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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all! Am playing from Brasil, mainly on European servers. With lots of lag, but that is an Internet problem, not game problem, and I don't mind. Am having so much fun as I hadn't had in yeats! Congratulations for sn excellent game! Sometimes(local time difference) the number of players in Europe goes down(time to work/study ???) So I switch to NA servers, my local time is in between Europe and NA. Now we have Daylight Daving Time, we are GMT - 2, - 3 is the normal) I was using the G 36, SCAR and other things in Europe. When I switchef to NA servers, had to start from zero. Soldier development obtained in Europe didn't show in N America. Why so? Thanks in advance for attention and help. Gratz on a great game! (In game Spectre)
  2. ? Apart from the obvious issues which the current state of the game has like weapon balancing, audio needing an overhaul, animations etc. I noticed some simple but very annoying things which can be fixed fairly easily: - On the Moscow map when you spawn on the hill overlooking the buildings you get stuck underneath the ground and the crate at the same time. - On the Warsaw map when you are in one of the hotel lobbies and go prone by the lobby desk you fall under the floor and get stuck permanently. - When you shoot down a drone in the air it remains in the air burning instead of falling to the ground. - At the end of the round when you are shown the you win/lose screen it does not use English properly. It should be in the past tense YOU WON/LOST and not YOU WIN/LOST. Both events should be in the past tense and not a mixture of present tense and past tense. Small details like this can take away from a game.
  3. Just a list of the bugs I've experienced during my time playing. Disappearing Scorestreak. Sometimes when using certain scorestreaks they will disappear or cancel without notice, Especially UAVs and Stealth bomber runs. I don't know if this is intentional (Due to enemy jamming?) If it is intentional a notification would be helpful, especially when spending 2200 and still having to wait for cooldown. Ghost Hitmarkers. At random times during gameplay hitmarkers will show up for someone else's kill. I believe this only happens with squadmates when they hit/kill an enemy and might be related to Squad Leaders getting points for squadmates getting objective based kills. Ex: I'm running around the map and all of a sudden there is a succession of 3 hitmarkers in a row, as if I'm shooting at someone despite not even seeing anyone. Vault Clipping. If you vault over an obstacle and land on and face an incline your camera will clip through the map during the animation SL Spawn Falling. Sometimes during spawning on the Squad Leader you will fall through the map. Usually happens in close quarters when there isn't enough room to spawn someone in. Wrong Reload. (?) I've only encountered this once while using one of the sniper rifles and lasted till I died. When reloading the animation was replaced with the PKP Bullpup's reload animation. Ammo Counter Stuck. When dying with a magazine that is partially unloaded you may spawn with the previous ammo count on the display. This will fix itself once the count changes. Ex: If I die with 16 rounds left when I spawn in it will still show 16 rounds until I reload or fire. correcting the count. Fluctuating Ammo. When spawning in you will not spawn with the set amount of ammunition for your loadout. At first I thought it was because I was running AP rounds as backup, but there is no correlation when I tried with just FMJ. Ex: If I'm using the G29 (10/20 FMJ) sometimes I will spawn with 10/0, 10/10, 10/20. No Sight. You can glitch some weapons to use unavailable attachments or completely remove them including sights. The only issue I currently have with this is when you remove the sight (So no ironsights/optics) it will mess your FOV up when ADSing. Ex: Putting a x15 scope on the Vityaz using the appropriate handguard/rail combo and changing the handguard to one that includes a rail that doesn't accept a x15 optic will remove both the sight and the rail. See attached for an example of the aforementioned Vityaz example in ADS. (Notice how there is no rail over the dust cover, this is not an included option for customization as all weapons in the game use some form of equippable optics from the menu)
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