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  1. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: Occasionally, when I'm playing the game, after Alt-Tabbing a few times, I can enter a state when running the game in the background. I'm not entirely sure what it is although I think my software may be suspect (but I also suspect this could be down to the code). So far my only workaround to this issue is to set the game running in windowed mode. GAME BUILD ID: 4726315 STEPS TO REPRODUCE: Launch the game with AMD Radeon Relive (or NVIDIA equivalent) and browser with tabs in the background). Launch a Warzone game (I ran Moscow) and use Alt-Tab on occasion (as if you were checking social media). Expect to see the game run more smoothly when it's in the background. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS: Operating System Windows 10 Home 64-bit CPU AMD Ryzen 5 2600 14nm Technology RAM 16.0GB Single-Channel Corsair Vengeance 3000 MHz stock Motherboard ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. PRIME B450M-A (AM4) Graphics ASUS VP228 (1920x1080@60Hz) 8192MB ATI Radeon RX 570 Series (MSI) Storage 1863GB TOSHIBA HDWD120 (SATA ) 238GB DREVO X1 PRO SSD (SATA (SSD))
  2. The best way one could do this right now is if one is crouching or proned. However, for a game where movement matters quite significantly, I find that trying to play stealthily when someone could hear your footsteps (sometimes you're less likely to pick up on someone's gun fire than hear them approach you); it can sometimes be pointless otherwise in my opinion unless there's lots of explosions, gunfire and/or vehicular combat going on too. If there are any reasons why this won't be implemented, I don't mind hearing why; I'm sure there's a good reason for it, but the devs know this game far better than we all do.
  3. I know this could cause some visual clutter especially if implemented incorrectly, but I'm wondering about showing possibly in the chat at least where team mates from different squads will capture points (if they've done so). Although the game is a military shooter, I like that it gives you the flexibility and freedom to not follow orders. At the same time, however, I feel like players could be missing out tactically and allowing enemies to simply capture their way through without enough cooperation from the players, if too many players of different squads go for one point while being completely unaware of another being easily taken by the enemy. I believe that VOIP is implemented, but it's restricted to squad or proximity only right now (I'm not sure), and typing isn't really viable in situations where gameplay has to be a bit more fast paced. Like how squad commands and comments show up in the chat, I wonder if the same could be done regarding where other squads in the team are going to capture.
  4. Hallo a friend and I love to play WW3, we joined i guess at a very early stage and never really abended the game, even in the hard times... but as we talk about the "new stuff" that were implemented in the game, we came to that point that the game is not heading in the direction of the beginning and what the dev original said what kind of game they want. World War 3 is a casual shooter, not hardcore, no mil sim. Has a casual and fast gameplay like BF3/4 but is way more in the detail in damage model, weapon handling, Armor and teamplay like no other shooters on the market. IT IS UNIQUE as it was earlier: damage model: skill based gameplay, you better you aim and the better you position that higher is your chance to win the fight damage is exact and on point net code is so extreme smooth and pretty weapon handling: at first sight you get overwhelmed by the things you can customize but after playing the a few rounds you will see that only a few weapons are good to go. Armor: decided how you want to act on the field if you want to tank and be support fighter or be fast and flank the enemy lines. teamplay: you must connect 2 flags to win the game it is necessary to have one guy in the squad with ammo/meds/equipment to get you squad running. drop a flying eye to keep the point clear and save work together to get the tank, disturb it, confuse it and then get him kills don’t matter, get the connection as it is right now: damage model: it is extreme casual cause the time to kill is insane high, first shoot gets the kill, no chance to avoid damage and no need of skill. damage is extremely inconsistent and at some point, just random weapon handling: at first sight you get overwhelmed by the things you can customize but after playing the a few rounds you will see that only a few weapons are good to go. (nothing changed) Armor: is now totally useless, Armor is just slowing you down. teamplay: 404 not found and not wanted it looks for me it is not necessary to have one guy in the squad with ammo/meds/equipment, because it is on every flag. you don’t need to make a flying eye just nuke them only cost 100 bucks more don’t need to work together to get the tank, just nuke it implementing a Helicopter that is not able to get a connection or support the team in any form. as you see I think the game is losing his soul, his heart, the core mechanics that makes it unique and not a normal copy of Battlefield 4. I am asking me the question am I playing it wrong when I play in team, because it looks for me the dev´s don’t want us to do so. Other question is the game heading in the direction the dev´s want their game or are they just pushing it to be more casual to get more and more players. Am i the only one of the veterans who think so? The game as it was, was exactly what I searched for, but nowadays I'm not sure if it still is and if it ever will be again....
