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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone! This is my first ever post on the forum. I wanted to share this suggestion from the moment I saw this gun. Anyway, without further ado let's get to it. [INTRODUCTION] HCAR (Heavy Counter Assault Rifle) is an updated, semi automatic modern version of the famous BAR chambered in .30-06. [GAMEPLAY STYLE] The gun would benefit in both precision and high damage. It would be a good choice for medium to long range encounters but it wouldn’t find itself usefull for CQB situations. It also wouldn't have much recoil and spread. When it comes to downsides I think that it should have a slow firerate and reload time and of course quite a bit of weight. [CUSTOMIZATION] The gun has lots of rails as you can see so it fits WW3 style perfectly MAGAZINES: -10, 15, 20, 30rd. HCAR box mags SIGHTS: -all primary and secondary sights optional LOWER: -only vertical grips and bipod available due to the fact that the underbarrel rail is so short BARRELS: -short 12’ -medium 16’ -long 20’ MUZZLE: -all muzzles optional SIDE: -all side mounts optional [BODYPARTS] It looks like the only changeable part of the gun is the stock but if you’re stubborn you could change the grip too and I think model designers could make some custom parts for the gun like they did with the g36. [CHARACHTERISTICS] WEIGHT: ~18-22 RECOIL: Similar to M417, mostly horizontal RATE OF FIRE: ~ 350-400rpm (keep in mind that it’s semi-auto only) SPREAD: 0,13 BULLETS TO KILL: HDPE: 3 / PTLN: 3 / CER: 4 / STL: 4 DAMAGE: 90m - 45 damage, after 90m drops to 34 damage minimum giving it a 3 shot kill potential CALIBER: .30-06 MUZZLE VELOCITY: 820m/s RELOAD TIME: -10rnd. ~ 1,5s - 2,4s -15rnd. ~ 2,5s - 3,0s -20rnd. ~ 3,1s- 4,5s -30rnd. ~ 5,0s - 6,0s Thanks for reading and don't forget to upvote!
  2. Hi guys, I thought about this earlier when I was dying when i dealt 96 or 98 or 95 dmg. Its really cool we know how they killed us and what they hit, but does anyone want to see what did you hit for what dmg? I think it should be good, i know they are now working on a bug fixing and other importatnt things. But will you appericiate it or you really dont wanna see that? What is your opinion?
  3. This game has been great the launch was ruff but once they had the servers up and it became playable WoW,, It brought me back to the good old Battle field 2 days with modern graphics. Now needless to say there is much work to be done "Early access" it would be nice to see my exp at the end of the match or feel comfortable if I am or am not going to get a game. The optimization 100% needs work the frame drop are tiring.. How ever all this is a matter of time to fix What they have gotten right is amazing adding kills streaks to a open Battlefield was such a smart Idea eliminating having to run towards a tank hoping you get it is a nice change also you know its going to someone who is going to put it to use. The capture points is so smart!!!! I can't express that enough having to cap both objectives "A1-A2, B1-B2, C1-C2 " in order to get points adds new strats in order to obtain a Victory! Having really strong guns off the start is a fun thing to me. Personally getting killed by a Tor is annoying how ever I can re spawn find a flank get a kill get back to a 1.0kd. I find it exciting people who enjoy sniping have a purpose also so do I someone who likes running around COD style both play styles add something to the battlefield and the guns accent it! One thing I hate is getting spawn killed by RPG but i 100% know that is going to get nerfed in time and there is ways to avoid getting clowned off spawn lol. The early days of a game can be the most enjoyable while there is no "Meta" or set gun with set attachments. WW3 took key elements from grate games and turned it truly into their own! In closing thanks so much for creating a game that is familiar yet a fresh breath I can't wait to see what is to come! P.s If you'd like to shred hit me up on steam Mg.Coastin
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