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Found 17 results

  1. [Feature]: Howdy everyone, my suggestion is simple. There are currently 5 maps and 3 game modes. If there were only one server running each map+game mode combo there would be 15 servers. Roughly allowing 400 players to be concurrently playing with full servers and lobbies. However some players don't like certain maps/ game modes, so i thought that sometime in the not too distant future a poll via Twitter or a Steam Link (in news update), could gather data on which specific map+game mode combo is the favorite then make 2-3 servers running that specific combo. I know 400 players doesn't sound like a lot, but unfortunately at the present point in time the player base never has more than 6 full lobbies out of the 30+ that pop up on server browser(less than 150). A quick sidenote: there are WAYYYY too many breakthrough servers, its a fun gamemode however there are way too many that are ALWAYS empty. Then there are certain "combos" that rarely show up, for example Warsaw+TDM (my personal favorite). My logic and reasoning behind this is that returning/new players coming to truly beta test the game and have a really fun experience will have the circumstance of sitting in an empty lobby for 10-20 minutes or playing in a 1/4 full warzone lobby be limited. As time goes on more duplicates of map+game mode combos could be added as recorded data shows which "combo" servers are always full/ near full. This will also make it appear as though there are more players on because more of the total available servers will be full. I feel that this would be a way to stabilize the servers a little bit too because there wouldn't be 30+ empty servers. Simply put; like 20, MAX, servers always running the same map+game mode combo allowing for consistency in the gameplay and playerbase revival. I really love this game and I can see the enormous potential. I just wish that there was more than 1-3 servers to actually play on (not empty all the time) XD. Cheers to the Dev team for keeping at the dream!
  2. So I have two ideas. 1) The first: An auto-balance. I typically hate auto-balance but I know it is a necessary evil (I just played a match 7v2). Most games don't implement it well, so here is my pitch. - A tiered system that first asks for volunteers. Lets be honest most wont switch, so there should be an incentive like: x2 cash for that round. Any new player that joins should be filtered into team with less players during all stages. This stage should last 1-2min - If teams are not balanced by this point, then stage two should engage. Last to join the winning team should be auto balanced to the other side. Player that gets auto-balanced should receive a 10-30 second heads up. Getting suddenly switched is no fun. Auto switched should get a reward as well like x2 cash for round. This stage should last 1-2min -If teams are not balanced by this point, then the final stage should engage. First to die gets switched right after death. A notification should say this on top of screen. Those that get switched should get reward like x2 cash for round. Keep balancing until balanced. Once the teams are balanced then all is well. What if teams get unbalanced again shortly after? Restart the system from step one. Also players in squads should always stay together. As a bit of background I love team fortress 2, but one feature I hate in that game is the auto-balance. It typically switches the best player to the other team without warning and without reward. Its infuriating and it keeps me away from that game so I don't want to see an auto-balance like that. I think a tied system is much better. 2) The second: The Intel drone. One of the uav drones marks enemies with a red diamond. Im not a fan of that, it's like legal cheating, Maybe get rid of it? If not, maybe warn the player that "Hey people can see you through walls" and maybe highlight the edges of the player screen for a heads up. Food for thought.
  3. Over the recent months there were one or two discussions about a better visible distinguishability of light and heavier armor. I can’t quite remember the thread, but somebody pointed out that the comments of your own soldier don’t really help. For one you don’t always press X when you are already shooting at the enemy and on top the comments don’t really tell you the armor type. Now, why should it be visible? Because it may have an impact on where I aim at. Regardless of both games being hardly comparable and all its flaws I think PUBG does a good job in this regard. After a certain amount of time spent in game you notice right away what armor type your enemy has even on quite some distances (given you have a scope of course). My idea is that in the visual customization menu for your soldier you have different sets of vests for light (HDPE and Polyethylene) and heavy armor (Ceramic and Steel). This hinges on the introduction of many more vests I would say, and obviously it is not of a high priority. But I think this would enhance the customization options you have even further (while decreasing the degree of freedom you have). To further distinguish between HDPE and Polyethylene or Ceramic and Steel respectively one could add some additional armor parts to the heavier type (which would only have a visual effect). This might be a bit controversial if it is technically possible anyway. ^^ Have a nice Sunday evening everybody and a good start into the new week
  4. [Feature] 1) Tactical knifes: current melee in this game is useless and nobody use that, make melee usable at least! 2) Take downs: It would be nice to have take downs from sides or behind or even from front with a quick event like BF. 3) Improve tactical tablets animation: its very cool to have tactical tablet but there is no animation, new COD tablets are more realistic its better that you don't go into the tablet to mark the map. 4) Add Gib/Gibbing: It dosen't matter if its a little or much just add Gib/Gibbing it would make the game better. 5) Breakable weapons: Its just an idea but what if when you shoot at enemies gun gun sight or even the gun could break. Edit: I forgot to say bout doors, maybe add doors .
