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Found 5 results

  1. I like the idea of armor but I feel it's a bit too overpowered in terms of durability, it seems that people die to flesh damage rather then broken armor. If you could change the values of how many shots an armor plate could take before being destroyed it would give more use for the equipment bag, right now it's either ammo or meds that majority of players take since armor seems to never break.
  2. Hi Devs.. Here are 3 easy fixes that can be added to the list of other peoples suggestions 1. Bodies should remain a little bit longer on the battlefield 2. The ability to swap for/pick up a downed players weapon - this can be possible if bodies remain a little 3. Once deploying a special eg UAV/Reaper.. the laptop takes far too long to be put away and you end up getting shot. Its quick to open but reeeeeeaaaallly slow (unrealistically) to put it away - decrease the time please. So far the game is fun to play. Keep up the good work.. Regards from South Africa
  3. i don't know about the rest of you guys but i was a little disappointed by the selection of weaponry, the placement of certain options and the lack of ability to move them, i think this would be a good place to compile them. and try to make this a better weapon and equipment system.
  4. My ideas on a revive system A few of my personal opinions: 1. The advanced ballistics system in world war 3 is a feature that enhances immersion. 2. Adding a willy-nilly revive system, I my opinion, would completely destroy the immersion created by said feature. a. Showing you where you got hit, and then someone reviving you, would just be silly and make it less realistic and immersive. So, instead of having to add one that doesn’t compliment the other, why don’t we build the revive system off of the ballistic system? I am a developer and a programmer of sorts, and this is how I imagine it working, and how it could work well. We have a built in ballistic system here that provides rich context on the data of where our bodies were impacted with incoming rounds, as well as the damage that occurred in a specific area. As most players have said, headshots and vitals should be an immediate cannot revive. However we can go much deeper into this, and beforehand, I would like to say that I view shots placed center mass that impact the spinal region as vitals- CANNOT REVIVE. Each body part should have a standard treatment time built into the code. If 100% of the damage caused in killing the player is dealt to the leg, that would be a 10 second revive If 100% of the damage caused in killing the player is dealt to the arm, that would be a 5 second revive. These base line measures will play in further in a second. However, if 25% of the damage to the player is to the leg, and 75% of the damage is to the arm, than the combined percentage of time would be added (25% of damage to leg = 2.5 seconds/75% of damage to leg = 3.75 seconds), MEANING the total time to revive the player would be 6.25 seconds. This could then be extrapolated to multiple body parts (Hands, feet, shins, thighs, forearms, upper arms, etc), ultimately creating a unique time value for how long it takes to revive each player (With a potential max set into the code), depending on the wounds to the body part. This is extremely doable in my opinion by just BUILDING ON TOP OF the fantastic hit detection and ballistics built into the game. This aids in immersion because you’re encouraging your players to take active, risky decisions on the battlefield, rather than act like a bot that can just expect the same scenario over and over again. Things like concussion damage, and explosion damage would have to be brain-stormed a bit more with your design team. Adding any further treatment IMO, such as Arma ACE would be FAR too complicated, and I think implementing it this way alone would be a fantastic addition to the game. It’s not complicated, it can be integrated relatively easy into the game, and be taken out or re-defined just as easy.
  5. Hi, I am a UX and graphic design from the UK and have had an idea for the game to make the customisation section easier for people once the game has progression, The idea is instead of buying a gun when you click on a gun or a sight when you click on a sight. You will have a new preset and you make your perfect gun/person, picking any gun and any attachments you want for the preset. Then you click accept and it will say this preset will cost x amount and list the prices of everything you chose. It can give you the option to delete something if you dont want it or go back and add something you missed. If you need any help with the design of this please contact me on discord or Instagram. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kubagraphics/ Discord: KUBAGraphics#7502 Many thanks, Jacob Rudge
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