandable if you could unlock a weapon after like 100hrs maybe but you can unlock easily an AR a day not even playing that lot. Counting aswell the fact that once you unlock an attachment atm it is then avaliable for all the weapons you own i really see no reason for it. Said that, I do not think that this kind of game will be like a Dota2 or an Overwatch where charcaters get buffed and nerfed every second day. Battlefield had almost no changes, cod series (to my knowledge) had almost none aswell. Not saying that WW3 does not require tweaking but I don't think that there will be any dramatic change. And even in games with a dynamic balance schedule like League of Legend, where you even need to buy the champions, I don't think that it has any form of compesation and none complayned about it. TL;DR in game gears is unlocked too quickly to make this topic even slightly relevant. I don't think there will be huge changes in balancing at least after full relase anyways. If your gun gets nerfed A) get better with it B) swap it, it's not your child C) keep using it and have fun regardless, it's not a competitive game
  9. I really don't like this mechanic (and I have more than 800 hours on pubg). In my opinion it feels super clunky and annoying. Your soldier just could lean a bit backwards or something but nope he just stays tall and proud, I don't get it. Peeking from corners and covers becomes a really pain in the ass. Furthermore I think that this game needs everything but another animation that slows everything down and does not make makes smoother, actually quite the opposite in this case. RANT ASIDE, I think that you are right. At the moment barrel length gives a bonus in recoil at a price for weight, but it really makes no sense going for a medium barrel or even a short one except in some particular weight cases. What I would do is: buff the SMG a little, give the short barrel a buff about ADS speed or hip fire spread or less sway while ADSing (it weights less so it's easier to move the gun to aim at things, I guess) or all the above. With the middle barrel being of course in the middle. Then making the sprint limited would aswell limit and slow the game a lot too much imo. Devs should put a limit for maximum weight carriable tho. Again you are right that once one reaches heavy there is no point in going full heavy, if it does makes sense. With fully geared weapons and maximum armor
  10. The MAJESTINESS is here, and the future is now
  11. Your soldier looks so cool man! I'll try to replicate if you don't mid
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