  5. Here are some of my ideas *Allow weight to factor in reload speed- It would be cool if lower weight could increase reload speed, I think higher weight lowers recoil, lowering would give you another little speed boost in the form of reload speed. *enable chat to be on top of all other menus- when transitioning from game play, to squad of the game to talk in chat, right now it goes black until the squad pop up and there is alot of time in between i'd like to be chatting, another place where this is an issue is immediately after you die, im most games I say "F*CK" as fast as I can, cant do that in WW3. *allow esc to exit the chat- Im not sure if there is any other way to leave the chat box besides sending your message or deleting your message and pressing enter, it would be nice if esc would delete the entire thing and bring you back into the game *tie slide speed and distance to incline of plan and exit slide when certain speed is met- Allowing this to happen would increase slide time if you're running fast enough and are light enough, or if you're sliding down steps you could slide for much longer, I would love to have a longer slide time to shoot people while sliding, its badass and fun! *allow reticles to be interchanged and unlocked for all weapons and sights- this would add to more options and possible unlocks (I explain the challenges and ways to unlock under this post) *lock the skins behind challenges or/and the in game currency- This one I can understand why it couldnt make it into the game, but being able to work on getting headshots or sliding kills to unlock skins would be so much fun, it would give the players something to work towards. Or you could lock the skins behind kills with a specific weapon which would be fine to. (Story time) My favorite COD to date is COD Ghosts. I felt like the UI had a unique feel and the customization for your character was completely over the top, allowing people to really make a unique character, I loved how you needed to complete challenges to unlock armor sets or helmets. I remember there was this one that looked similar to my paintball mask I had back then. I think the challenge was 50 knife kills or something. Being able to wear that in game and show it off was so much fun for me, I hope WW3 can do a similar thing. I feel like in WW3 there is alot to buy in game but I dont like having the freedom to pick and choose what ever I want, I personally want to work towards character cosmetics in obscure ways, like getting headshots or calling in an x amount of kill streaks. *allow reloading down sight (I noticed you guys changed the ability to switch weapons while ads, it feels so nice now)- I do think this game needs the ability to reload while ADS, it could bring you back to hip fire and reload from there. *change grenades to G to take out, then throw with the right or left mouse button allow sprinting with grenades- I felt like holding G to cook the grenade, aim to where I want to throw it and try and move left and right while holding G was just too much to do, trying to move while holding G is too much for me. Allowing sprinting while holding a grenade would be fun, like when you cook a smoke you can cast a trail of smoke behind you! *auto cock on snipers- I find it abit weird to press the shoot button twice to fire a bullet after I shot. Its just alittle gripe of mine, I just thinks its funky *emotes dont render weapons when the animations account for them- When I was using the tactical emotes (I forget their name) it moved the weapon to one hand and used the other hand to give the middle finger, or any other of those emotes. *radial menu- I thought the way the radial menu locked the mouse to the center of the screen and had a fixed sensitivity while navigating felt un natural and I was constantly miss clicking. Adding a hold or a toggle option for the radial menu would be nice too. But if the menu would work like this (video below)
  6. I don't know what is wrong with the game, it could be the fact that tanks have been rendered useless with rpg spam, mines, and airstrikes/artillery, but in most matches I play now, my team is doing very well, and is well ahead of the other team, until about 25 minutes left of game time, then the enemy team starts spamming strikes, and simply dominating, and no matter what my team tries, the other team is simply capping faster and holding more objective. It may be due to some squads not doing what they are suppose to and letting down their other teammates, I don't know. Perhaps the game needs a team balancing feature, or a rework on strikes because I think they take away from skill and tactical based gameplay, I just don't enjoy the game as much anymore. It is not because I am not doing well, I easily place top of the board with over 20k score, but in the end, the matches feel rough and lack fluidity. About half way into the game around 2500 score, it's mostly a defending game, running back and forth between your objectives because 1 or 2 enemies are trying to cap them alone. And something needs to be done about Tanks and how their threat level has deteriorated, offensively they work fine, but defensively they have become very week. RPGs are already a huge threatto them, one man can easily take down a tank by sneaking around corners and shooting at its bumper, but C4, mines, have also become very effective, if you factor in the optics can also easily be destroyed, tanks have become very weak overall. They went from holding their own and providing enough support to help their team hold a position, which a skilled tanker should be able to do, to be effortlessly bullied and forced