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Found 10 results

  1. We want to hear what you guys think about the current vehicle armor system. Is it clear to you how the system works, and if it works as you expect it to work? Please answer those two questions and write a short post/opinion on what you feel about the current armor system: 1. How do you think it's working. 2. Do you think it's working properly? 3. What would you change in the current system. !Also, please refrain from double posting in this thread, we want it to be purely for our information - if you would like to discuss the topic deeper, consider creating another thread! EDIT : We mean the additional armor you can choose in customization menu (Reactive, Nanoceramic etc.).
  2. 1.Why do we need a new armor mechanics? The current armor mechanics is broken and meaningless.It is unreasonable that the basic main battle tank will die after hitting the side with two conventional HE warheads and one tandem warhead. Because the infantry sub-weapons are completely meaningless, most people choose RPG as the second weapon, which leads to RPG flooding and easy replenishment. Getting a main battle tank is costly. You need to get close to half the time of a game and get good performance to get it. Mines and RPG can easily destroy a tank, which is unreasonable. The war of the future is the war of vehicles, the war of informationization, not the war of infantry. The vehicle is the protagonist of the war, so the importance of the vehicle in the battle should be strengthened, not the simple infantry. But this does not mean that the infantry should be carried out by the vehicle, but the vehicle and the infantry cooperate and cooperate with each other. Large vehicles also have corresponding restrictions. They cannot enter small buildings. This is the infantry as the protagonist. On the empty road, large vehicles are the protagonists. 2.What new armor mechanics is we need? WarThunder Their armor mechanics is very suitable for WW3, and like WW3, it is a game that tends to simulate. But there is no need to completely follow WarThunder. Just learn on the architecture. 3.What parts need to be learned? modularity, and the impact of module damage. (1)Vehicle modularity The different internal structures of different vehicles also lead to different weaknesses, which are the characteristics of each vehicle. The T72 has excellent frontal protection and side armor thickness. But the maneuver is poor. At the same time, because there is no additional armor due to the ammunition frame, it is easy to be destroyed from the side.but,It is difficult to break the side with a weapon with a diameter of 30mm or less.However, due to the use of 125mm caliber guns, the charge of high-explosive ammo is higher than that of 120mm caliber guns. In other words, the 125mm high explosive ammunition is a devastating blow to the infantry, a deadly range of more than 10 meters radius. The Leopard2a4, with good front armor, but the protection of the lower part of the hull and the breech bolt is weak, and the protection of the HULL side is also poor, less than 40mm, which means that the cannon of 20mm or more can easily penetrate the side armor of Leopard2A4 with armor-piercing projectile. The weakness of the front armor can be compensated by using the leo2a5 turret kit. The leopard2a4 has better maneuverability than the T72 and M1A2, and the fire control system is better than the T72. The M1A2 is currently the most powerful main battle tank in the base of the game, with strong front and side protection, and powerful additional armor. Frontal protection: The turret cannot be penetrated by the TFS APFSDS, but the leo2A5 can. The armor of the front hull is above 400mm and cannot be penetrated by the HESH warhead, including RPG. Due to the special HULL structure, the front side is also difficult to break through. The thickness of the side armor steel is also above 60MM. It can only be penetrated by APFSDS above 30mm. But the powerful protection ability makes the mobility even worse than the T72. Main gun damage The main gun can be destroyed. If the main gun is destroyed, it needs to be returned to the base for repair. This will cause the team to lose important combat power and reduce the number of soldiers (you need to drive the tank back to the base, during which the actual combat personnel will be reduced) Main battle tanks should have better survivability. However, regardless of the strength of the main battle tank, damage to the sight, damage to the track, damage to the main gun will cause the main battle tank to be in an extremely dangerous state.The enemy can easily concentrate on fire to kill you. The high-explosive ammunition of the tank's main gun will be difficult