  5. ^ title some of us wanted the map rotation and it was respected. Then again some people would like to play on 1 map 24/7 cause they enjoy it [me]. Please consider adding :
  6. Create a private polygon mode, so you can practice and test weapons and vehicles, before entering multiplayer. A sort of private offline polygon. Preferably even before having to buy them
  7. It would be beautiful, interesting, dynamic and every game would always be different. I would like dynamic weather, but not synchronized as in reality. Here is my example: beginnings of the afternoon with the sun and finish in the evening with the rain. or start at dawn with the fog and finish the game with the sun or snow. it would be nice if the software house developed such a thing. (they would be the first to do it!)
  8. World War 3 sorely needs a revive system, but NOT something like the Battlefield revive system. Of course it is ridiculous to bring someone back to life after they've been blasted by a tank, with nothing more than a shock from a defibrillator. Think the revive system from America's Army. Here is the scenario: If the soldier was shot in the head, run over by a vehicle, or blown up by any explosive, they will not be treatable. To say that a revive system would not work and be unrealistic is entirely ignorant to how real world military;s operate. When a fellow soldier is shot and incapacitated, they aren't just left to bleed out. Soldiers have basic first aid training to stop bleeding of wounds, and bandage then up. While we're on the topic of realism, World War 3's medical system already isn't realistic. In the real world, you don't go to a medical crate and magically heal your bullet wounds, broken bones, and extract shrapnel from your body by looking at the crate, or by getting poked with a syringe. I think the implementation of a system like this would be entirely fitting of the game's play style and setting. It would increase immersion, while not hindering any other mechanics, but rather offering players more choices in game. This will also increase teammate cooperation and coordination. Change my mind.
  9. A better melee system. I know that the insta kill knife thing has been used for ages now but it works very well, WW3 closely resembles BF4 (a game that was peak success for the battlefield community some would say) and I believe it would benefit from a melee overhaul. Nothing crazy like swords or bats, (or sadly even spoons) because the realism of the game is also very important, however adding a melee weapon that could be customized (simple things like style or color) would allow for a better experience in the game. There is something satisfactory about the feeling one gets when they expertly flank an enemy and get close enough to the guy to stab him with something pointy. Extra satisfying if there is an animation with it. Look at the animations from games like TLOU, basically all battlefield games, gears of war, or Dishonored. All very different games but they all gave a sort of personal feeling to you the player when you pulled one of these off. (I'll link some of em below). In the end something simple but timeless would be great, and also allow it to be interrupted by those outside of the 2 "conflicting parties". it would help with team cohesion as well. Thanks, Chef
  10. Being able to try the weapon or vehicle gadget before buying, in order to avoid clueless purchases. I spent virtual money unnecessarily, because I didn't like different lenses. It would be nice to be able to see in detail (also through gifs) how the product is before the purchase. A Type of arsenal mode.
