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  1. I desperately need an iconic field Rogatywka (and moustache) or I'm unable to LARP as a proper Pole. Farm51 pls
  2. I wonder if you could modify the helmets in a way where the player could choose to either have the visor (depending on the helmet) either up or down without having to pay separately for whether a helmet has a visor up or down. I know in other games that feature customization (at least Saints Row 2, and in a few cases, GTA Online/V), players do not need to spend extra money for headwear that is worn just slightly differently - especially in the case of GTA Online, players can adjust their hoods or helmets on the fly. No animation even takes place when the headwear is adjusted. For instance, The Spetsnaz helmet has been highlighted in the below screenshot (I just have my cursor over something else). It has the visor up. There is an option to buy a Spetsnaz helmet with the visor down, whereas in real life, the visor can be adjusted for free. The same applies for several other helmets, namely the KSK and Vulcan helmets: I know this game isn't TF2, but I wonder if you can take this into consideration in a future patch.
  3. Maybe move this button from all variants to the left side - there is no need to duplicate this button
  4. More info in the customize screen This is something I've wanted for some time, and I think I have some useful suggestions to it as well. The suggestions mainly focus on weapons and/or attachments you don't own but also applies to the ones you do own. Here they are: See fire modes for weapons in the customize screen, Semi auto, Burst fire,full auto and Bolt action Preview Scopes and reticles in the cusomize scren Have the able to change red dot opacity in game (?) Remove/add the 3rd loadout row, as you can only see the 2 boxes for loadouts in the customize screen but if you use the keys to the left/right of the boxes you can scroll to a 3rd row without anything in them. See how many kg's (or preferred weight measurement) you have left before the next weight tier/overload. The bar at the bottom is good to have but it doesn't cut it. Have the ability to have no attachment on the end of the barrel. no flash hider, compensator or supressor. Separate muzzle brakes, flash hiders and compensators And also see the effect on vertical and horizontal recoil depending on the type of attachment. When previewing an item, the weight limit also moves according to the total weight, ties into the point above. Example: Previewing a weapon with an attachment that weighs 0.1 is medium weight, changing to a 0.25 weight attachment makes the loadout heavy. Previewing a heavier than 0.1 attachment does not move the weight bar/ change loadout weight. Maybe a bad example but I min/max like that. Unlock items/attachments when you purchase a weapon. Some weapons come with a medium barrel equipped, leaving you to keep it medium, or purchase short/long if you wish to. If you purchase a long/short barrel if you want to re-equip the medium barrel the menu puts the medium barrel into the shopping cart as you haven't purchased the medium barrel. Example: DMG NINE-MILLI comes stock with Short barrel, but you can purchase the Long barrel, if you want to go back to the short barrel you have to purchase it. This can be worked around just by clearing the equipped long/short barrel, resetting the barrel to whatever barrel the gun came with stock. See the damage chart/map on per bullet damage. See total ammo for the weapon. See Equip speed on different weapons when previewing/hovering over them. additional ammo types for shotguns, either as primary or additional ammo. Slug, flechette etc. Let weapons that have iron sights attached on the weapon when you buy it, like the SCAR-H , use iron sight. Instead of having the one prebuilt on the weapon be flipped down, only to attach a new one on the top rail. Could possibly remove some weight. Give bodyparts stats; A good example for this is the stocks, my example here will be the VEPR, where you can choose the VEPR Reciever Cover (no stock) or any other actual stock. Examples: Giving the Juno stock higher weight and equip speed but also reduce spread. Giving the Reciever Cover a spread penalty could be a tradeoff for weight and equip speed. Move/Remove the Monster grip with light and laser combo from the Grip section. Also get the laser working on the Monster grip with only the laser. Use the Esc button as a way to go back instead of having to press the <<BACK button Unlocking some of the Visual items from the start, as you can select a preset config and use the gear/clothes without even owning them. This is probably a bad idea but whatever. You cannot customize the items you don't own, even if they are equipped from a preset. Be able to change: Boots, backpack and other items, as changing pants also changes boots. Rename the Gloves dropdown menu to Gloves or Handwear. (Currently No category) If your secondary weapon/sidearm is a pistol it will be put in the pistol holster on the pants that have it. Preview Strikes/strike alternatives, even if you cannot afford them. Yes, you can preview/look at items on the owned strike you cannot afford, but not another version of a strike. Example: MBT version Abrams, T-72 See numbers for Armor stats on Tanks in the customize screen, not just weight or thickness. Fix pricing on items to 0 instead of -1, like the Mobile Spawn Point version of then UGV Leviethan. Tny item with the price of -1 cannot be purchased (as far as I've experienced) Add correct images for weapons when you press the (i) button. This is a really small and nitpicky thing but the images shown when looking at the MSBS-B isn't the correct gun. Whenever you select an item on a list, the list resets, making you have to scroll down to where you were, this can be especially annoying in the visual screen when it comes to changing clothes and patterns. Those were all the points I have for now! Sorry for the really really long post! Please keep in mind that these are just suggestions! If you have any questions what I meant by any of the points just ask. Thanks for reading.
