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  1. On your thread?!?!? It was just for sharing... wtf strange ppl. Stay with your thread for your self.
  2. This already have been made by someone much important than me in the gaming community
  3. I follow batlenonsense and saw a post in twitter were we wrote that will release a video with WW3 netcode analysis. So it's a question of time for us to get a proper analysis. Related to optimization i still think that is mandatory to stabilize the gameplay and do everything possible to address the issues that we have in present, since they are preventing players from have a nice experience playing the game and this is preventing player base from growing. I like the game but to play everyday the gameplay must improve an be more enjoyable. You understand what i am trying to say, right?
  4. We need to have a proper review from battle(non)sense https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP7QY6L5pvmm0-stL-pNFrw regarding to our WW3. It's an early access game and we as players need to understand and give more time to dev team, but should at least give us their priorities and a roadmap with next steps, like optimization issues is top priority? and when can we expect to have patches or better servers (1 month, 2 months,...) the community need to have this kind of metrics, know when and what changes are being made, because we have a word to say if they are working in less important features to majority of players. For me is optimization that need to be addressed as quick as possible, make what we have so far stable and enjoyable. DEV TEAM please give as a roadmap! Also create a post specific for this subject and post frequently in twitter because is a fast way to spread word and make players come more often to this roadmap post to check news regarding to is being made. Thanks. By the way i love to combine in my setup G39 sniper rifle and G36 assualt rifle, it's the first time i can switch my gameplay during a "life". i thick this kind of freedom is cool because we can defend from far position and if necessary get close quarters defense position. Nice work!
  5. Please let me know what you are using to get that info during gameplay, CPU, GPU stats. Thanks in advanced!
  6. it would be nice, to setup several soldiers and weapons to quick change between and change game style accordingly to current game. and for that we need to have the option to change profiles during match without quit to main menu
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