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  1. Hi! Please consider adding Singapore in the Asian Theatre of War update. It’ll be AMAZING. Reasons why: -Size: 729km square. Very small. Can be used as whole in Tactical Royale or open world modes. -Places Marina Bay: Jewel@Changi (opened in 2019) Changi Airport (4 terminals, #1 rank in Skytrax for years in a row, almost a decade now) Marvellous places to look up to. -Weapons: Sar-21 (600rpm, Low recoil, AR, 1.5x built in scope and laser) Ultimax 100 mk8 (600rpm, LMG, NO recoil, mainly black, 100 rounds drum mag or STANAG mag 30 rounds) *The guy is shooting a mark II variant with one hand with much accuracy. CPW PDW (1100rpm, SMG, concept weapon currently) BR-18 (900rpm, 30 rounds) Please accept my request for Singapore to be featured. Thanks.
  2. [Feature]: Howdy everyone, my suggestion is simple. There are currently 5 maps and 3 game modes. If there were only one server running each map+game mode combo there would be 15 servers. Roughly allowing 400 players to be concurrently playing with full servers and lobbies. However some players don't like certain maps/ game modes, so i thought that sometime in the not too distant future a poll via Twitter or a Steam Link (in news update), could gather data on which specific map+game mode combo is the favorite then make 2-3 servers running that specific combo. I know 400 players doesn't sound like a lot, but unfortunately at the present point in time the player base never has more than 6 full lobbies out of the 30+ that pop up on server browser(less than 150). A quick sidenote: there are WAYYYY too many breakthrough servers, its a fun gamemode however there are way too many that are ALWAYS empty. Then there are certain "combos" that rarely show up, for example Warsaw+TDM (my personal favorite). My logic and reasoning behind this is that returning/new players coming to truly beta test the game and have a really fun experience will have the circumstance of sitting in an empty lobby for 10-20 minutes or playing in a 1/4 full warzone lobby be limited. As time goes on more duplicates of map+game mode combos could be added as recorded data shows which "combo" servers are always full/ near full. This will also make it appear as though there are more players on because more of the total available servers will be full. I feel that this would be a way to stabilize the servers a little bit too because there wouldn't be 30+ empty servers. Simply put; like 20, MAX, servers always running the same map+game mode combo allowing for consistency in the gameplay and playerbase revival. I really love this game and I can see the enormous potential. I just wish that there was more than 1-3 servers to actually play on (not empty all the time) XD. Cheers to the Dev team for keeping at the dream!
  3. Hey guys, I thought I could go through some different map suggestions based on the knowledge that there should be nine maps at launch. Part A - types of maps (what game play styles) The upcoming Tokyo map has been said to feature more verticality, which will improve CQC gameplay and probably have a greater focus on infantry. There should be at least two of these styles of maps. There should be some large scale maps that focus on the use of combined arms. While not making infantry players useless, there should be some maps that feature more vehicle game play and allow players to really stretch their legs when it comes to long distance combat with BRs and SRs. There should be at least one more natural map that features heavy cover without an infantry focus, like a jungle map Part B - map locations There should definitely be an African map. Africa features a wide variety of terrain and there are many militia groups active in the continent, as well as nations that are becoming regional powers and hosting military bases from foreign nations. Map in the Americas. There are many iconic locations to pick from, and it could potentially be a good pick for a city map Map in pacific region. Aside from the upcoming Tokyo map, there are many militarised islands and both the U.S. and China are rehearsing takeovers across the pacific. The pacific islands also feature unique terrain.
  4. Are there any plans for mod support at the release of the game? Some categories would be cool to see people go to work at like: Maps Weapons Attachments Voicelines (Reload) animations Since we're getting 9 maps at the release of the game I would love to see other peoples visions on the WW3 world and recreate other real world locations like Amsterdam (I want something Dutch in the game), Paris or even Tokyo. As for weapons it's pretty obvious, the more guns the merrier. Same for attachments. Of course these things will only work on specialized servers. As for voicelines, those could just replace only your local lines, enemies still hear the replaced voiceline. Animations might be connected to actual first person view, meaning what you see is exactly what is happening on your body and in turn be impossible.
  5. Are there any desert style maps planned? Right now we have mostly european maps. It would be very nice to see some hotter areas ingame and I'm definitely not saying this in order to scratch my Strike at Karkand itch ? Fun aside, it would be really to cool to have more visual variation and the world war scenario gives plenty of opportunities to do this.
  6. I have heard rumors that there is going to be a single map available to the free-weekend participants, and it is mostly likely going to be Polyarny. I think this should be reconsidered if true, although the map is overall nice, it has problems with flank spawns, and bad performance compared to the older maps. However, I think the community could give a better idea of which maps we can use to market to game to new people.
