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  1. As the WW3 Developers may be rerigging the aim system according to the roadmap I thought this worthy of mention for those that would like more realism in the game. A canting camera and/or weapon is technically, metrically wrong; both in terms of proper weapon handling and perspective -- the world does not 'tilt' if we cant our body, head, or rifle; separately or in unison even if we are handling a weapon incorrectly, and canting an aimed firearm from any fire position is always incorrect weapon handling* that is rigorously repudiated and corrected in virtually all firearms training -- military and civilian. Many games some less realistic than WW3 execute this correctly including Red Orchestra, America's Army, Ghost Recon, Modern Warfare when it had leaning, and the last iteration of Medal of Honor -- all had more realistic uncated weapon handling and camera in lean, though none had realistic stance based lateral cover or cornering animation however. * Exception: CAR Shooting System for very close CQC with handguns... Canting as far as weapon handling is functionally wrong ( you can read why if you don't know about or understand this subject here and here) as it makes for very poor weapon control and accuracy. Virtually every approach to firearms training, military or civilian, will have you b*tch slapped for doing this from any fire position -- and it's completely trained out of most military riflemen. While you know the you're head or body is canted if you lean; visually the world does not cant or tilt due to synesthesia of proprioception and how we see, so tilting game camera is technically incorrect as well. What's more, shooting stance when 'cornering' or firing from lateral cover is not accomplished by leaning at the waist as is typically done in a lot of games with cheap lean animation, it's accomplished with a stance or weight shift over one leg and alteration of rifle fire position -- long thread discussing this here with illustrations. Finally, and probably most important: correct un-canted weapon handling based on model stance solves a lot of issues for the developer as far as animation which as far as simpler and hit box alignment. The result gives the virtual Player vastly better proprioceptive and virtual kinesthetic cues as to how well covered he is (or isn't) when firing from lateral cover in a leaning stance -- and is obviously more realistic and immersive.
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