  11. Jak wszyscy wiemy, obecnie, mecze w WW3 są przeraźliwie długie. Co innego jednak jeśli napięcie i walka nie ustaje do ostatnich sekund (miałem kilka meczy, gdy z przewagi przeciwnika 300 punktami, udało się wywalczyć comeback raptem kilkoma na plus), a co innego, jeśli jedna drużyna zamiata tą drugą w stopniu nie dającym żadnych nadziei. W tym wypadku gracze są zmuszeni na totalną dominację przez długie minuty. Aby zapobiec takiemu rozwojowi wypadku chciałbym zaproponować swoje rozwiązanie. Zwycięstwo przez dominację to system, który w wypadku zajęcia wszystkich punktów na mapie, uruchamiałby licznik czasu do końca meczu. W takim przypadku drużyna przegrywająca miałaby ograniczony czas, powiedzmy 5 minut, do zajęcia jakiejkolwiek pary celów (zajęcie jednego mija się z celem jako, że punkty zostają liczone dopiero za parę). Gdy tej się nie powiedzie, a czas dobiegnie końca, mecz zostaje automatycznie zakończony zwycięstwem strony dominującej. Takie rozwiązanie wyłączyłoby z gry problem długich i beznadziejnych meczów, oraz niekończącego się zdominowania przez jedną drużynę, co nieraz jest bolączką serii Battlefield. Obecnie jak wiemy w WW3 jest system, który daje pewną szansę w przypadku dominacji (dodatkowe punkty odrodzeń), jednak uważam, że dla zupełnie zdominowanej drużyny jest to za mało, żeby odwrócić losy meczu lub najzwyczajniej zakończyć mecz. *edit literówki
  12. Since you cant lean to the left & right while prone, i´d love to be able to roll
  13. Zainspirowane BF2 którego nadal ubóstwiam. Możliwość zapraszania do drużyny graczy z innych drużyn (obecnie jedyny sposób na zapełnienie drużyny to osobiste dołączenie do niej) Możliwość zagłosowania za wykopaniem z funkcji obecnego dowódcy drużyny (gdy nie sprawdza się na swojej pozycji, nie wydaje racjonalnych rozkazów) Zgłaszanie prośby o wydanie rozkazu na konkretny punkt, w momencie gdy został już wydany rozkaz (dowódca widzi wtedy, że prosimy o rozkaz na konkretny punkt) Szybka możliwość odpowiedzi "tak", "nie" na zadane rozkazy (w bf2 działało to poprzez klawisze PgUp, PgDn) Kontekstowa prośba o gadżet w obrębie drużyny (zamiast wołać o użycie gadżetu na ikonie gracza, konkretna prośba pojawiająca się na ekranie każdego z drużyny "XYZ prosi o miny przeciwpancerne!") Ikony gadżetów, oraz ilość zdrowia na liście członków drużyny Zapraszam do dyskusji
  14. Being steam rolled and lock in spawn is no fun for anyone, so I have a idea. Can we place get a INCREASING battlepoint boost base on how much of a ticket disparity their is between the teams. So if red team is behind by say 500 ticket, they receaive a 250% boost to battlepoints, to break the steamroll, As the team start to get closer to parity in terms of tickets remaing the boost will decrease, and once they are within 30 BP the boost would disappear completely.
  15. If you guys decided to add a ingame voip system, can we please have it set to default to two seperate channels. Channel A, is squad chat and for the 5 members of the Squad Channel B, Is for "team" chat is and is a channel where squad leaders can communicate with each other (non leaders will NOT be able to be in that chat) I know voip is not a priority at this time and you may never add it, but if you decided to having this type of depth would be fantastic.
  16. I really miss here few features in WW3. Spawning on squadmates. (now we can only spawn on the leader) Smart spawnsystem (there are fixed spawn points so it's easy for some ppl to spawncamp and boost themselves) In game VoIP with squad Command wheel (Battlefield style) Option to report a player Grenade cooking mechanics
  17. Can we please implement it where a player can initiate a resupply or heal from another player by going up to a player with the properly equipped gadget and pressing the action key? I know one of the battlefields had this to help with uninformed/non team players who never dropped ammo or health, this way we could bypass that part entirely. Maybe make it a weaker form of heal/resupply and give it a cool down of 30-60 seconds instead of having it use the players limited gadget usages, that way the gadget are still the preferred method of resupply?
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