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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, when I launch the game and get into the main menu, I defaultly see tactical satellite map (black and red map) and have normal FPS, around 60. But every time I finish the match and get back into main menu, I get 1-3 FPS until I choose the second satellite mode, the Google Earth like mode, I have again normal FPS. HW & SW: Windows 10 Home Intel Core i5-4690K AMD (GIGABYTE) Radeon R9 280X 3 GB 16GB RAM (4x4GB) 1333hz WW3 is installed on 500GB SSD
  2. While in the menus, the game utilizes close to 100% of my GPU and I get between 100-145 FPS. While in game, it only utilizes between 19% to 35% of my GPU, causing frames that drop down to the low 20's a lot of the time. Also in game, only about 33% of my CPU is being used. I have 16GB of Ram. I have an FX-8350 CPU (which I know could use an upgrade), and A GTX 1070 with 8GB VRam. Although my CPU is older, the game is using only 33% of it during gameplay, so I don't believe it is a bottleneck. Others with newer I5 and I7 processors and GTX 1070's have told me they suffer from low CPU and GPU usage in game, resulting in them experiencing low framerates as well. My question is if this low usage is do to optimization right now, and if so, when can we expect optimization in the future? Also, is there a way to force the game to utilize more CPU and GPU usage during gameplay. I have a YouTube channel and would really like to help promote World War 3, but right now it is too unplayable for me to do so.
  3. I made a post in the forum discounting my anger by not being able to enter the game until now (I do not know how to delete the post, moderators if you want to give a hand) after days getting tired of university and weeks of hype with the game. All the friends who bought the game to play with me already asked for a refund and I that every update started the game and waited 20-30 minutes to enter, I can not ask for a refund as well (and I do not want any more refund, I will follow the game until I am able to play). I understand that programmers are not guilty and that they do their best to bring the game, no one enters into this industry just for the money (EA/ACTIVISION only). I blame all this to who managed the strategy and release dates of the game, the game is not optimized this is a fact. I played several games in early access like rust (I've played since its release on Steam until today) and ark (it was not optimized but only in fps, I could get into the game at least) and I know that Early acess games are a bet, but I also know that they should be playable to your audience, I have no problem with the servers, my problem is that it will crash and it will crash my computer as well no other game has done until today, 100% disk, 100% cpu, 100% gpu. My concern and anger is in the fear of having bought a game that by the bad launch miss the players, all the youtubers that I accompany in my country stopped making videos of the game, all the reviews in my language are negative and they advise not to buy the game . The launch of the game was spectacular but a game with 1 week of life that already shows falls in the amount of players is extremely worrying. The game must keep up with an increasing amount so that the developers have money to continue updating the game. so excuse my soldiers for my childish behavior, a difficult day does not justify, but I still have the same problems that will not be solved so soon since the next patch will only come after the repair of the servers. I still can't speak English, so I'm sorry for grammatical errors ^ _ ^ p.s I STILL HATE THAT LOADING SCREEN, THAT INFINITE LOADING SCREEN!!!!
  4. Hey everyone, I am not sure if my rig is high end or medium end or something like that, I don't get decent fps, I know its EA game and this is expected but some people getting decent FPS and when I compare my stuff to their stuff I just become more suspicious. Beside loading screens it is allways low. My Rig GPU : GTX 1080 CPU : AMD Ryzen 1800x Memory : 32GB 3000mhz I do have latest drivers etc. My in-game settings Texture and view distance High and rest of it at medium or low, no v-sync. Any ideas?
  5. Hey guys! I was wondering why this game isn't yet registered on Nvidia. I open GeForce experience to try and get some optimization but the game isn't listed. I was wondering why on earth Jurassic Park sim gets support from Nvidia with day 1 updates but not you? I ask this because I am currently only getting 40% usage with my 1070 meaning I only get around 35fps
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