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  1. When I hop into world war 3.. I notice in the server names, the only options available are in the EU servers. And I do not get good ping from them (Because I'm from the U.S.) And I cannot find the NA servers (Mostly NA East), are they down or something.
  2. Okay. nice to know.. Good luck on the new update.
  3. Why does a non-VR game pull up SteamVR even if you don't have a VR Headset plugged in ( unless If you guys were going to implement a VR mode and I would masochistically give myself a headache with pleasure..... But we all know that won't happen because that is too costly for a small studio to handle.) So can you guys fix this in the future in the new Engine update.
  4. Hello. I'd Like to get in SteamID64- 76561198186145003 Discord - Exiled#4938
  5. @weedtime I Have this issue as well. But my Question is Where do you Put your Steam Id in the slot of the Customer support. Do you put it in the Description?
  6. when I start up a match choosing offensive or defensive. it always keeps Crashing since the update. Is this Bullshittery my problem or are a lot of people having this?
  7. this is really confusing. will they be able to fix that?
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