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Found 4 results

  1. Often when spawning in weapons will have a nonsensical amount of spare ammo, such as 178 spare for AK15. The amount of spare ammo can also change between spawns, to the point where I will be forced to use the ammo pack gadget as I don't spawn with enough ammo to go into a fight. This problem also affects the customisation aspect: many weapon showcase videos show sniper configs of assault rifles, which is a cool idea, but when implemented, the AR will have an unnecessarily large amount of ammo (100+) and your secondary CQC weapon (e.g. SIG) will only have enough for one spare mag. The obvious solution, in my opinion, is to allow players to choose how much spare ammo they carry in the deployment screen, in multiples of their chosen magazine size, with a weight addition for each extra mag. Players who choose to equip larger (50, 60 rds) magazines will have to decide if they want 60, 120 or 180 spare rounds. This will allow players to better-define their weapons, and is more convenient and predictable. In addition, I see this as useful for grenades, where sniper loadouts may use less grenades than heavy loadouts.
  2. My suggestion is to give player 2 slots for grenades. What's more I recommend to make selection of this grenades similar to AA:PG system, i.e. one grenade slot means 2 smokes or 2 flashes or 1 frag. So if you choose to go with smokes you are up to 4 smokes. I am not sure how it would work with ammo pack, so the game doesn't become alltime grenades but the smokes and flashes are so tactical and for me it would give a lot. What do you think?
  3. I would like to report a bug that I have not yet been able to resolve. Bug description: I am unable to change the loadouts in the Customization menu, as in the attached screenshot, or alternatively, via this link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1555603604. Game Build ID: 3271209 Steps to (re)produce: This has been the first time I have encountered this bug. Finish a game via Quick Play. Modify a loadout – name it “Scout” (including quotation marks), and have the weapons as PKP with M134 scope and open red dot sight (uinder No Distance) as a secondary. Equip the vertical grip and bipod and a long barrel, and the Pecheneg stock. Equip the SIG with a Holo sight, a short barrel and the last suppressor. Equip a concussion grenade and a Mini Drone. Set the streak rewards to Reaper, Jammer, JSOW and Hellfire. Join a game via Quick Join and finish said game. Access Customization > Equipment again. Please inform me of any more required system information or other information. I do not have crash logs since my game has not crashed when this has occurred.
  4. Not sure if this is in the game already but I haven't noticed the ability to cook nades. So I think the addition of cooking nades would be useful because there have been many times where I would throw a grenade and the enemy would just run away from it before it explodes. Also the ability to cook flashbangs would be useful for clearing out rooms as well.
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