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  1. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: When piloting a tank a weird bug takes away my vision and shows me the game from a teammates view. GAME BUILD ID:3288304 (PTE 08.11.2018) STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): Drive a tank and let a team mate get really close. See attached videos:
  2. I selected EU. Now I started the game through steam server browser and my progress/soldier was reset and I managed to enter a game. Different topic, but I couldn't find an answer so far: What is the server tick rate for this game?
  3. I can't enter any game on PTE, it always brings me back to the main menu. I tried it >20 times. Game files are checked and correct. Loading times seem to be much faster.
  4. Judging by the amount of people complaining about stuttering (including myself), it is not related to your specs but to server and lag issues
  5. There should be multiple "secure" spawning spots, I also lost too many tanks through a bad spawn.
  6. A first step would be t distribute the players evenly between the teams, you sometimes have 10 players in one team and 20 in the other....
  7. You can set it to "TOGGLE" in the menu, same goes for crouching etc....
  8. According to the official twitter chanel, "something" is planned:
  9. Hello, when I want to call in the Reaper drone, the pad used for targeting sometimes gets stuck to a weapon and is unusable, see attached video. (Content Build: 3250942) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpDkwVIDzwA Additionally on the Berlin map some rooftops are not properly aligned:
  10. However I'd try to keep Textures at a higher setting. Also make sure to enable "One frame thread lag"!
  11. How do you like my TOR with attached PDA?
  12. It's not only the font, also other stuff like the cursor
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