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Found 2 results

  1. What suits you the most? Before blindly picking the medic pack have a little think about your way to play the game. Personally i think the 2 most important gadgets at the moment are "Equipment Pack" and "Anti Tank Mine". I know what you think now: Why the Equipment Pack? Nobody is ever using that. Well they should. Not only does it restore your body armor after being hit, it also restores grenades and most importantly it restores gadgets for your team mates. I`m going to talk about each gadget specifically and give a brief explanation to help you choose the right one. This will also make clear the difference for the Med Pack and First Aid Kit, which most people don`t really understand. The UGV Drone Starting with the UGV Drone. A pretty handy drone. It does take some time to get used to using it, but if you do it can seriously make your life and the life of your mates easier. The main purpose of this little fella is to mark enemies. I`ll give you an example: You are pinned down behind an obstacle, barrier or cover and have no way of escaping without a certain death. You don`t know where the enemy is because they are using flash hider attachments or you didn`t get the chance to see it. So you pop a smoke grenade and launch the drone, that can easily navigate trough the smoke, drive around your cover, mark the enemies and if necessary even detonate them. You will find yourself in this sort of situation more then once per match if you play like i do. If not you`re perfectly fine to pick a different gadget. The ability to blow up enemies is extremely handy and kind of makes up for the lack of mobility. This drone can not go up the stairs and has problems with some smaller rocks on the battlefield, but i`m sure the handling will be improved over time. In the example picture i had no clue, where the enemy was and he was pretty well hidden and hard to spot, so i launched the drone and found him from a safe distance and then well.. gg... The Mini Drone The counterpart of the UGV Drone is the Mini Drone. It can not detonate itself like the UGV Drone, but you can however fly into enemies, which will most likely destroy the drone. However, with this drone you can fly high and have a nice overview over the battlefield. It`s probably most usefully on those people that like supporting their team mates like suppressing fire with an LMG. The combination of marking an enemy and pinning them down at the same time is highly underrated at the moment (very usefully). I personally think you could do with getting some more points if you mark with a drone rather then a weapon, but if you combine it with the suppressing fire or kill assist, you`ll be able to get enough points to stay in the game. The Drone can fly in basically any direction, including up and down. You can easily hide it in a corner of a capture point and help your team mates take hold of it, while you`re marking enemies for them. Let`s say you have to take a closed room and you`re on a sniper (not like you`d move with a sniper anyway but eh) or an LMG. You`ll be dead if you rush in there without the appropriate weapon for that task, so you launch a drone, fly along the ceiling and park it in a nice distant corner where you can mark all enemies that spawn. I`m not sure if i got the right map there, but think about Berlin Map Bravo 2. In this example picture my team was currently rushing Delta on Berlin map, while i was observing the sniper and marking him with the drone from a (very) safe distance. The C4 Charges In previous patches it was rather difficult to use the c4. Luckily it was changed and you can now throw it further and also have more charges with it. Remember Berlin Map Bravo 2? Well you can easily plant a C4 on every door or around the door and then go to keep an eye on Bravo 1 from the windows. If you hear bravo 2 is being attacked simply detonate your c4 and you probably gonna cause some damage, at least enough confusion for your team mates to come for the rescue or maybe even a kill. Most other maps have a higher vantage point or a garage where you can throw the c4 from the roof on a tank or rush trough the garage to hit the tank. A very usefully gadget, which is now a lot easier to use. (I currently don`t have a nice picture of a good example, maybe somebody wants to help out?) The Med Pack Probably everyone`s favorite is the med pack. I like to see it as a bag of morphine that you throw on the ground for anybody to get high. Like literally. You`ll be sniffing the bag for the next Minute, while 3 enemies are easily walking up to you and you can not see a thing, because your mind is purely on the bag. If you are rushing with an assault rifle i can not recommend this, but it is pretty usefully to throw at choke points to assist your team mates or heal yourself if you have enough cover. You can heal up to 33% of your missing health every 1 Second and you can do that 5 times. After that you`ll have to wait 30 seconds. Unlike the drones this gadget restores itself. (Med Pack, Ammo Pack and Equipment Pack are more or less the same) The Equipment Pack The baby of the battlefield. The Equipment Pack. The