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  1. How many times are you gonna repeat the same thing? Ok, we get it, you are upset. Saying always the same thing won't solve anything. Give it some time and come back to the game in a few days. One more thing: Why don't you post your problems/bugs in the Bug Report section of the forum? That would be a lot more useful than just repeating the same sentence in this section. All of your posts are in General Discussion. That is not useful, it just comes out as whining... If you have a problem with the game, go post it in the appropriate section.
  2. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: Ammo count too low. When spawning, I only get 11 bullets to reload (plus the ones in the magazine). GAME BUILD ID: 3417404 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): Equip AK15 or ScarH. Happens with 50 or 20 round mags I don't know if this is a bug or if it's intended to be like this. I use medium loadouts, but very close to the "heavy" marker. If it's intended, please give us some explanation on how to predict the number of bullets we will spawn with, to tune the loadout accordingly.
  3. Great, this a great way to compare the changes that were made. It's easier to understand if said changes are better or worse. At the same time, it could be good for you (F51). If ppl for some reason can't play the PTE, they can play the EA version and player numbers don't suffer that much... (still impressed with the quick response from these Devs... Even if there isn't an immediate fix, keeping the players informed is the best way to handle your costumers/supporters. Congrats!)
  4. I don't know if this is useful at this point, being so early in development. Let me know if we should wait for the map to be more "finished" before we start reporting bugs. Anyway, there are some stairs by the train tracks that don't allow you to climb them. Can't vault either. It's like an invisible wall. Attaching print-screens (Pls keep the red buses ahahah)
  5. Wait... So, is there a separate client or not? I "updated" for the Beta and now I only have one client "[open tests]", like before...
  6. Just the title. Thank you devs, for listening to the players. I wish all the devs were like you (cough BFV cough)
  7. I just saw it. Sorry for not paying enough attention. Thank you both. Keep up the good work. Loved the Roadmap, can't wait for all these features/improvments
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I didn't see any mention of a test range (with all weapons/attachments/strikes, etc unlocked) in the RoadMap you just published. Does it have a different name and I didn't see it? I was hoping you guys were going to implement it. In this type of game, with so many possible combinations of wepaons+attachments (which is awesome btw) and you having to "buy" them, I think a test range is needed. Is it something you can still add to the roadmap? Are you thinking of implementing it? As a Dev said before (not sure if it was Ragir) a map takes about 6 months to build, so If you are going to implement something like this, it should on your schedule, no? If you are not implementing it, what is your justification for it? What is your line of thought? Just curious... and sad... ?
  9. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: The first time I spawn on a new map (beginning of a match) I get 150 bullets (50 on the magazine and 100 "extra"). After that, every time I spawn, I only get 100 (50+50). Using an AR15 with 50 round mag GAME BUILD ID: 3327628 (I think I have this bug for a very long time, not only in this build) STEPS TO REPRODUCE: Spawn first time in a new map and check your ammo. Every other spawn, check ammo again.
  10. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: In the deploy screen, I see a legend under the SL icon saying "Dead", although he is not dead and I can spawn on him without any problem. GAME BUILD ID: 3327628 STEPS TO REPRODUCE: Enter the deploy screen while not being SL
  11. Yep, same here. Never had it after "Launch Weekend", first time since then. Tried "Verify file integrity" function, still same result: Endless "Connecting to WW3 network"...
  12. I think there is some confusion here... Patch 0.1.3 was applied to the "normal" version and it was just to fix crashes (no new game mode, no new weapons). It was applied yesterday The PTE is testing version 0.2, that has all the new stuff and has some performance improvements. I think you are referring to patch 0.2 in the PTE and not 0.1.3... Nonetheless, I agree. The new patch seems really good! Still need to do some testing, but everything seems to have improved a lot. Congratulations, Devs!
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