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  1. This really should be how it’s fixed. Make it simple and more realistic. Maybe add a limit of how many can be used by the team in a round. Real troops don’t have an unlimited supply.
  2. I think game times are fine, what if instead of shorter time limits there’s a lowered ticket count, but it’s more of a system like Squads. Ticket bleed can affect this greatly.
  3. Specs: i5 6600K 4.5 GHz GTX 1060 6GB 16GB DDR4 3200Mhz Settings: 1080p Everything ultra V-Sync and Motion Blur disabled. Performance: 70-80 FPS
  4. What Settings are you using and what specs/FPS are you receiving? Let’s see how everyone compares!
  5. Hey everyone! Many people left negative reviews on steam due to server issues. As these are being fixed please don’t forget to update your reviews with your in game experiences!
  6. You’d probably be lucky to get that, this game (and ue4) is very CPU intensive. Many higher end i7’s have a hard time. You could try the game though and if it doesn’t work refund it within 2 hour play time or 14 days.
  7. A restart fixed my problems. Try that first. What are your specs?
  8. While the servers are buggy all weapons have been unlocked. It’ll save once they fix the servers.
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