  5. I know that you all want to maintain the realism of this game which even goes down to the customization, but I believe that the game could have its customization improved. For instance, I would like a more fine-tuned process of military uniform and character modification, beyond just being able to go sleeveless, changing patches you wear on sleeves and changing headwear. A game like Saints Row 2 is a little more comprehensive with clothing customization, and with a bunch of other features as well:
  6. Often when spawning in weapons will have a nonsensical amount of spare ammo, such as 178 spare for AK15. The amount of spare ammo can also change between spawns, to the point where I will be forced to use the ammo pack gadget as I don't spawn with enough ammo to go into a fight. This problem also affects the customisation aspect: many weapon showcase videos show sniper configs of assault rifles, which is a cool idea, but when implemented, the AR will have an unnecessarily large amount of ammo (100+) and your secondary CQC weapon (e.g. SIG) will only have enough for one spare mag. The obvious solution, in my opinion, is to allow players to choose how much spare ammo they carry in the deployment screen, in multiples of their chosen magazine size, with a weight addition for each extra mag. Players who choose to equip larger (50, 60 rds) magazines will have to decide if they want 60, 120 or 180 spare rounds. This will allow players to better-define their weapons, and is more convenient and predictable. In addition, I see this as useful for grenades, where sniper loadouts may use less grenades than heavy loadouts.
  7. 3 small suggestions for the customization shop; 1. After purchasing the selected items, i´d love the items to get attached directly after so you don't have to attach them again 2. An option for direct buy; to get rid of those unnecessary extra clicks when buying a single item example pic : 3. when selecting something, dont reset the scrollbar.
  8. As you can see I am not able to see what the body paint will look like and it just doesn't show up at al.
  9. Hello! Let me say that I have very high hopes for WW3 and I am have enjoyed my time playing it. I have played it for about 100 hours and wanted to share some things I would like to see in the game, maybe dreaming a little big but hopefully, some of these get added in! ? CUSTOMIZATION 1. Allow scope to be placed in different spots like further up the top rail 2. Allow for dual scopes, like a HOLO and an ACOG as it is shown on some of the pictures 3. The ability to change the reticule on sight (Color, Design etc.) 4. Add/Remove Camo's from certain parts of Weapons in sections 5. Different face models. 6. More Rail Options / Custom Rail Covers WEAPONS 1. Vector 2. MP5 3. AR-57 4. Scorpion EVO 5. P90 6. M27 7. Mk 14 EBR (M39) 8. Remington MSR 9. M110 (SR25) 10. HK417 11. Barret M52 12. SA80 & L85 Family 13. L129A1 14. M249 Family 15. AT4 16. Javalin 17. MBT LAW 18. Mk 18 19. M16 Family 20. M24 21. MP5 22. M240 23. M60 24. PDW Family 25. Ak-47(M) 26. Ak-74(M) 27. SV-98 28. VKS 29. ADS 30. ASh-12.7 31. RPK-74 32, RPK-16 33. G3 34. Panzerfaust 3 35, FAMAS 36. Beretta AR70/90 37. Beretta ARX160 VEHICLES 1. Bradley 2. Stryker Family 3. LAV-25 Family 4. Humvee Family 5. Husky Family 6. Challenger 7. BMP 1-2-3 8. PT-76 9. BMD-3 10. T-80 11. T-14
  10. First off, the Devs are doing a fantastic job with the whole idea of customization within the game. Although there are some things I would like to see... The first and biggest one for me personally, is the ability to put my weapon attachments where I want them on the primary. Extended rails are already in the game, which is great, but I would like to position my laser/flashlight where I would like it. For example, the "Peq/DBAL" laser would "skinny" up the Scar by placing it on the top rail. This has many benefits which are also used IRL. This would be HUGE for WW3 and definitely separate it from the crowd. Next would be the fact that no American weapons/attachments