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  1. Hi everyone! This is my first ever post on the forum. I wanted to share this suggestion from the moment I saw this gun. Anyway, without further ado let's get to it. [INTRODUCTION] HCAR (Heavy Counter Assault Rifle) is an updated, semi automatic modern version of the famous BAR chambered in .30-06. [GAMEPLAY STYLE] The gun would benefit in both precision and high damage. It would be a good choice for medium to long range encounters but it wouldn’t find itself usefull for CQB situations. It also wouldn't have much recoil and spread. When it comes to downsides I think that it should have a slow firerate and reload time and of course quite a bit of weight. [CUSTOMIZATION] The gun has lots of rails as you can see so it fits WW3 style perfectly MAGAZINES: -10, 15, 20, 30rd. HCAR box mags SIGHTS: -all primary and secondary sights optional LOWER: -only vertical grips and bipod available due to the fact that the underbarrel rail is so short BARRELS: -short 12’ -medium 16’ -long 20’ MUZZLE: -all muzzles optional SIDE: -all side mounts optional [BODYPARTS] It looks like the only changeable part of the gun is the stock but if you’re stubborn you could change the grip too and I think model designers could make some custom parts for the gun like they did with the g36. [CHARACHTERISTICS] WEIGHT: ~18-22 RECOIL: Similar to M417, mostly horizontal RATE OF FIRE: ~ 350-400rpm (keep in mind that it’s semi-auto only) SPREAD: 0,13 BULLETS TO KILL: HDPE: 3 / PTLN: 3 / CER: 4 / STL: 4 DAMAGE: 90m - 45 damage, after 90m drops to 34 damage minimum giving it a 3 shot kill potential CALIBER: .30-06 MUZZLE VELOCITY: 820m/s RELOAD TIME: -10rnd. ~ 1,5s - 2,4s -15rnd. ~ 2,5s - 3,0s -20rnd. ~ 3,1s- 4,5s -30rnd. ~ 5,0s - 6,0s Thanks for reading and don't forget to upvote!
  2. Now, I don't know if it's because of my terrible monitor and/or game settings, but I believe that at least for me, the weapon flashlights seem useless at night. It's annoying because I expect to be able to use them to illuminate dark places, but they only seem to do the job for me in day time. I believe this may be related to game engine mechanics, but I'm not entirely sure. Then again, it could be because some parts of night-time maps seem to be lit, but even in places of night time maps that have little to no light, my flashlight isn't as effective compared to the day time maps. I wonder if this is something you're able to fix.
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