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  1. Please use the bug report template when reporting bugs ?
  2. I agree, it is very annoying to spawn in a room with 5 enemies looking at you.. ?
  3. This happens to me too, but it lasts for 2-3 seconds. Usually happens when there are enemies very close or when I start shooting. My specs: i7 4770k GTX 1060 10GB DDR3 RAM Acer 144hz 1080p monitor
  4. I think the time on the current game modes needs to be lowered anyway. As you said, 30 minutes is a long time and neither teams usually get anywhere near the max points to win within that time.
  5. Summary: Stuck underneath the ground on the C2 objective (next to the tank) on the Moscow map Description: I went prone and my camera was halfway through the terrain, I was able to see parts of the map you usually can't and even shoot at enemies I technically could not see. I was stuck and not able to get up. I had to respawn to fix the issue. Video/Pictures: Picture attached. Frequency: This has only happened once.
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