are in the game. As a gun-totin' American, I would love nothing more than to use my actual setup. With Trijicon ACOG and all. Don't forget about the Chevron Crosshair;) I understand the M4 is on the way, but you are missing many other American firearms (M110, Barrett, M9, Remington 700, Rocket Launchers, etc) Some in game enhancements would be weapon zoom. The ONLY part that should be zoomed when I aim in, is the scope/optic. The peripherals should not be zoomed as well. With the ability to change where the optic sits on the rifle, should affect how it looks when you aim in (more/less peripheral vision). The only game play change I would like to see is the inclusion of NVG (Night vision goggles) for use. A completely blacked out map would be BALLER with night vision. The DBAL laser and many of the optics in game are night vision compatible IRL. At the moment I am not worried about in-game bugs, because those will be worked out with time. I would really like to see a focus on the ability to turn a firearm into anything that the player would like. Having a big ol' laser off the side of the gun is something I would like to see changed. I do not think these changes would impact game play that much, but rather increase user satisfaction. Best, Doof V
  11. Scrolling in the customization menu is fairly weird/bad atm; You have to scroll the wheel several times to get to the bottom even if the list isnt long. Would be great to see it smoother.
  12. Hi guys, It would be awesome if you develop this. We have 6 classes that we can change the loadout for, and when we change the outfit it affects all of them. Let's make the uniform and visual customization for these each class. For example, one of my classes is a sniper. I want to put my outfit according to sniper outfit. Another example, my other class is AT, and I want an outfit only for that class. What do you say?
  13. I'm loving the customization options for the g38, but I would like that the short handguard would be a little longer so that it would cover more of the gas block as seen on the picture below. I also think that the short barrel on the g38 is just a bit too long. Other than that I would love to see the Magpul CTR and HK original stocks as customization options sometime in the future. Keep up the good work
  14. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: Customization setting has somewhat wrong functions (primary smoke grenades) and does not work because of it. GAME BUILD ID: 3394924
  15. At the moment I have a bug that my Camoflage and other things like the flag, emblem, nametag of my soldier doesn't change if I select another one. It's still the green camo and the other things don't show up, too.
  16. The camos on the weapons also don't change if I select them, like on the soldier.
  17. Autozapisywanie się configów jest rozwiązaniem wadliwym i problematycznym. Wiele razy głosiłem ten pogląd na Discordzie i powtórzę to też tutaj. Config jest indywidualnym, spersonalizowanym ustawieniem, nie powinien więc być zapisywany przy każdej, nawet najmniejszej, często testowej zmianie. Obecnie system działa w ten sposób, że po stworzeniu configu zostaje doń zapisana każda zmiana dokonana w obrębie jego działania (broni na przykład). Problem pojawia się natomiast w momencie, gdy przełączymy taką broń na inną i do niej powrócimy. Nasz config jest cały czas aktywny i "słucha", a że powracając załadowaliśmy model w stanie "default", ten właśnie stan zostanie zapisany na configu. I możemy się ze swoją spersonalizowaną pukawką w zasadzie pożegnać. Jestem za pełnym wyłączeniem autozapisu w configach, na rzecz ręcznego zapisywania. Natomiast zamiast autozapisu proponuję automatyczne i każdorazowe stworzenie configu o nazwie "LAST SAVED PRESET", gdzie trafiałyby automatycznie zapisane ostatnie zmiany. Należy jednak zwrócić uwagę na problem nadpisywania jakiegokolwiek configu poprzez preset defaultowy. Nie powinna taka sytuacja mieć miejsca, gdzie ustawienie domyślne nadpisuje te zrobione przez gracza.
