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  1. Thats a good point. But how to believe a screenshot? Others could say it was a nice tank action. Video is a good idea but how?
  2. For me it's over with WW3 - for now. I can't join a quick match anymore without a aimboter in my and the enemy team. It is really pissing me off that just a week after release the game is overflooded with that people. I really hope the devs will change the anti cheat system in the next weeks. But for now I have to say goodbye to the game. And it really brought me a lot of fun! This is a shame for all the fair playing people and it makes me very angry, because the game really has such a high amount of potential!!! Dear devs, please set your focus on the anti cheat system.
  3. I said a map similar to it. Of course DICE wont allow a copy but they cant do about a map which is kind of.
  4. I voted for warsau, cause it's, for now, my absolute favorite. The maps layout is one of the easiest to learn and it's quick to join the action. Second place is Berlin.
  5. I don't think that the game will be dead soon. Sure, the EA release was a absolute desaster but this can happen in EA. I think the players will come back when the game runs more stable and the devs add more content (like maps and game modes). The game will become a stable player base in the future, i'm sure about that. Give it a bit more time. In one year you will say in voice chat "you remember the ea release?" "yeah! that was fun ...not^^ but now it's a f*cking nice game!".
  6. I'm sure there are many people outside who loved the map design of the BF3 Map Noshahr Canals. It would be very cool if you think about a Map similar to this one. Noshahr Canals was my favorite and one of the best BF Maps.
  7. The real fact why you guys request such a change is because (and like you already said) you got farmed to often. Where should I start by requesting nerfs cause i got farmed to much by other situations? Spawn Camped by mg, sniper and tanks with repair behind. Spawned and walked 10 secs and again got farmed by campers. Sometimes it's just a normal situation where both sides are crossing their way. The only change I would deal with is if I kill myself in near combat range. Thats ok. But all other ideas are just nonsense. RPG is just a weapon like any other in the game. Like you guys die, a RPG player also get killed by another RPG player. So who cares? Dont request changes / nerfes where no one should be. Welcome to war.
  8. So its bad to use RPG in melee but spawn camping with mg is fine? Sometimes people need a chance to stop that kind of stupid playing. I support using RPG. There are enough sniper outside and people who perma rail shot from range and insta killing everyone.
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