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Found 2 results

  1. First some info about the MP7: The MP7 is a submachine gun like weapon that fires a custom 4.6*30mm cartridge designed for better armour penetration in a lighter cartridge. It was built by H&K with the aim of fulfilling a NATO contract for a compact weapon system that can be used against modern adversaries in body armour while still in a small enough package to be manageable for artillery and vehicle crews. Because of disagreement over the contract winner between the MP7 and FN P90, neither weapon system was standardised across NATO, however many German security forces currently use this weapon system. How I think it should be implemented: Light weapon maybe slightly heavier than other current SMGs High damage drop off Works similarly well against different levels of armour in terms of BTK Fairly easy to shoot, however again heavier, damage drop off and some spread to make it impractical at any decent range Overall, beast at between 5 to 10 metre range, terrible past 20 when put against ARs Why the MP7 would make a useful addition to WW3: It fits in the same kind of general category of the submachine guns, of which there are only four right now Having a weapon that has a similar (not exactly the same) BTK over all armour types would potentially allow for changes to meta It could be a good replacement for ARs as a primary in sniper and AT loadouts, being overall weaker but lighter It looks cool (I mean why not) It would have a different 'feel' when shooting compared to other weapons, and having new weapons to master is a great challenge It has enough rails and different handguard variations to be fun to customise I was inspired to write this because I actually had the game glitch once and say I had MP7 in loadout. I didn't say anything because I assumed it would be added soon after but it wasn't, so here we go.
  2. Personally, I would see the FN P90 as a logical choice for a first PDW, with it and the MP7 both being the original candidates in the NATO PDW contest. However, other systems such as the KRISS vector have launched, offering similar functionality that some players may prefer in game
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