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Found 6 results

  1. so i buy world war 3 like in may of 2020 and i didn't play it cause it was dead and no one in any server so i just let it there but now i cant see it for some reason so i dont know if it got like deleted on steam so it changed the link and bla bla bla so i dont see it or idk but if anyone know how to fix that cause i dont wanna buy it 2 times
  2. so I recently Heard from a dev that you guys plan to increase heli drone price to around 5000 default a long side hitreg fix. Even tho the main thing that makes heli drone super strong and makes it super easy to go 50/0 is it's rocket weapons and it ability to 1 hit infantry and destroy tanks super easily. But the issue with this change is how it fucks with the other weapons like the MGs. 5k points for a heli that has pretty meh MG weapons is way to much. MGs are currently very meh weapons and have a lot of downsides. it can't do anything against vehicles and require good aim to use and get kills unlike the rocket weapons. So my suggestion is that instead of you increasing the default price of the heli itself, you increase the BP cost of the rocket weapons to whatever value you think is best. This will make the super powerful helis cost much more while the ones with MG still are useful. also before coming with arguments against this if you have any, please make sure you actually have used the MGs before
  3. This topic is for posting a small issues that doesn't worth own topics. 1.1. Flag selection screen on 1st launch do miss canada, norad, duch-german corps, commonwealth flags, it also would be good to add a search or at least to make it a list with the textual names that sorted by alphabet, canada flag present in the Emblems Customization (strange), but the other listed ones are missed there too. 1.2. "Российский" (Russia-nian) game language name instead of "Русский" (Russian) looks bit weird. 1.3. Weapon camouflages are not displayed on the weapon in armory. 1.4. i was switching between the 2 muzzles that available by default and have 0.9 and 0.85 recoil, and the total recoil parameter wasn't changing from 0.64 and 0.83 on different guns. 1.5. Emblem selection (Customization) lists should be sorted by alphabet. 1.6. Resolution doesn't save, resets from 1680x1050 to 1366x768 in windowed mode on each restart. 2.1. i started the game with NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M, i know its bit old, but still not least videocard, and the game went 15 FPS because all the settings are set to Ultra by default and do not adapt, it can repel some users. 2.2. Graphic performance are strange, with the settings i've tryed, seeing the amount of polygons, size of textures, amount of particles and the view range, the FPS should be sometime up to about 2 times higher that i get, not sure about lighting and shadows, but i tryed them on min. 3.1. Game/match loading are relatively verry long, while its not updated, some loading animation (circle/..) could be good to avoid misconception of some players. 3.2. On some game-maps i see N pointing not same direction as a map's up, thats verry inconvenient, and i hope not intended. /Suggestions, try to avoid mixing them up. weedtime
  4. I found the problem with stuttering and rubber banding effects. In WW3 you have 4 moving ways: Normal Walk, Fast/Acceleration Walk (causes Stuttering & Rubber Banding), Sprint and Crouch Sprint. The Fast/Acceleration Walk causes the issues with stuttering and rubber banding, so here is the video that explains it.
  5. I would like to start by saying that I absolutely love this game, even in its current state. However, there is one massive issue I see with this game, and that is Team Killing. In my opinion, the ability to damage teammates should just be removed from the game. There is no upside to being able to damage your teammates. I have played games where a moron will just sit in our spawn, shooting allied vehicles with the TOR, or following friendly tanks around shooting them in the ass with AP rounds. Even if it doesn't get removed, I suggest that the current system should get a massive revamp. In the situation I mentioned above, where morons and trolls will spend all game shooting friendly vehicles; if the person in the vehicle shoots back and kills the troll, the troll gets the option to remotely kill the guy in the tank. That's right, you can spend the whole match shooting friendly tanks, and doing damage, but if they dare fire back, you can just kill them with no repercussions. At the very least, the revenge kill feature should be removed as it is far too easily abused. I've accidentally ran over teammates only to suddenly die, and have my tank destroyed because someone couldn't tell the difference between an accident and a malicious act. Instead of the revenge kill, perhaps add a vote kick feature, or an auto kick if a player deals enough damage (specifically damage, not kills because you can just walk around shooting tanks or infantry without it killing them) to friendly players. Thank you Farm 51 for making this amazing game, there are just a few things I think should change, and this is one of them.
  6. Autozapisywanie się configów jest rozwiązaniem wadliwym i problematycznym. Wiele razy głosiłem ten pogląd na Discordzie i powtórzę to też tutaj. Config jest indywidualnym, spersonalizowanym ustawieniem, nie powinien więc być zapisywany przy każdej, nawet najmniejszej, często testowej zmianie. Obecnie system działa w ten sposób, że po stworzeniu configu zostaje doń zapisana każda zmiana dokonana w obrębie jego działania (broni na przykład). Problem pojawia się natomiast w momencie, gdy przełączymy taką broń na inną i do niej powrócimy. Nasz config jest cały czas aktywny i "słucha", a że powracając załadowaliśmy model w stanie "default", ten właśnie stan zostanie zapisany na configu. I możemy się ze swoją spersonalizowaną pukawką w zasadzie pożegnać. Jestem za pełnym wyłączeniem autozapisu w configach, na rzecz ręcznego zapisywania. Natomiast zamiast autozapisu proponuję automatyczne i każdorazowe stworzenie configu o nazwie "LAST SAVED PRESET", gdzie trafiałyby automatycznie zapisane ostatnie zmiany. Należy jednak zwrócić uwagę na problem nadpisywania jakiegokolwiek configu poprzez preset defaultowy. Nie powinna taka sytuacja mieć miejsca, gdzie ustawienie domyślne nadpisuje te zrobione przez gracza.
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