off objective with their optics shot and RPG spammed. Perhaps better smoke grenades is needed, since the tank smoke grenades are an inferior version of infantry smoke grenades. I don't want tanks to be one man armies and just going around and looking for easy kills, this would take away from the skill/strategy based gameplay. However, in their current state I can say they are far worse, something in between would give a better experience. Suggestions: When capping and enemy objective, it takes much longer than capping a neutral objective, I remember in Battlefield games, you would have to neutralize the objective before making it your own, it would effectively take twice as long to capture an enemy point. I think this is a huge problem right now, because a solid team would be advancing after capturing 2 objectives, but immediately the enemies would be directly behind them, such as A1 on Warsaw, as well as flank spawns which are imbalanced on most maps. It forces the teams to constantly run back and forth, sometimes I don't know if I should defend or continue advancing, since I don't know what the other squads are doing, it causes alot of confusion and "strategy" simply doesn't work as either decision ends with being finessed by the enemy team, you lose your objectives while advancing to take their objectives, it's just a circle of chaos. I think it would help if as squad leader, I knew what the other squads were doing, so I can plan my next attack/defensive. Airstrikes/Artillery, very annoying, perhaps airstrikes can become an overall squad command, executed by the leader, it would cost a sum of the overall squads score and it would be very effective and strategic, whereas right now all we have is spam. Is the enemy team already capturing your last captured point? Good, then spam artillery until we have the time to go and defend the point... It's not a fun gameplay feature, it is just tedious and annoying. Having it be squad based and much more expensive, would make it less and more strategically, not spammed continually. Guns/Recoil: I know the current recoil system was done to force burst firing, but in honestly I never had a problem not burst firing, people were already bursting past 50-60 meters, which is realistic enough. Instead weapons feel very inconsistent, and you will sometimes find a sweetspot, like right now the G36 has become top tier, accuracy, recoil and rate of fire, making it miles ahead of most other ARs. The recoil system we have before was much more favorable, as most people I have talked to have agreed. Armor: The change in the armor system didn't do anything fruitful, it has become very hard to equip the heaviest steel armor, you can maybe run an smg if you try to equip it, while nothing else works. I think armor should belong to class, AR-Medic class should have light armor, AR-Ammo should have the option to get medium armor, Snipers and LMGs should be able to equip the heaviest armor, to prohibit this aggressive sniper bs, and have them focusing medium-longe range instead of 1 shotting you in hip fire like you see in TDM, and LMG's should be encouraged to prone more and I know the true LMG players to prone, but it should be more fluid in being a wide open target with heavy armor, tanking damage and laying down 100s of rounds either attacking or defensive objectives, this should also help mounting the bipod on any flat surface. These are all things that should really be no brainers in smoothing out the gameplay. Maybe there should be classes, I know devs don't want that from the launch, but perhaps we need it, classic BF types of classes, so each squad gets one or is encouraged to get one, instead of 5 dudes with med kit and AR, or 5 dudes with ammo pack and PKM. Also the guys that equip Sniper and AR should have some type of penalty besides speed, perhaps they are slow and have the lightest armor at the cost of being able to engage at all ranges. Perhaps no more than 2 of the same types of specialization in a squad, so if 2 already have med kit, the others have to choose something else. Also, the armor plate should cover the entire torso, no more gut shots please. Either use armor piercing for the chest, or aim for the head. Tank Squad: I was also considering a specialized tank-expert squad, which will be automatically assigned at the start when the first player gets one of the stock tanks, his team will be assigned with following the tank driver, giving it backup, fending off RPG spammers and helping it capture/defend points. This would be easier to do when the player cap is increased to 40, you will have 3 regular squads and one specialized tank squad, and the tank squad should have an increased ability to repair the tank and resupply it some ammo. I normally have trouble when I am a tank and my team has capped all the objective on the outside and I am also squad leader, I cannot reach the objectives inside structures, so instead I would be happier if my squad followed me outside the structures and helped to look out for enemy team attacking outside objectives. Alternatively, if a team is losing badly with over 1000 points behind, perhaps they can be given tanks in flank spawn, to try and win back some objectives. Anyways, I hope some of these things are considered or devs have much better ideas that they have planned all along. I know the focus is on upgrading engine, reworking animations, and preparing for free-weekends, these things must be fixed to bring this game into a positive light. It is already a good game, but I don't play it seriously, and you can't, half the time it feels like something is wrong or not working as intended.
