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Found 10 results

  1. Okay now that i have your attention... listen kid i cracked the code i finally understand the purpose of ww3 and why it takes them so long to update the game and i know some of you migh say "ItS EArLy AcCeSs" but N A H its real purpose its to overthrown the polish government then they will initiate phase 2 and with the help of MY.GAMES they will reestablish the USSR with poland playing vital role after this the whole thing is gonna snowball and after 5 months germany will fall and shortly after europe then it will be africa. All the country flags will be burned and only the WW3 flag will remain to wave above the broken land. Thank you for coming to my TedTalk
  2. Hello, I have encountered game crash several times. I know that I am not the only one that this have happened to. This is obvisously very annoying. (You loose the game rewards that you would have earned etc. ) So my suggestion is to integrate a "Rejoin the match" button at startup after the crash/loss of connection has occured. Your spot will be reservered some amount of time to make you able to connect again. If you don't connect, you loose your spot. Simple. I can't tell how easy it would be to do someting like this, but it would be a great thing! Thx
  3. I love this game alot so much, Ive been playing it excursively for 2 weeks now. Ive played the PTE and I'm loving PTE still waiting for the PTE Client to drop. But there is something i would like to see added it not something that the game needs but something maybe to keep in mind. Now this game is very instense and offers very good combat. Since there are no revives in this game could we maybe get to see some gore. What do i mean? mean when we or a teammate takes a shot from a sniper to the head, the helmet will fly off yes but also a piece of the players head too? For another when we get killed by an explosive, tank and artillery that the limbs would come off. I know the game is far from finished and theres other things that need to be fixed and finished first. But a heavier gore system would really bring a more hardcore aspect to it. Would anyone else like to see limbs come off when getting blown up or shot my artillery or is it just me?
  4. That would be nice since it doesn't work for me in last 3 instances and I would love to play normal version from time to time :). Each time I want to switch back I have to download 4,6 GB which takes around 30 minutes.
  5. Being steam rolled and lock in spawn is no fun for anyone, so I have a idea. Can we place get a INCREASING battlepoint boost base on how much of a ticket disparity their is between the teams. So if red team is behind by say 500 ticket, they receaive a 250% boost to battlepoints, to break the steamroll, As the team start to get closer to parity in terms of tickets remaing the boost will decrease, and once they are within 30 BP the boost would disappear completely.
  6. Can the squad leader please have their squad members health displayed, or some other information to relay the health of the squad to the squad leader?
  7. Can we please have the ability to manually select what device is used for output audio? I like my system to use my monitors speakers, but for games i prefer to use my 7.1 surround speakers, and windows 10 does NOT see the game as a app that it can manully due this on the OS side, so can we please add this functionality to the game?
  8. Can we please implement it where a player can initiate a resupply or heal from another player by going up to a player with the properly equipped gadget and pressing the action key? I know one of the battlefields had this to help with uninformed/non team players who never dropped ammo or health, this way we could bypass that part entirely. Maybe make it a weaker form of heal/resupply and give it a cool down of 30-60 seconds instead of having it use the players limited gadget usages, that way the gadget are still the preferred method of resupply?
  9. In WW3, there are a plethora of attachments available on every firearm. This creates a problem, in which the controls for these attachments become jumbled. This manifests in either multiple attachments mapped to the same key, or with the player having to press a multitude of keys to set up their weapon before they turn a corner. Let me provide 2 examples. 1. Laser and Flashlight are mapped to the same key, making utilizing just 1 while having the option for the other impossible 2. A player uses a long range scope on the G38 with a canted red dot and a laser. They use the long range scope with the laser disabled and the gun on semi, and then switch to the canted red dot with the laser enabled and the gun on full auto. They must complete 3 to 4 keystrokes to toggle between these two use cases, or go out of their way to encode macros. If the game allowed us to map which keys activate/toggle which individual attachment, it would solve both issues and allow for more player freedom. P.S. Under-Barrel grenade launchers and shotguns!
  10. Would Like to see a Asian alliance form eventually. Like china, N. Korea, Vietnam etc.. This would open up far more maps and factions and allow another option for play and more battling going on in meta. This would be a perfect addition to equipment as well bringing in more equipment from above as well as NATO like America, japan, S. Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and maybe India. This would swell up the meta, add more map variations, open up another faction for play, and double the equipment even after they add the rest of NATO and Russian equipment. It would force the communities in each faction to make more tactical decision and fight harder. Would be baller to be fighting on the coast of china while calling in naval bombardment and seeing ships fighting in the background. Imagine the DMZ s of Korea, Pyongyang, Tokyo, Shanghai? again didn't see another post about this which is odd but if someone can link it to me would love posting more in there to get the dev team to see! Would love to hear more thoughts on this and ideas.
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