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  1. I have no idea if bug reporting for the Veteran Alpha Test is encouraged, but here goes nothing. Certain keys cannot be bound, particularly: German: ß ´ ü + ö ä # - English: ' # Polish (214): + ' ż ś ö ä # - (Almost) universal (not as important, except the menu key): < ^ [menu key] [all numpad numbers] Now, why would do something as silly as moving all key bindings from the left to the right? I personally do it because I am left-handed. For any game I play regularly over a longer period over time, particularly FPS, I do mirror the key bindings, because playing longer on the default WASD layout will cramp my hand after a bit. I don't assume that this bug report or request is going to find its way into this test weekend, but it would be great if it would be fixed in the future. Cheers!
  2. Brady_The

    new patch

    It's pretty obvious that the current structure is not working as intended, therefore I suggest a PTE for the PTE. Get on it, boys.
  3. The only questions that remain now are, why, and when are we going to get a separate client.
  4. I am impartial to it. I came across those Shortcut Packs first in Battlefield 3 and never considered them as "Pay2Win" or something along those lines. At the end of the day the player behind the weapon matters, not their choice of attachments. As long as those packs will not offer a significant advantage for the buyer over players who did not spend any money, I wouldn't mind them. With that said, the majority of people will probably hate it and call it "pay to win".
  5. There are enough reasons to be, though. ? Battlefield has been constantly going downhill ever since BF3. Any title released after that casualised the game more and more. BF1 was the last Battlefield game I tried (shamefully so - a couple of rounds in the Open Beta Promotional Demo) and it felt more like an interactive movie than a first person shooter, let alone a Battlefield game. It's very sad to see such a great franchise being destroyed in front of your eyes. Luckily for me WW3 is as well the answer to this particular problem.
  6. https://worldwar3.com/en/development-roadmap/ => Winter 2018/2019 => Other improvements and features => Gameplay
  7. https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/search/&amp;amp;q="South Africa"&amp;amp;sortby=relevancy&amp;amp;search_in=titles
  8. Interesting, I make use of two monitors as well and do not have this problem. However, I experienced this in different games, particularly Bethesda games love to display this behaviour. Back then I used this program to lock the mouse to the primary monitor. It did its job and still does, even though a little inflexible. This might do it better, I haven't tested it, just found it while searching for the original source of the first program. Of course this doesn't solve the problem, but it is (in my opinion) a decent workaround until somebody emerges with the solution. ?
  9. Yes, AF is the abbreviation for the African continent. I am familiar with this predicament from another game that suffered from similar problems. Particularly Australian and African communities suffer from player shortage, especially in the Indie game sector. (Un-)Fortunately developers are not able to forcibly get people to buy and play the game. Unfortunately you become part of the problem with that attitude (even though those are most certainly understandable). A solution to this problem requires some community effort, to get the ball rolling. The topic creator mentioned a large player base that is unsatisfied with the Battlefield franchise. If they are correct, certain requirements are met but without traction motion is hard to generate. In particular this means to recruit players through any means possible. Do (South) African players have a community presence on any kind of social platform (Discord, Facebook, Reddit, Steam, forums, etc)? If you have, use those to spread the word. If not, create them, advertise them. Does one have contacts to (South) African game bloggers/journalist/youtubers? If one does, Convince them to cover the game. If not, become one. Use this sub forum to rally (South) African players. Get The Farm 51 to support your community efforts via social media through shout-outs and promotion.
  10. As of right now there seem to be at least three (South) African servers.
  11. That guy is certainly a (at the very least) glitching douche bag and should be punished for it, but this video in particular is not very good evidence of any cheating or glitching because bullets can easily penetrate those displays made out of plywood.
  12. I honestly don't see the point of discussing this, especially at such great length. Adding this feature wouldn't hurt any one. It might be not in the highest priority list, but I am sure the option to change toggle (not remove - for all brainlets out there) hit markers will eventually find its way into the game.
  13. Giving people the choice to use signatures isn't bad (many forum software come with a feature to hide signatures globally after all, this one should not be a difference) but I personally would only be okay with signatures if they were Text only, so my answer would be 'Potentially' I guess.
  14. Proximity to Squad leader (not ideal) Gaining rate of Battle Points (if you gain BP at a faster rate = following orders, probably team player - if you gain BP at a slower/normal rate = not following orders, most likely not team player) Then again, I have no idea how feasible those two ideas are, they just popped up. Tutorials are of course a great way of teaching players, but those players need to be willing. Unless of course you force people to watch these tutorial videos. Either way, one way of proactively raising "attendance rates" could be one-time rewards linked to going through tutorials (be it currency, skins, etc). Well, that is awkward, I am usually anxious not to derail threads into off-topics. A moderator could probably move all squad posts into a separate thread.
  15. It might work, it might not. Don't underestimate the laziness/retardation/selfishness of people. I have seen it in countless hours of playing countless shooters. People need to be drilled and forced. I suggested this already a while back, we have already squad leader demotions based on their (non-)performance. How about expanding on this mechanic and kicking non team-players out of the squad with a big fat notice lecturing the player on the importance of team play, potentially combined with a serious cut in earning rates.
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