  7. Inspired by the above thread I have read, where the beginning of the match is far too predictable for the end in many cases, I propose a balancing measure. I propose that in Warzone matches, the winning team needs an additional soldier in order to capture objectives - for instance, if one team is winning and is attacking an objective, at least two soldiers from that team are needed to claim that objective - objectives cannot be claimed when only one soldier from the winning team is present, even if no opponent from the losing team is present at an objective. The losing team only needs at least one soldier to claim it back. In the case that the winning team outnumbers the losing team by a significant amount, more soldiers from the winning team are needed to defend an objective. For instance, if the winning team has 16 soldiers, but the losing team has around 10 or 11 soldiers, 3 members of the winning team are needed to (re)capture an objective at the same rate that one soldier from the losing team can. To further illustrate examples, in the unlikely scenario that the winning team has 16 soldiers, but the losing team has around 4 or 5 soldiers, 4 members of the winning team are needed to do the same. I'm not sure how well this will balance the game, or if it will even serve the intended purpose. This would still make organized players who are part of a clan or whatever fight effectively. At the same time though, it would encourage more individualistic players who are on the winning team to work harder with their team and/or squad to ensure their objectives are defended. I admit I have thought of this based on my rather recent experiences of playing Warzone matches, where I have trouble staying alive when either playing the objective or simply just coming across enemies (more of this on another thread - I don't blame all of this on TTK tweaks from recent patches). I also admit I prefer to play in a more individualistic manner, too. If I am on the winning team, in many of my experiences, it's either because it's as a result of good team work from the squad leader, or as a result of enough players being able to capture and defend enough objectives closer to the start of the game. I wonder what the World War 3 community thinks of this.
  8. A feature change I would like to take place is that instead of having to use the middle mouse button to toggle between the primary and secondary sight, I would like players to be able to use the right mouse button to aim with the primary sight and the middle mouse button to aim with the secondary sight. This feature will be similar to PUBG, where players can choose between fine aim and using the weapon sights with different key bindings or holding down and toggling with one button. So far, from what I've seen, there will only be up to two sights that can be equipped on most weapons, so I don't see much of a point to need to toggle between sights unlike with fire modes (three different modes on assault rifles) and side attachments (four different combinations, I believe, with lasers and flashlights). I would like this feature to be implemented as soon as it is possible for the developers to do so, because I don't find it enjoyable to have to rely on the UI all the time to know my current combat configuration.
  9. First of all I want to point out that i am very happy with the 0.6. update which brought so many old and new players back into the game. Hence i really want to help make this game great. There are big issues with spawning in this game. Especially when you want to deploy on a Squadleader/Member. Instant kills are premanently present. A solution to this would be to disallow people to deploy on a Leader/Member whenever they are supressed or in combat. This system is very similar to Battlefield 4's mechanic where you are not able to deploy on a Squadleader/Member in Combat. I think this would improve the gameplay by a lot! Thank you for your attention. Have a nice day?
  10. First time posting one of my videos here, but I just thought I'd share this one I made out of an awesome match on Berlin warzone with a couple fellow streamers. With just a little bit of teamwork, we were able to capture, hold, and just generally dominate the points for a decisive victory. Let me know what you think!
