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Found 8 results

  1. To WW3 developers and The Community, I would like to inform that I noticed some mistakes on the sights concepts and designs. 1.) The See Thru Sight is actually called The See All Open Sight, Model Name: Mk2 Tritium Night Sight, the purpose of the green reticle is to glow in the dark due to Fiber Optic & Tritium combined & it's used like an iron sight, where you aim the reticle above the target, These photos may tell the difference of the sight from WW3 itself & it's real life counterpart, The difference is The Concept and The Design, I heard this sight on reviews before WW3 came out. I hope the sight gets fixed on the game because I heard you respond efficiently to The Community, I haven't tried the game yet I just observed and did some few research of these sight before the game was launched that is why these sight looked familiar. The First Picture: The glitch of The See All Open Sight mentioned on one of the previous forums I read. The Second Picture: The See All Open Sight's appearance on WW3 also mentioned on one of the previous forums I read. The Third Picture: The See All Open Sight's appearance In Real Life and the labels of the parts of the actual sight. 2.) The 2x Magnifier is not a canted secondary sight, it is just put on a canted position when not in use but it's purpose is to zoom the scope of The EoTech Holographic SIght from 1x to 3x or even 4x, this was already mentioned by a youtuber called TactiGamer on one of his videos. He mentioned the information at 4:50 of the video. Video By: Tactigamer on Youtube. 3.) Maybe you may add The Famous Trijicon 4x ACOG (ACOG is an acronym for Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight) Scope on the next updates, I think it is already mentioned by the others on the suggestions. The reason why I talked about this topic is that The See All Open Sight, this is an efficient sight according to gun review on real life but the design made, it makes the sight look broken and The Sight is fully green in the glass it was zoomed by the glass to look like that. And The use of it is like an Iron Sight, unlike RDS where you put the reticle of the sight ON THE TARGET, Iron Sight, the reticle of the sight is aimed ABOVE THE TARGET. Was The See All Open Sight different because to prevent copyright issues? When I saw the game as it grows despite the game still in progress, I enjoyed the commitment you have for the game, some players just got frustrated on the issues of the game and even think it is dead, but they forgot that, the game is still in progress. That is why the game is still in Early Access, to also improve the game thru the feedback of their customers who play the game if they found errors, bugs and etc...
  2. Hi how about picking up grenades from ground and be able to throw them back? it's obvious that you cant pick up sticky grenades and impacts, and how about when you shoot at the ammo bags they would have exploded like MW? and how about chemical warfare like artillery or grenades or... and gas masks actually worked or there was like a gear to protected you but it also would have limited your vision or stamina! (and keep that in mind that RPGs are OP) thank you. @Ragir and @weedtime what is your opinion? Edit: Some suggestions may have already been said, sorry!
  3. [Feature] 1) Tactical knifes: current melee in this game is useless and nobody use that, make melee usable at least! 2) Take downs: It would be nice to have take downs from sides or behind or even from front with a quick event like BF. 3) Improve tactical tablets animation: its very cool to have tactical tablet but there is no animation, new COD tablets are more realistic its better that you don't go into the tablet to mark the map. 4) Add Gib/Gibbing: It dosen't matter if its a little or much just add Gib/Gibbing it would make the game better. 5) Breakable weapons: Its just an idea but what if when you shoot at enemies gun gun sight or even the gun could break. Edit: I forgot to say bout doors, maybe add doors .
  4. Hi after almost 100hr of game play i think we just need more gore or as you devs call it " gratuitous violence and dismemberment " add bleeding and even use injury system like when your are shot in leg you can't sprint or in arm your gun recoil gets worse, something like "SWAT 4" what if a grenade exploded next to you and you lost an arm you bleed and if you weapons weight is high you can't lift it you should use your secondary weapon, if you get hit by artillery or tank your body will be exploded to pieces or you lose your legs and die make it more gory and yes i know your PEGI will be changed but please think about it wouldn't it make the game better???
  5. Feedback:- On Warzone Moscow you can shoot through the top/some sides of the building on C1- You still can't shoot with Heli trough windows on C1 on Smolensk- When you use an airstrike like Hellfire and you get killed while controlling bomb, it dissappears. That is very frustrating if you are literally 10 Meters above a tank, you can not miss it, but you get killed and the 6000 points Mephisto vanishes into nothing- When laying down using scope, it flashes sometimes (happened to me on smolensk using PKP)- When you are flying heli drone and you leave it for a sec, to use uav or something, when you turn your soldier, the drone in the air still turns with you. destroyed some in the repair spot like this.- With the thermal and goblin optics for vehicles it is very hard to see the blue or green symbols for teammembers, making it very easy to accidently kill a teammemberSuggstions:- With your animation overhaul, could you add one for bipods too, like for example in battlefield? I wish I could use it looking through a window or use it generally everywhere where it seems reasonable, like crouching behind a hip-high cover or standing on a big enough stone or trash can or whatever, you get the idea.- I feel like some prices are way to high, like for outfit customization or changing bodyparts for guns. I mean 10000 for another handguard, stock or grip? Thats it for now, i know that i had some more things yesterday while playing, but i dont remember all. But I will keep this List updated and add things I encounter in the future.Devs keep up the good work, got it since day one and really love the improvements.Gonna go to the Warzone now
  6. The camos on the weapons also don't change if I select them, like on the soldier.
  7. As requested by on of the develop in discord, these are the changes that I am suggesting to try to balance the game in some way or another: 1. Change the RPG to equipment rather than weapon, similar to c4, to avoid people spawning with it and using Ammo pack just to spam RPG 2. Lock the sensitivity of the turret of the tank to low sensitivity to give a chance for people to sneak to the tank and plant c4 or mines 3. Zone of the spawn needs to be far enough that the enemy can’t stay out of the zone and spawn kill. If anybody goes out of the zone, their screen should be scramble up to the point that they can’t really see 5 meters ahead of them and they will have 10 sec timer to get back into the zone or they get killed. 4. When spawning, the game needs to pick a point where there is not enemy soldier within 50 meters radius to avoid being shot as soon as you spawn 5. When spawning from a point, you don’t spawn exactly at the point but outside the point applying the rule number 4 above.
  8. Are there plans for nwe or someway better voice models? For example the german voices are a bit wrong, no German Soldier sais "A (like Ahhh) zwei." We german soliders use also the NATO phonetic alphabet. This why we say also "Alphat zwei" and not just "Ahhh zwei". It may would be helpfull to contact some native speakers for help.
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