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Found 2 results

  1. Killing and dying now is a lot faster. I am not sure how to approach it. On the one hand, it's more "realistic" but on the other hand, no weapon sway no, stamina, almost makes this game a too simple. Luckily recoil is strong so it kinda balances it. (Not enough in my opinion). Currently my whole experience is mindless run and gun... Spawn, sprint around, kill, sprint, die, respawn. Repeat and repeat. Once you learn how your weapon recoil behaves, it's super easy to play and gets "stale" after one full match. Only thing that I am having issue is PING. I am not seeing much challenge now, gun and run is fun I just can't play more than 1 hour at this moment per day, or I can go a full week without playing easily (still play for 1 hour and it's enough). Recently I have moved from ArmA3 onto Squad so when I want more slowly and heavily team oriented experience I play that game, so I don't expect or need WW3 to be Squad v2. Currently, WW3 is closer to CoDMW2 gameplay style. When v0.1 was released it had the super strong armor plates and it gave WW3 some, "flavour". With that gone and now fast TTK, I'm basically playing MW2 now. (meh). Could we perhaps in future see a bit less of this mindless sprinting around game design? It's too generic with market being oversaturated with these kind of titles. With game being in Beta 0.4, the game is far from being completed. So I just want to point now, that with v0.4 you have made overall a good improvements with your game, which is truly a job well done. Thank you for the server browser !
  2. First thing to mention is how great this game feels to play. I was hopeful about this game, but it has exceeded my expectations so far. It really is just as fun and good as most AAA shooters. Obviously, launch wasn't great and some people are still having connection issues. There are also some game features not working due to the server issues. I'm not including those things in my thoughts because they're temporary hiccups that aren't directly related to the experience of playing the game. It does mean we can't comment on progression yet, maybe other things too, we'll see. I'm also going to focus mostly on issues/suggestions, but overall I'm very impressed and can't wait to load up the game again. Highlights: Varied gunplay, really good roster of starter weapons (I'm assuming more will come as development progresses/DLC post release?). Character and weapon customization is outstanding. Map design is pretty great, I'm starting to figure out spots and learn the common fields of battle. Still a lot more to dig into though. This is anecdotal, but it runs pretty well for me. 1440p with a GTX 1080 all maxed settings. 40 - 80 fps. Components stay within reasonable temperatures as well. Issues: I think TTK is slightly too long if we're going for realism. (game is still fun, just pointing this out, wouldn't necessarily be upset if it stays this way). Squad members and/or leaders need more tools/incentives to work together. Giving the player the ability to spawn on squad members would be good. Close range RPG use on humans. Warzone Large isn't 64 players? The most I've seen so far is 44. Steam says I have 8 hours in game, and I didn't spend more than 30-40 minutes the first two days with those loading screens. Different weapon attachments seem to not affect stats differently (maybe server issue?) - and it doesn't seem like there are enough stats per piece, or maybe there's an error and the same stats are repeated per piece when they shouldn't be? Vehicles (especially some) are a bit OP, but it makes sense. Character movement feels unnaturally fast - especially with light/med gear - but the maps are so big I'd be afraid of increasing travel time by slowing down character speed. I haven't experienced hackers, but apparently there are quite a few. Respawn time is too long IMO. It seems like it's 15 seconds total? That's not that out of bounds with genre standards, but it feels long. I'd suggest lowering to 10 total, or having a system like Rising Storm where it refreshes every ~15 seconds but you can get into queue at any point in that time (for example: you die but the queue is at 3 seconds so you only wait 3 seconds for this particular respawn) - this would also further encourage squad/teamplay since anywhere from several to maybe ten-fifteen players would respawn at once. This is very nitpicky, but currently I don't think your walking/running/stepping sound changes when your character moves over a puddle. I honestly wouldn't care much if it's never adjusted, but just mentioning it as something I noticed. Suggestions: It would be cool for a FPS to have day/night and weather cycles. There's some weather on the maps currently, but I believe it's static. I know this is a major task, so I'm mentioning as more of a "wouldn't it be cool." You could have some cool gadgets to deal with difficult weather and thermal/NV for night. Modes other than Warzone. This is almost certainly coming, but just mentioning it. WZ is fun, but varied and interactive experiences are always welcome. Ability to hold breath with snipers to steady aiming while standing/crouching (or when not using a bipod while prone). ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ That's all so far. Feel free to agree, disagree, discuss.
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