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  1. yes More maps not Just in Europe and North America and Eurasia i think North Africa it will be good idea and probably as DLC ( North Africa DLC ) 1 Bizerte Naval Base .. Geo location : 37°15'00.1"N 9°50'18.9"E 2 Tripoli Libya
  2. i LOVE to See Tunisian New Digital Uniform and GFS ( Groupement des Forces Spéciales ) Patch Camopedia discretion for the New Digital Uniform : Digital incorporating black, medium green and brown shapes on a khaki background has many similarities to Russian SURPAT Anyone will say why add this to Soldier customization .. why not .. and Tunisia is Major Non NATO Allie to USA Pic for the Digital Uniform the Pattern GFS Patch
  3. i see that few asked about the Steyr AUG and Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle ..... i think F90 MBR is more suitable for the game timeline than Steyr AUG and About Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle i Think Carl Gustaf M4 is more suitable F90 MBR Carl Gustaf M4
  4. Flir / NGV are necessary Optics for Tanks and IFVs in modern warfare
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    Hi everyone .. My Name is Malek and i m Tunisian Gamer
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