to cause serious damage to the main battle tank, but the tank's sighting system and main gun can be easily destroyed. High-explosive munitions can easily destroy light vehicles such as drones and wheeled infantry fighting vehicles, just like WarThunder's HULL BREAK MECHANICS (2)Track and Tire All vehicles No matter how powerful the hull protection is, the track and tires are still a big weakness. If it cannot move for a long time, it will be destroyed by the enemy's concentrated firepower. Like the observation device, it can be repaired quickly.But leaving the vehicle is dangerous, so it relies heavily on the help of other Allies. (3)engine The core of the vehicle is the engine. Once the engine is damaged, the vehicle will be paralyzed and it will be difficult to rotate the turret due to the lack of power to the steering gear. The tank engine is usually poorly protected due to the rear of the hull. If it is attacked, the tank will be in danger. Engine maintenance requires longer time than the track. The 2A4's engine has an auxiliary power unit that supports low-speed movement even if the engine is damaged, which will compensate for the lack of side protection of the 2A4. (4)Tank HULL bottom armor As we all know, the bottom of the main battle tank is the most vulnerable part of the main battle tank. Although it cannot be penetrated by small grenade like M67, C4 explosives and anti-tank mines can easily penetrate and kill the members and equipment (engine) in the tank. (5)Coaxial machine gun T72 has 7.62MM PKT Coaxial machine gun 800 RPM M1A2 has 7.62MM M240 Coaxial machine gun 950 RPM M2A4 has 7.62MM MG3A1 Coaxial machine gun 1300 RPM Coaxial machine guns should not be required to select shots separately, should fix ammunition configuration and use the space bar to shoot (6)AMMO HE: The high-explosive ammunition of the tank's main gun will be difficult to cause serious damage to the main battle tank, but the tank's sighting system and main gun can be easily destroyed. High-explosive munitions can easily destroy light vehicles such as drones and wheeled infantry fighting vehicles, just like WarThunder's HULL BREAK MECHANICS High explosive munitions cannot penetrate the main armor of the main battle tank APFSDS: APFSDS can penetrate almost all vehicles and pose a serious threat to engine and vehicle members The APFSDS has a limited threat to the carrier's blood volume, just like a hole puncher, especially for light vehicles. The penetration is too high,so it hard to cause effective damage. APFSDS is not filled with bullets and can only directly hit the infantry to cause damage. HEATFS: HEATFS can cause a lot of damage to the vehicle, but the premise is that it can pen the armor of the main battle tank. The effect of the infantry is the same as that of the APFSDS. The side of the main battle tank can easily cause a lot of damage to the main battle tank. Can be intercepted by additional armor. If there is no additional armor interception ,it Destructive blow to light vehicles, FRAG/SH: Very deadly for infantry and vehicle sighting systems. It is impossible to damage the vehicle above the infantry fighting vehicle, and it can only damage the sighting system and the track. (7)COOP At the same time, the new mechanics should modify the number of occupants required for the vehicle. The gunner can control the vehicle movement at the same time and the gunner only controls the main gun and then the driver controls the movement. The M1A2 and leo2A4 can speed up the loading when the number of occupants is more than 3. 4.The impact of the new vehicle system? (1)The new mechanics will give the vehicle an absolute advantage over the infantry, which is justified, and the battle between the vehicle and the vehicle will be more diversified, and the division of labor will be more clear. Infantry can also use C4 to kill enemy main battle tank occupants and snatch enemy main battle tanks. (2)Improve balance, the vehicle needs to cooperate with the infantry to advance, otherwise it will be easily destroyed once it is injured. (3)More realistic, harder core, more in line with the theme of the game structure T72 LEOPARD2A4 LEOPARD2A5 M1A2
  3. Hi in the PTE [0.7.9] i tested to located the armor plate in game, you can see the location from death screen and armor customization menu but in game is different i drew lines over the area of armor in game just see for your self! in game its from your neck to 5cm under your belt.
  4. Hey guys, Not sure if this is happening on live or exclusive to PTE, but I've noticed that some shirts/jackets allow you to see the plate held underneath. As shown in the pictures below, the plate is visible on customisation screen. These are the only ones I've noticed it happening to so far.
