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About Me

Found 2 results

  1. I See many players say that mines shouldnt be able to 1HK tanks in this game. they should only immobilize them and cause no damage. in my playtime however they are extremely powerful and mines is the hard counter to tanks. I really feel players should be mindful of thier surroundings and watch where they go. but i will be neutral and toss out some ideas of mines. say Tanks and mines have hitboxes like infantry and armor ok? if a tank runs over it partially and not directly underneath it, it will cause heavy damage but wont destroy the tank. say.. 65-70 damage instead of a killing blow? if someone runs underneath it, the entire hitbox of the mine will go off and completely destroy the tank. but that wouldnt be enough, the player would be able to get away to repair. so to balance this compromise, the tank need to be fully immobilized or move much slower than normal. (Thinking of Battlefield 1, 4 and 5). The Treads can also show damage and be an extra Vital spot for tanks. but only mines can damage it. (not rpgs bc people would aim for it 1st and exploit it, but for mines u cannot control where the impact will be. it will give players the chance to destroy a tank if it survives. Also We need to be able to spot mines, i cannot say if we can or not bc nobody uses them. some say anyone can disable mines though. but could we get the equipment class have the ability to disable mines? they arent seeing much use and needs some extra purpose in the field. feel free to disagree.
  2. The Health pack and Ammo bag is the most common ulility item being used right now. While the other classes are just to weak to be considered. These are my suggestions to give them a much needed boost. As Always u may have a different idea and disagree with mines. Just sparking ideas. Mini UGV (C4 Car) allow the soldier in your squad with c4 ulility item to attach C4 on the mini UGV to increase its damage and blast dadius. Mini Drone (Toy Helicopter) the mini drone to mass spot infantry, Other Mini Drones, armor and tank mines with the X Button with a significant increase to revealed time because you are inmobile and needs to hide. taking it abit further. allow the mini drone player to Get access to the map at all times and he gets access to the battlepoint system instead if it gets selected. he can call vehicles, tanks, airstrikes, uAVs and reapers Ect from all the points the team gathers and re-invest it where its needed most. you are still a soldier out in the field so you must hide. this is exactly what u think it is if you're and old school battlefield fan. Commander Mode From Battlefield 2. Anti-Tank Mines Im not to sure what Anti Tank mines could have. Maybe they have the ability to re-inforce thier tank mines? they'll be able to withinstand small arms fire and grenades to the point if u want to destroy it u need rpgs, tank shells and heavy calibur armor machineguns? C4 let players with c4 have claymores so they have a way to Deal with vehicles and infantry. First Aid Kit (Healing Dart) honestly this thing just needs a buff. the time to Use over and over Is to long and heals are to weak. the med-bag is superior in every way. for players it should either heal them up to max instantly with a single shot, heal them partially like it does and regens the rest or it regens till 100%. the health regen should be faster than the normal healing with the percentage cap. Equipment Class (Restores Armor & Grenades) This class should be able to disable mines and carry a special repair tool that can repair the tank. As you know, infantry can regen their health up to a certain point. well with armor we know that doesnt happen and thats when u need that repair tool. but i dont want people being able to repair it back up to 100% like battlefield. but with the repair tool u can only repair it up to 30-40% once. You still need to go back to base eventually but it allows u to stay in combat a little bit longer.
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