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Found 6 results

  1. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: Ever since the new update on June 19th, all the matches I have been playing have been crashing, and I have also been rubber banding and over all had worse lag. I play NA on servers with only 50 ping, and before the update the game ran fine. GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 3940880 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): Play the Game SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): GTX 1060, I5 6600k, 16 gb of ddr4 ram CRASH LOG (if any): It Crashes all the time.
  2. I found the problem with stuttering and rubber banding effects. In WW3 you have 4 moving ways: Normal Walk, Fast/Acceleration Walk (causes Stuttering & Rubber Banding), Sprint and Crouch Sprint. The Fast/Acceleration Walk causes the issues with stuttering and rubber banding, so here is the video that explains it.
  3. Hey I played the 0.3 build had lot of spike lags but after setting textures to the lowest game was let say "playable" still some spike lags from time to time plus crashes so i decided to wait for the next update Today i lunched the game found match and what i got was basically slide show just 3-4 sec spike lags/1-2 second of "gameplay" till crash (FPS was stable 60 on some mix of mid/high settings with lowest textures when the game was actually "working") I checked MSI Afterburner CPU/GPU usage was decent (besides spike lags) but the VRAM was fully loaded My question... Is there anything i can do to fix this issue (some config ini's etc) or this game is unplayable for now on GPUs with only 3GB of VRAM ? BTW I keep the OS clean no unnecessary background services power saving features or anything that could have negative performance impact WW3 is the only game i have this problem with Specs CPU FX8350 GPU R9 280X (3GB 1150MHZ) DRAM 8 GB (4x2) 1866MHz WIN7 X64 PS.If this is not the software issue maybe change the system req for GPU to at least 4GB models or higher if the 3GB is just "good start" for current build
  4. I really love the idea of this game. When I happened to join the last round of public testing, I thought it was amazing, and clicked buy as soon as early access hit. Through the first week, though, a huge chunk of the playerbase left, due to the loading screen error (yes, it was fixed, but there are many players who have not come back). Even watching all this I decided to stick it out. After all, it was a fairly ambitious project, and you guys deserved some time. However, ever since the launch of 0.2, there's such a small amount of people playing at peak time in the AS/OC region that often my matches run with over 500ms latency due to having to connect to a server too far away. I still love the game, and the fixes the devs have made are really good, but it's now gotten to the point where I've dropped $28US on a game I can't even play. And unless TF51 actually tries to get some streamers on board, or trying to promote this game in the Asia region, it's going to continue to be a failure. TL;DR: Love this game, but latency now so bad I can't play
  5. First of all, I'm not here to whine about WW3 as I've enjoyed the game so much. I haven't complained about the quality of this game. Not even the FPS, however today I played the possible worst 2 matches so far. In the first one and the second one, I had horrible FPS and PING out of nowhere, I haven't had them since the beginning of the game. Secondly the next matched I played I encounter a hacker. He was shooting a sniper rifle and RPG thru a wall in the game, (no idea if he was inside the wall or could see from the other side) he killed 25+ in the first 7-8 min of the match. I end up leaving the game for now. Also in the second video look at the game chat. as well in the second video you can appreciate some lagging when running, and believe me, it was the same way as it looks in the video I Would suggest the classic report function to report hackers like this. I honestly hate them, usually break the game for everyone. I'm not a hardcore gamer or something. I'm loving WW3 and not planning on getting BFV as I see the potential this game has. I hope it gets better over time and I know its hard to fix these issues as a game developer. Sincerely, I fan of WW3 (the game not a real war) Ww3 2018.11.01 - Ww3 2018.11.01 -
  6. Hey guys! I was wondering why this game isn't yet registered on Nvidia. I open GeForce experience to try and get some optimization but the game isn't listed. I was wondering why on earth Jurassic Park sim gets support from Nvidia with day 1 updates but not you? I ask this because I am currently only getting 40% usage with my 1070 meaning I only get around 35fps
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