  18. Ok i´m a bit late but had a lot to do in the meantime ? So i recorded the PTE to better report -> made post links to the 3 Matches/Vids (private links) They are from 0.1.1 so Thursday (German Timestamp) GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 3288304 SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): RX580 -18.10.1, i7-6700k, 16 GB RAM, Win10 17134.345 Ok so here my list (if you prefer one Thread per Bug just let me know ) Customization Vehicle variant could not be loaded (or i dont understand it) -> Vid - Vid2 Customization Weapon - G29 clip wit 25rounds is invisible, also in game -> Vid - Vid2 - Vid3 Spotting hardly works on enemy vehicles -> Vid - Vid2 Vehicle Camera (should be fixed in 0.1.2, not tested yet) -> Vid - Vid2 - Vid3 - Vid4 Missing balustrade graphics, loaded later - second spawn same problem -> Vid - Vid2 Main Menu stuck in Winning Screen -> Vid Tank missing HP bar when near 0 HP -> Vid Also had a lot of problems to focus flags for squad orders if i was not close enough to the flag - Vid No Squad orders from Tank (also Squadmate steals my seat, i´m kinda upset^^) -> Vid Parking a Tank on top of dumpster? ... cant move Tank because no tracks on ground not really a bug but maybe not intended -> Vid Graphical glitched Soliders (jumping around) only killable with explosives -> Vid Hop it helps
  19. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: the final loadout it's not that i costumize. Exemple: i have the patch "alpha tester" + "european flag" and my final score soldier have Polish flag + Polish patch GAME BUILD ID : 3271209 STEPS TO REPRODUCE : finisch a round on scoreboard - team scoreboard SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS: Intel i6600K Skylake - Nvidea 1070 8GB - RAM DDR4 16GB - HD ssd 250BG CRASH LOG : no crash log
  20. I would like to report a bug that I have not yet been able to resolve. Bug description: I am unable to change the loadouts in the Customization menu, as in the attached screenshot, or alternatively, via this link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1555603604. Game Build ID: 3271209 Steps to (re)produce: This has been the first time I have encountered this bug. Finish a game via Quick Play. Modify a loadout – name it “Scout” (including quotation marks), and have the weapons as PKP with M134 scope and open red dot sight (uinder No Distance) as a secondary. Equip the vertical grip and bipod and a long barrel, and the Pecheneg stock. Equip the SIG with a Holo sight, a short barrel and the last suppressor. Equip a concussion grenade and a Mini Drone. Set the streak rewards to Reaper, Jammer, JSOW and Hellfire. Join a game via Quick Join and finish said game. Access Customization > Equipment again. Please inform me of any more required system information or other information. I do not have crash logs since my game has not crashed when this has occurred.
  21. Hello World War 3 Team and the Community I want to ask you guys why you can choose different flags and symbols on every vest if they gonna be replaced from the symbols of the vest that you wear ingame. I know its a little thing but still i want to wear my country flag and my symbols on a different vest because i dont like the designs of the vests from my country.
  22. Hello, has anyone tried yet to customize your Soldier in the game and save that file in the "Install Folder" of the game or somewhere else? Maybe we could load it on our own before we start a game? Haven´t found something like it...
  23. There is very little variation in the reticle style of the currently available optics in the game, especially in the magnified optics. All of the magnified optics (or at least the ones I've seen), including low power and high power scopes, all share the same reticle. This is unfortunate in my opinion, especially since I have a gripe about said reticle. Let's get the gripe out of the way first. All it really is is that the red dot part of the reticle used in the magnified optics has very poor illumination. This may sound trivial, but it hinders precision when aiming at anything that doesn't have an extreme contrast to the dull red of the reticle. Most people would probably just say "git gud and deal with it" but if this game is going for somewhat-realism like it appears to be, it should be noted that an using an optic with such poor illumination in real life sucks for the same reason in sucks in the game. The illumination on the unmagnified optics is just fine, so if that level of brightness could be brought to the red dot portions of the magnified optics it would be much appreciated. For reticle variance, there are so many reticles out there for these 3-4x optics and it would be nice to see some brought into the game for variety's sake. For example, if something like an ACOG is added to the game, it could have the original ACOG reticle, ACSS, etc. as options since that actual optic is offered with those. While this is more of a personal preference thing, I'm quite certain much of the player base would enjoy a change like this very much. ACSS below as example
  24. Not a glitch but something I noticed when customizing my weapon skin. To the left of the skin options each one that you hover over has a block that said "Item Name" and "Item Description".
  25. As the title suggest, i would like to change my weapons, attachments, sights and camo during a match. I understand the devs dont want us in menus for 5-10 minutes messing around with the entire customization system ruining game balance. Please consider it.
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