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  1. Hi! Please consider adding Singapore in the Asian Theatre of War update. It’ll be AMAZING. Reasons why: -Size: 729km square. Very small. Can be used as whole in Tactical Royale or open world modes. -Places Marina Bay: Jewel@Changi (opened in 2019) Changi Airport (4 terminals, #1 rank in Skytrax for years in a row, almost a decade now) Marvellous places to look up to. -Weapons: Sar-21 (600rpm, Low recoil, AR, 1.5x built in scope and laser) Ultimax 100 mk8 (600rpm, LMG, NO recoil, mainly black, 100 rounds drum mag or STANAG mag 30 rounds) *The guy is shooting a mark II variant with one hand with much accuracy. CPW PDW (1100rpm, SMG, concept weapon currently) BR-18 (900rpm, 30 rounds) Please accept my request for Singapore to be featured. Thanks.
  2. [Feature]: Howdy everyone, my suggestion is simple. There are currently 5 maps and 3 game modes. If there were only one server running each map+game mode combo there would be 15 servers. Roughly allowing 400 players to be concurrently playing with full servers and lobbies. However some players don't like certain maps/ game modes, so i thought that sometime in the not too distant future a poll via Twitter or a Steam Link (in news update), could gather data on which specific map+game mode combo is the favorite then make 2-3 servers running that specific combo. I know 400 players doesn't sound like a lot, but unfortunately at the present point in time the player base never has more than 6 full lobbies out of the 30+ that pop up on server browser(less than 150). A quick sidenote: there are WAYYYY too many breakthrough servers, its a fun gamemode however there are way too many that are ALWAYS empty. Then there are certain "combos" that rarely show up, for example Warsaw+TDM (my personal favorite). My logic and reasoning behind this is that returning/new players coming to truly beta test the game and have a really fun experience will have the circumstance of sitting in an empty lobby for 10-20 minutes or playing in a 1/4 full warzone lobby be limited. As time goes on more duplicates of map+game mode combos could be added as recorded data shows which "combo" servers are always full/ near full. This will also make it appear as though there are more players on because more of the total available servers will be full. I feel that this would be a way to stabilize the servers a little bit too because there wouldn't be 30+ empty servers. Simply put; like 20, MAX, servers always running the same map+game mode combo allowing for consistency in the gameplay and playerbase revival. I really love this game and I can see the enormous potential. I just wish that there was more than 1-3 servers to actually play on (not empty all the time) XD. Cheers to the Dev team for keeping at the dream!
  3. Hey guys, I thought I could go through some different map suggestions based on the knowledge that there should be nine maps at launch. Part A - types of maps (what game play styles) The upcoming Tokyo map has been said to feature more verticality, which will improve CQC gameplay and probably have a greater focus on infantry. There should be at least two of these styles of maps. There should be some large scale maps that focus on the use of combined arms. While not making infantry players useless, there should be some maps that feature more vehicle game play and allow players to really stretch their legs when it comes to long distance combat with BRs and SRs. There should be at least one more natural map that features heavy cover without an infantry focus, like a jungle map Part B - map locations There should definitely be an African map. Africa features a wide variety of terrain and there are many militia groups active in the continent, as well as nations that are becoming regional powers and hosting military bases from foreign nations. Map in the Americas. There are many iconic locations to pick from, and it could potentially be a good pick for a city map Map in pacific region. Aside from the upcoming Tokyo map, there are many militarised islands and both the U.S. and China are rehearsing takeovers across the pacific. The pacific islands also feature unique terrain.
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