  11. Hi, Am I the only one who sees that there are generally no roles in the game? I mean, apart from a pusher/defender/sniper for the infantry and just tank for the vehicles, it seems that anything else is just role-playing? Like make believe! What do I mean? For example, how many times has anyone seen IFV's / APC's transporting troops from A to B? I haven't at all in my 160 hours. What I mostly see is people using the armoured vehicles as power armor, storming the lines and causing havoc. It's all good until you realize that APC < IFV < MBT. There is literally no point in playing anything but the MBT due to the more powerful gun and armor. Oh but it costs less to run with the 8-wheeler... yeah... Could we expect more defined roles for each vehicle? I mean, it is in the description of each class but in reality the only difference is how much they cost and how powerful they are in game. (Usually, the 8-thy is more hard to use and the MBT is the easiest - is this intentional?) Will we ever see 8-Wheelers driving on water just like in BF2? You do realize that game from 2005 had more defined roles than this current gen UE4 Super High HD 4K Texture "1 million" triangles per item game? And it runs better than this lel. Enough ranting. I'd suggest that vehicles are looked into with the thought of differentiating them and putting them in the proper roles. I'm not sure how to do it but giving free exp / BP wouldn't do it. Must be a mechanic of some sort. Maybe allow spawning on the IFV's only? Infantry - It's a mess. I've tested to play like a MG gunner, i.e. take good positions, lied down with a bi-pod and mow down enemies. However, this does not work at all as I've seen plenty people just taking the damage like iron man and continue on their journey or look at me and are like: "What are you doing there, Willis?" and get killed with their sight only (which was supposed to be fixed but maybe this is laggy servers?). I mean 40 dmg is not enough?? I'm like hitting them 6 or so times and he keeps on living. Ugh... I don't know. If this was PR or DOI, that guy would have died 20 times. Everyone is pretty much running and gunning at this point and there is very little resemblance of people taking different things, in order to fulfill a gap in the squad, so that the entire unit can take on multiple obstacles and enemies. How come in Project Reality and Squad, they have nailed the role play & team play to a T? Can't it be implemented in this game as well? Or is it doomed to be just a BF clone in a UE4 engine?
  12. Killing and dying now is a lot faster. I am not sure how to approach it. On the one hand, it's more "realistic" but on the other hand, no weapon sway no, stamina, almost makes this game a too simple. Luckily recoil is strong so it kinda balances it. (Not enough in my opinion). Currently my whole experience is mindless run and gun... Spawn, sprint around, kill, sprint, die, respawn. Repeat and repeat. Once you learn how your weapon recoil behaves, it's super easy to play and gets "stale" after one full match. Only thing that I am having issue is PING. I am not seeing much challenge now, gun and run is fun I just can't play more than 1 hour at this moment per day, or I can go a full week without playing easily (still play for 1 hour and it's enough). Recently I have moved from ArmA3 onto Squad so when I want more slowly and heavily team oriented experience I play that game, so I don't expect or need WW3 to be Squad v2. Currently, WW3 is closer to CoDMW2 gameplay style. When v0.1 was released it had the super strong armor plates and it gave WW3 some, "flavour". With that gone and now fast TTK, I'm basically playing MW2 now. (meh). Could we perhaps in future see a bit less of this mindless sprinting around game design? It's too generic with market being oversaturated with these kind of titles. With game being in Beta 0.4, the game is far from being completed. So I just want to point now, that with v0.4 you have made overall a good improvements with your game, which is truly a job well done. Thank you for the server browser !
  13. I am a Battlefield veteran and so I realy enjoyed your game so far. The WW2 setting of BF V makes it easy to wish some BF3/Squad like gameplay. But one thing is destroying the inclusion over and over again. It is the ugly hit direction marker.... It is one of the reasons I refunded the game via steam. You have realy good HUD options, please make one to disable that marker. (or if the community agree with me, make also and option to show some blood on screen, where the direction of the dmg is coming [like in BF]. I hope to see, some dev answering this. I love the style of the game, please let me have the inclusion to enjoy it. I'd buy it instant again if you make that option avaibale Great work so far for your small team!
  14. I would like the option for players to be able to reposition, hide or resize UI elements in the game, or even develop custom HUDs, as in this mod. The number of times that I've died to the enemy whenever I unwittingly leave my select fire guns (SMGs and assault rifles) on semi-auto has been quite a lot, and it annoys me; it's left me consider using LMGs several times just because they have no select fire capabilites. I can compensate and have been successful with firing quickly with my mouse instead of changing my fire rate when I do find out that I've left my gun on semi-auto, but I'd rather this were no longer an issue for me.
