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  1. A couple explain the servers are fine only once i can understand more than that is dumb and pointless
  2. I play games to enjoy them and Progress in them im not going to play a game what gives me no satisfaction and is boring as i have nothing to aim for. I have nearly 50 hours in the game already and thats just game play
  3. I have 46 hours of gameplay im bored ill wait for something to aim for
  4. Ok now i know this i wont be playing until you guys dont reset again not wasting my time keep up the good work
  5. I have been getting xp and currency and levelling up after every game are they going to Reset us as its consistent with the XP you getting and the servers seen to be good. All im asking is it worth grind ranks or will it just get Reset
  6. So what does this mean once servers changes are done it will be back i dont care about saving classes i want levels to aim for and rank up.
  7. Not to be rude but you always say the same things over and over like your bots like im sorry it does not take nearly a week and you have your whole team working on a master server. Also every time i sign on the game i get in under 5 mins every time. This late in the year you are killing your game people will go play other games and wont come back because you had your chance and bottled it you guys always say Apologises for inconvenience about 50 million times and working on the "Master Server " EVERY SINGLE DAY If Progression is not added back by the end of the week this game is done more than it already is. And thats a shame because the game is excellent i dont get it i get in the game fine so please enable progression
  8. Please add Progression back i need a reason to login i get into a game in under 5 mins and game is amazing i just need things to aim for getting high kill games and general ranking up etc. Anyone else feel like this ?
  9. I thought they switched Progression off yet im getting a lot of the currency when i finish a few games and then boot the game up i get more and more currency ? Anyone else getting the Currency ?
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