  5. Hallo a friend and I love to play WW3, we joined i guess at a very early stage and never really abended the game, even in the hard times... but as we talk about the "new stuff" that were implemented in the game, we came to that point that the game is not heading in the direction of the beginning and what the dev original said what kind of game they want. World War 3 is a casual shooter, not hardcore, no mil sim. Has a casual and fast gameplay like BF3/4 but is way more in the detail in damage model, weapon handling, Armor and teamplay like no other shooters on the market. IT IS UNIQUE as it was earlier: damage model: skill based gameplay, you better you aim and the better you position that higher is your chance to win the fight damage is exact and on point net code is so extreme smooth and pretty weapon handling: at first sight you get overwhelmed by the things you can customize but after playing the a few rounds you will see that only a few weapons are good to go. Armor: decided how you want to act on the field if you want to tank and be support fighter or be fast and flank the enemy lines. teamplay: you must connect 2 flags to win the game it is necessary to have one guy in the squad with ammo/meds/equipment to get you squad running. drop a flying eye to keep the point clear and save work together to get the tank, disturb it, confuse it and then get him kills don’t matter, get the connection as it is right now: damage model: it is extreme casual cause the time to kill is insane high, first shoot gets the kill, no chance to avoid damage and no need of skill. damage is extremely inconsistent and at some point, just random weapon handling: at first sight you get overwhelmed by the things you can customize but after playing the a few rounds you will see that only a few weapons are good to go. (nothing changed) Armor: is now totally useless, Armor is just slowing you down. teamplay: 404 not found and not wanted it looks for me it is not necessary to have one guy in the squad with ammo/meds/equipment, because it is on every flag. you don’t need to make a flying eye just nuke them only cost 100 bucks more don’t need to work together to get the tank, just nuke it implementing a Helicopter that is not able to get a connection or support the team in any form. as you see I think the game is losing his soul, his heart, the core mechanics that makes it unique and not a normal copy of Battlefield 4. I am asking me the question am I playing it wrong when I play in team, because it looks for me the dev´s don’t want us to do so. Other question is the game heading in the direction the dev´s want their game or are they just pushing it to be more casual to get more and more players. Am i the only one of the veterans who think so? The game as it was, was exactly what I searched for, but nowadays I'm not sure if it still is and if it ever will be again....
  6. A thread for vehicles to be added into the game, suggestions. 1. Patria Pasi (XA-180 Series) An APC vehicle that has seen combat for over 20 years. 2. Patria AMV. A newer model from Patria 3. MRAP (Or vehicles of similar caliber)
  7. Question 1: stats on attachments. When I choose between different barrels, it shows RECOIL –0.2, or RECOIL –0.05, which, as I assume, means that this attachment reduces recoil (adds a negative value), but when I switch to other attachments, related to weapon handling, (grip, bipod, compensator, flash hider, suppressor) I see RECOIL 0.85, RECOIL 0.9, a positive value. What does it mean? Recoil itself is displayed as positive value on the weapon’s stats, so, negative value on barrels is a mistake of some sort, or positive value on other attachments actually adding recoil, not decreasing it? Question 2: recoil mechanics. When you are firing full auto, recoil kicks in, when you stop firing, your sights return to point of aim. Same happens when you tap firing. But, if you tap fire faster than 4 shots\clicks per second, you get the point of aim shifting. Why it happens? Is it intended? If it is intended, then how big is influence of random horizontal recoil (fixed values, left\right is random on each individual shot) on tap firing? (also, point of aim shifting is hell of a pain for pistols, which are already suffering on their own) Question 3: armor. What is the point of armor, except, of course, limiting my mobility, if 99% of my deaths, instant deaths, look like this? (highest, critical hits, full damage not mitigated by armor) Armor only covers the small area, limited by its visual representation on post-death screen, and not the whole body? What about hits to the side, to the back? Question 4: RPG-7. Basic warhead looks like single-stage HEAT, which should have less splash damage on infantry, but in fact it works no worse that Fragmentation warhead. Is it just balancing issue, or different warheads only differ by their damage, not effect?
  8. The game is good. Plenty of time to make great. But from topics discussed. I don't know why we are discussing them. Am I the only one? The store page says nothing about this being a realistic shooter from what I've seen so far. On the other hand if this is a better spin off of battlefield (which I feel it is) Then just need to talk fixes and ideas based in imaginary land or what developers are essentially trying to achieve. <- This is because no where when browsing the game does it say realistic shooter. Just built in tandem w Military R&D. Also I would like this game a LOT more if it was a realistic fast paced shooter. Like squad, tarkov, Arma and battlefield had babies and those babies had babies. And this is the hybrid progeny that has been dawned at the new age of FPS. That being said VEPR12 BROKEN. Please fix.
  9. I like the idea of armor but I feel it's a bit too overpowered in terms of durability, it seems that people die to flesh damage rather then broken armor. If you could change the values of how many shots an armor plate could take before being destroyed it would give more use for the equipment bag, right now it's either ammo or meds that majority of players take since armor seems to never break.
  10. It would be nice to see this MBT in world war 3.
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