  15. Jak wszyscy wiemy, obecnie, mecze w WW3 są przeraźliwie długie. Co innego jednak jeśli napięcie i walka nie ustaje do ostatnich sekund (miałem kilka meczy, gdy z przewagi przeciwnika 300 punktami, udało się wywalczyć comeback raptem kilkoma na plus), a co innego, jeśli jedna drużyna zamiata tą drugą w stopniu nie dającym żadnych nadziei. W tym wypadku gracze są zmuszeni na totalną dominację przez długie minuty. Aby zapobiec takiemu rozwojowi wypadku chciałbym zaproponować swoje rozwiązanie. Zwycięstwo przez dominację to system, który w wypadku zajęcia wszystkich punktów na mapie, uruchamiałby licznik czasu do końca meczu. W takim przypadku drużyna przegrywająca miałaby ograniczony czas, powiedzmy 5 minut, do zajęcia jakiejkolwiek pary celów (zajęcie jednego mija się z celem jako, że punkty zostają liczone dopiero za parę). Gdy tej się nie powiedzie, a czas dobiegnie końca, mecz zostaje automatycznie zakończony zwycięstwem strony dominującej. Takie rozwiązanie wyłączyłoby z gry problem długich i beznadziejnych meczów, oraz niekończącego się zdominowania przez jedną drużynę, co nieraz jest bolączką serii Battlefield. Obecnie jak wiemy w WW3 jest system, który daje pewną szansę w przypadku dominacji (dodatkowe punkty odrodzeń), jednak uważam, że dla zupełnie zdominowanej drużyny jest to za mało, żeby odwrócić losy meczu lub najzwyczajniej zakończyć mecz. *edit literówki
  16. The 3 silencers differ in cost and weight. Is the heavier and more expensive silencer also better at silencing?
  17. I am really tired of the warzone matches feeling bare-bones and lacking the rewarding gameplay it had before the 0.2 update. The time limit is 30 minutes, but barely does the match ever, really last that long. With the target points at 4000 for each side, one side overpowers the other, due to no balancing, and they could reach around 2500-3000 in 15 minutes. Meaning that most matches barely last 25 minutes, let alone 30. I think the target points needs to increase to 5000, or however much is needed to play 30-minute games. If I wanted short and dumbed down gameplay, I would play TDM, not warzone.
  18. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: Spawning on the SL, sometimes causes muffled sounds, except groaning when you slide. More evidence (unfortunately groaning is not included) in the vid GAME BUILD ID: 3320538
  19. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: Thor SM ads is bugged right after the spawn and randomly throughout the game. Evidence in the video below GAME BUILD ID: 3320538
  20. Jako, że WW3 stawia na bardziej taktyczną rozgrywkę, pewnym zawodem jest, że jedynym sposobem na wskazanie przeciwnika, lub miejsca gdzie mamy się udać, są streaki za BP, markowanie na X i rozkazy. Przydałyby się dodatkowe sposoby wskazania czegokolwiek w czasie gry. Pomysłów mam kilka: Podział mapy na sektory, to bardzo prosta, ale skuteczna pomoc. Wprowadzenie ma mapie siatki z podpisanymi sektorami znacząco ułatwiłoby wskazywanie interesujących punktów, gdyż obecnie zupełnie nie ma takiej możliwości. To bardzo analogowe rozwiązanie napisać na czacie "Czołg B7!", ale jednak działa i nie wymaga zaporowych ilości kodu. System wskaźników jak w R6 Siege, BFV - Jeśli analogowe rozwiązanie nie pomaga, świetną opcją byłoby wprowadzenie systemu pingowania jak we wspomnianych tytułach. R6 Siege posiada system pingowania, który jest szalenie łatwy w obsłudze, lecz skuteczny. Chciałbym zaproponować rozwój tej idei i podzielić takie markery na kategorie "ogólnych" i "bojowych" żeby było wszem i wobec wiadomo, że "ten niebieski ping" na środku ulicy, to nie jest atrakcja turystyczna, a snajper. Jak zwykle, zapraszam do dyskusji
  21. So. I have played a fair amount of games by now and there is some things that i deliberately won`t address, as i think they will be changed anyway due to the game still being in progress. The first thing you`ll notice is that the matchups are highly unbalanced. I don`t mean this in a way that "all my team is bad and enemy team is pro". What i mean is, that there seems to be a little hype about the East. If you play West side you are generally outnumbered in most of the matches. I`ve had a matches where i played completely alone and matches, where i played 2 on my team vs. 7 enemies. When this first happened my expression was probably the same as yours: It`s just an odd exception. Unfortunately it is not. It happens regularly. This seems one of the major problems to me at the