savior. Your guarding angel. Drones, C4 and anti tank mines can not restore themselves, but you can restore them with an equipment pack. If you are a long survivor of the battlefield your armor will have taken some damage, which you never really pay attention to, but it is crucial that you do. There is no point in taking a heavy armor, if you don`t maintain it, as armor does brake over time. Just to clarify: With armor i mean the bulletproof vest and helmet you are wearing. The armor state is indicated by a symbol on the bottom left of your screen (ingame). Besides filling up anti tank mines for the bro next to you who is laying out some defenses it will also restore grenades for you and your team mates. I hate to say it again, but: Berlin Map Bravo 2. Having an extra grenade might get you the objective. But let`s be fair 90% of the grenades don`t hit a thing, so i wouldn`t really say they are too powerfully. The Equipment Pack can restore 4 seperate things (Example: 2 Anti Tank Mines and one of each Drone or 4 Grenades) and will refill itself after 30 seconds. Please start using it (but not all at once). The Anti Tank Mines The tanks worst nightmare is the anti tank mine. In combination with the Equipment pack (or by dieing a few times) you can effectively secure an entire street from a tank. Most tanks will use the roads, so that`s always a good spot to plant them babies. You can throw them of a roof or from outside your cover and you can use only 2 at the time. It is currently the best way to render a tank (or any other vehicle) useless, if it drives over it. I do see people quite often with anti tank mines, but i don`t see them laying down the mines very often which is a shame. Infantry vs Tank will be your certain death, so i would recommend to use the mines if you are in the right position to do so. There is no point carrying mines, when you are mainly rushing objectives, as you`ll be inside buildings etc. where the tanks don`t usually go to. It gives you a lot of points when you kill a tank or maybe even a tank with a passenger. Placing an Anti- Tank mine in the middle of the road just before the bend, so it won`t be spotted to easily. The Ammunition Pack Ammunition is your best friend on the battlefield. Most people don`t really live long enough to shoot their weapon empty, so i don`t quite understand why every second person has a ammunition pack (This is purely based on my feelings and you maybe think otherwise, which is perfectly fine). It does one simple job: It restores your ammunition. It does not restore mines or drones unlike the Equipment Pack and in 3307120 it does restore special ammo (Press and hold R) but for a very high cost. If you are using small magazines or are a really good player to live long enough this might be a totally legit option for you. Most usefully i found this gadget on the LMG when staying behind for suppressing fire, as you are wasting a lot of bullets. The First Aid Kit My personal favorite is the first aid kit. Unlike the med pack it does not contain charges. You can use it more or less only once. But: You can use it once every 10 seconds and you do not have to look on the ground to use it. You can easily walk trough a room (just keep moving, moving, moving) and heal you or a teammate for 33% of their health and you do this every 10 seconds man. You`ll become a paramedic with this thing. The points are not to great, but if you use it often you will sum up those points pretty quickly and the design of this gadget does allow you to use it very often. It is much quicker then the med pack, but provides less team support, as you literally have to chase your zombie friends to poke them like frankenstein. Damn things just never hold still. I you like rushing around i can only recommend you this, it is so usefully to heal up yourself or the meat shield in front of you to survive the onslaught a little bit longer. But one thing: Start using it on other people also and not just on yourself! Not actually in danger in that picture, just wanting to give a quick example of how it is used.
  2. I would like to report a bug that I have not yet been able to resolve. Bug description: I am unable to change the loadouts in the Customization menu, as in the attached screenshot, or alternatively, via this link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1555603604. Game Build ID: 3271209 Steps to (re)produce: This has been the first time I have encountered this bug. Finish a game via Quick Play. Modify a loadout – name it “Scout” (including quotation marks), and have the weapons as PKP with M134 scope and open red dot sight (uinder No Distance) as a secondary. Equip the vertical grip and bipod and a long barrel, and the Pecheneg stock. Equip the SIG with a Holo sight, a short barrel and the last suppressor. Equip a concussion grenade and a Mini Drone. Set the streak rewards to Reaper, Jammer, JSOW and Hellfire. Join a game via Quick Join and finish said game. Access Customization > Equipment again. Please inform me of any more required system information or other information. I do not have crash logs since my game has not crashed when this has occurred.
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