  7. Hi Dev's just want to bring to your attention there's like 12 Asian servers which have all the maps and just 3 servers for Aussies / New Zealand which play the same two maps Dev's we really need Map Rotation to keep the dream alive! Hitting Continue; Map goes for 2 maps then rotates to new map or Dev's just rotate after each round Or ! Vote map after each map Ping for the Asians servers is > 250 for Aussies worse for New Zealand players, while Aussie based servers are < 60 https://steamcommunity.com/app/674020/discussions/0/2530372519570467146/
  8. First thing I wanted to say is that I love this new map, it is so much better, and thanks to the developers for the work they've put in. I've considered putting Polyarny in this same post, but I think it's best if we keep them separate because it might get busy here. Main things I like: - the map feels different to the urban maps in that it forces different combat styles - The buildings are awesome, I can't wait for this to hit live and to be stealthing through radar buildings trying to resist the urge to put my torch on - The bunker is probably my favourite part of any map in this game, this should be a TDM map because that would be awesome. Fighting in the bunker will just be the best. Things that need improvement: - There should be a more metallic noise when running up the stairs for the guard towers, maybe this seemed quite minor for the developers but I noticed it straight away - In C2 control point, some parts allow you to capture while standing inside a building, which is really cheese (picture 1) - Also at C2, when on the roof of one of the buildings the player can fall through an area that looks like it's covered (I get the impression there's a part that you should be able to drop down, but the actual mesh for this is the wrong size and a bit of a surprise) (picture 2) Can't wait to see this on the free weekend, 64 players running around will be absolute mayhem in a fun way
  9. Hi WW3 Devs; I have a suggestion I would like to make, the idea comes from how the Battlefield Franchise used to work (BF3, BF4, etc..) In Battlefield, you had the option to set up pre-defined map lists on a server so that when players are joining a server they don't have to leave & find a new server after the round ends. They also don't need to spend time in-game to micromanage / add new friends just to continue playing with people they liked. If the servers had a map list configured which rotates after each round, it would mean that players could remain on a server which they joined, and continue playing with people falling off and joining as it goes along. Currently, this is all random if you don't play with people on your friends list, there is definitely room for improvement here. Something else which could also compliment the above is if there was an option in-game to vote which map should follow next. This is something which has proven very successful in the Battlefield franchise making the games enjoyable and consistent.
  10. i was looking for a good scope. so i bought the most expensive on because i assumed it must be really good. but apparently it was thermal vision. yay i guess? the info.. well, the lack of info is a issue for me. i want to know what items are before i buy it. time enough to add it, we'll see anyway. that's topic 2. why have thermal vision that's black AF on the edges and you can't see split if all the maps are in broad daylight? same for the flashlights. i never had an enemy hide in the dark. but does any of ya guys know of this is something that is talked about by the devs? is this gonna be a thing? and will these be "real"nights. like with the i can't see anything and stuff?
  11. This is a list of suggestions I have previously made for the Discord. I am digging them up, because the Discord is frankly getting filled. I will introduce ideas with dashes, separating them. I will respond to this list in addition, just to keep from making new lists, I just have a lot of ideas for the game. - EQUIPMENT: IR and non-IR country/unit patches, glow sticks and flashlights(IR) for when the NVG's get into the game. This will allow players to recognize their own members in dark environments, making teamwork in them much easier. - HALO jump(Not Halo) opening to a battle from one side. (Aerial Insertion) Simple cool factor to start a game on a certain map(s). - MAP: Battle for Åland Islands (As a pretty centric location in Europe, it could also be used as an introduction to Northern European maps) - MAP: Oil rig and/or a large ship map(s), for those who enjoy tight spaced maps - GAME MECHANIC: A possible CQB mechanic to "attach" yourself to another player, so you can push them forward. Commonly used in tight spaces for fast and simultaneous movements, usually in going through doors and when two or three players come to a corner, the front also acts as a shield for the next. One player holds/leans onto another one tightly, and pushes and pulls the one in the front. Either player can crouch easily, and the ones behind can shoot from above the other one's head or from the side. Example of an entrance using this mechanic (Numbers are in wrong order): - EQUIPMENT/GAME MECHANIC: Extendable ladders to go through windows, over walls and entrances in the roof. - EQUIPMENT: Active ear protection you can take on and off. - GAME MECHANIC: Marks you can draw on the map with mouse, using a choice of colors - UNIT: A "commander" that can talk to each of the squad leaders through radio and sees the place on a map, can give out orders to attack/defend positions. This would help organized gameplay. - UNIT: 10-player squads instead of 5 that the game currently has, this would help the previously mentioned CQB-mechanic. - EQUIPMENT/GAME MECHANIC: Rappelling rope, that can be used to go down from a roof/window to the ground or another window. (Possibly only from certain windows and rooftops) Or could be used to call reinforcements with a point-streak helicopter. Pistol/Submachine gun would be required for this mechanic. Sorry for the long post, but I did enjoy making these suggestions and I would hope they could get implemented to game. Comments are welcome of course!
