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  1. Because I was asked for my opinion and that's it, Your agreement/opinion is not required and that's the thing with opinions everyc**t has one. Also BF3 Crossed with Squad would be My Ideal game, I hate Arcadey shooters like BF4,1,V and BF 3 is probably the best team based shooter I have played, Again only my opinion.
  2. I would love to see the game go more down the Squad road with each Team starting with a base then having to take the rest in order, it would guarantee more action as after both teams had their initial Capping rush you would need to Take enemy on with those wanting to play defend actually doing so, Fighting the other teams attackers. The only thing I would say is I wouldn't allow spawning on a base that's Being Capped and about to be lost because the other team have more Players on the cap point. I'm not too Keen on the colours on player indicators either, they need to take that down the battlefield road with Your team Being Blue and your own squad being Green with Different Indicators Like a Star for Leader syringe for Medic etc. Locking All Weapons and attachments and having a system that unlocks weapons and attachments as you play gives you more motivation to play, right now there's no motivation to play another round and this would maybe give you that motivation. That's all I can think of Right Now but I agree with you mostly Big Chap, it seems a solid base we just need some sort of road map and maybe some Indication of the route they want to take gameplay down. They have a real opportunity here with no Modern BF style game in the near future, I just hope they make the right decisions regarding gameplay, If done right this game could be the game we are all waiting for. I think a mix of Gameplay from Both Squad and BF 3 Would be Great.
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