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Found 4 results

  1. lately many people have issues with the hitreg and high ping, this guide might improve it and it will be different from player to another. after searching alot for fixs online, changing ethernet properties seems the most useful one. - it is revertable if the changes did not improve anything. - players with old and weak CPUs might get less fps and preformance. first, go to Network Connection, right click on The Ethernet - properties then Configure. Test 1: disable all of these:- - Flow Control - Interrupt Moderation - Large Send offload - Jumbo Frame play one game or more to see if there is any improvement or test with other games. Test 2: Disable all in Test 1 and these:- - all with (Checksum Offload) - Receive Side Scaling - leave this if you have weak CPU - Priority & VLAN play one game or more to see if there is any improvement or test with other games.
  2. DESCRIPTION OF BUG : Mobile spawn machine gun deals no damage, and hits don't register. GAME BUILD ID : 3829460 STEPS TO REPRODUCE : Enter mobile spawn, switch to 2nd spot, try to shoot enemies. This has happened both times i tried to use it, on 2 different servers. Also near the end of the video, the aim was locked for some reason. video (it's the same video posted on the #videos channel on discord : https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/453543773864198144/579418850228043777/ww3-mobile_spawn_bug.webm
  3. The following clips was all recorded on the same server 1 Round on the 28. January 2019, Server with 68ms Ping what you can see in the top left corner. On BF4 german server I have a ping of 12-13ms, so it isn't really enjoyable to play on a high ping server most time in WW3. I hope in the server browser who will come soon, that we can sort the ping, too. Also more servers for most regions and that we can finally see in the scoreboard the ping of all players in the match. The Netcode problem is, that you clearly hit enemies (blood spatter) but hits don't count or you don't get hitmarkers and that the Time to Death (TTD) feels still too fast (Dying from 1-2 shots, superbullets) It feels that you need 10+ hits to kill an enemy sometimes. Please remove this flinching if you get hit by enemy bullets, it's annoying for good players who can react fast after a hit and could kill him, but the random flinching disturb the aim and recoil control. My Hitmarker infos: White: normal hits Red: armor hits Purple: head armor hits Green: kill hits Another thing is, what I also tested with players on a server, that the Semtex Grenade doesn't stick on enemies and it goes through their bodies.
  4. DESCRIPTION OF BUG : Shots sometimes don't connect even with blood splat GAME BUILD ID : Always has been like this This is a really heavy problem, even with a good connexion, a good ping, i get caught by this hitreg problem. I can't tell if it's a server problem Or a problem of the other client, but this kind of situations turn me down and makes me mad. This is happening since the beginning, i feel like it was better before 0.3, but now, it's out of control. How does it impact my gameplay and behavior ? I don't use slow rate of fire guns, they're less likely to hit in this kind of situation. I'd like to see this issues fixed for the future of the game, and i feel like it's a heavy problem. (Last update was good overwhal , keep going bois )
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