moment, but there is more then that. I really like the customization of the weapons. The lack of description is O.K. for now, i think that`ll be fixed pretty soon. It takes a while to figure out how the different parts make your weapon more heavy or unstable, but you`ll eventually get there if you spend some time with it. The whole process is nicely designed and the overview is considerably good but not the best. The 3D view is quite buggy, i can`t rotate the preview up to see how it would be to look trough the sight, as it always rotates in a different direction at some point. I must say the lack of graphical pointers bugs me a bit. You have a Holo, a Red Dot, a basic Iron sight and this other thing. As far as i`ve seen that`s the only ones you can have. I would really appreciate like a medium range scope with a different crosshair design. Anyway all in all it`s pretty good and you can totally live with it. Back to the sights again. As a personal opinion i think the design of the scopes is extremely frustrating. They just seem to be in the way or obstructing your view. If you run around with you weapon in your hand you often can not see enemies when they are literally in front of you, because the huge sight blocks your vision on certain spots. Really you`d want to walk around looking trough your sight all the time, but even then you miss out what is happening on the edges of your screen, as you just can`t see it. They block you in a way that makes me feel a bit frustrated. I`ve tried the Iron sights and they seem to be a solution to missing out on stuff, but when you zoom in with them it is even worse then the normal scope sights, as you have this huge chunk of metal blocking the vision in a horizontal line across your screen. I never looked trough a real weapon, so i can not tell if this is realistic or not, but honestly you have 2 eyes so i can`t see (hehe) that this would obstruct your view if it was a real weapon. This is the biggest no-go for me at the moment. The maps are well designed, the flames actually burn your health down, which is pretty cool. Sometimes the little particles flying around look a bit like a person in the distance, it can be a little confusing, but nothing to major. However the character fails to crawl underneath wooden barriers, as they block you (no i`m not being ironic). You can shoot underneath the truck, but you can not shoot under the barrier where there is a huge hole big enough for 2 people to crawl. A lot of objects have a too large hitbox like the helicopter wrecks, which also blocks shots even when you are 2 meters away from it. In general i really like the open design, as it seems to be your enemy all the time. You can watch 1 maybe 2 doors at the same time, but you`ll always have another entry that you can`t see no matter where you are. You on a roof it has stairs front and back. You in a room it has 3 doors all over and so on. I`m quite a fan of this. I think that´s it for now (it was quite much tho).
  22. As a fan of the game and a frequent player I love what you all have built. The game is solid balanced still has its bugs but what game doesn’t. One thing I’d like to see is more combat frequency, if deploy time was lowered or we had the option to spawn on teammates it would make for a more frequent battle as well as for a more tactical approach to objectives.
  23. I have been getting xp and currency and levelling up after every game are they going to Reset us as its consistent with the XP you getting and the servers seen to be good. All im asking is it worth grind ranks or will it just get Reset
  24. Hi there I want to share my first World War 3 Game gameplay video before I change my old notebook Lenovo YT-70 ( . Somebody can say, WTF?, this is not playable at all, but I've managed to play 10 hours on it and I'm going to play more ? because I love this GAME! Despite all those ( early access ) bugs, framerate issues etc. World War 3 has great potential to be very professional war game shooter in the future. ??? Link to my very first youtube video have fun and cheers
  25. I would like to have an gameplay option where we can set, that the ADS FOV for Red Dot and Iron sights with no enlargement (Uniform Soldier Aiming), is the same like your Hipfire FOV value what you have in the video settings, that we can choose this in the settings on/off. I don't like this little zoom and FOV change if you go in ADS.
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