  12. I would like to say that not every map needs in my opinion be as much in ruin as the Moscow map. There needs not be a ton of ruined tanks on the fields everywhere and holes in asphalt. Sure, it brings the feeling that it's been fought before. A map could be the first battle in that place, so some sort of entrenchment could be added. Blockades both building and road.
  13. Map size should scale along with amount of players so that it's possible to be able to defend points. A five minute warmup period would also stop one team getting too big a lead before the game fully starts
  14. Hey guys! What you thinlk about forest maps? Any ideas where they can be?) Like imagine battles in some Mountaines pases or Huge fields or awesome forests?) Maybe carpatian mountains like barrier between east and west europe.
  15. I see many players say that cover in this game is nonexistant. others say its poorly placed. some say they have to much on one side of the map while other side fully exposes you to tanks, snipers thats an unavoidable death trap. personally i do feel map design is poor. there isnt enough places for us to traverse to get around the map, we mostly get 1 or 2 ways to get to a base or have to go all the way around so theres always that 'Operation Metro/Locker' feel to this game, that tells u there isnt enough routes for us to take. thats why i think taking DICEs CTE (Community Test Enviornment) idea would be a great asset if they so chose. the community could play maps early in development with no textures so players can help the developers decide how the base back at spawn could be designed like. for example to be made in a way and tested to make sure we are put at a advantage to help against spawn camping. where and how cover should be placed or modified for the best mapflow so we never stop moving to attack and defend bases. where several safe spawns locations could be. how and where to place out of zones better ect. find early bugs so we dont clip, fall and stick inside walls like we are now lol. so much good can come of this. if not this, hopefully it flared up more ideas or a better alternative at the very least.
  16. I think everyone here would love to see their nation represented in game. Here is how I think Norway would look like, and a bit of why I think Norway could be a priority.
  17. Right now the maps are pretty big. I would like to have a different kind of map design to have a faster paste. Short maps. It could even be another mode the reassemble rainbow 6 (5v5 or 10v10 and map design) mixed with a kind of bf4. We are a bunch who do not like vehicles in fps. Hence short map would remove them and please people who want a faster paste.
  18. -Maps with much more verticality -Maps less focused on interior battles, but instead wide stretching battlefields with less interior areas. (Think: Golmud Railway, Zavod 311, and the infamous Caspian Border) -Rush game mode like the BF series where the map expands as the game goes on -More variety in the land vehicles, such as: Transport jeeps with mounted gun, motorcycles, buggys, Humvees, etc.
  19. Hit DICE where it hurts. In the future when the game is much much more jam packed with goodies, I think the ability to add mod support would be awesome. Namely custom maps. I'm sure there's a few dozen people here who would LOVE to expand the map playlist in the future. As with any, once a map gets whitelisted, it can have stat/xp progression. This would also allow for other people to implement community weapons packs, game modes, and a slew of other new and exciting content. There are pros and cons to this however, as it would potentially divide the community and player base. Discuss.
  20. **Free look While Aiming: Right now we only use it while walking-running, but no while you re aiming, and i think is a disadvantage in combat. **Vault, and jump over obstacles, sometimes doesnt allow you to get "on top" of certain surfaces. **It would be cool if you can see your character in 3rd person view while you're doing animations (insulting, dancing...etc) **If you are using a drone, quadropter, etc... why not add a mini cam of your character in a corner of the screen? Just to watch your surroundings. **Add the customization menu (in-game) **Better icons and map alerts, while you're in-game. Easier to analyze where and when, to hold or capture objectives. **Right now i can only hear voiceovers in English. is there a possibility to hear in native languages? depending on your faction? Russian, Polish. etc? **I think this is a bug; if i want to drive a vehicle, i press my Mouse 4th button (binding opt), but i cannot get down of the vehicle with the same button, the game wont recognize de 4th button, i need to go back to F key. I think this is for now, sorry if some or all of the points in this post have been discussed. ..and THE GAME IS "/(%//!"/%$$/" GREAAT!!! congratz Devs!! Im so excited for this game to be on of the very best wargames in modern history...keep it up. PS. sorry bad English!
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