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Found 8 results

  1. DESCRIPTION OF BUG Im having really low and inconsistent fps in this game. 40-80 at best. My GPU usage sits around 50% and CPU at 30%. When I enable SLI it kinda goes up to 60-80% per card but eh... GAME BUILD ID 3898219 STEPS TO REPRODUCE Any settings, any resolution, any drivers. Full server, empty server. Map doesnt matter. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS CPU: 8700k @5ghz GPU: 2x 2080ti (SLI on or off barely makes any difference. Turning SLI on with a custom profile barely improved my fps though.) RAM: 32GB SSD: 960 Evo (nvme m.2) The system itself functions pretty much perfectly fine in any other game or benchmark. CRASH LOG I cant send any crashlogs since it doesnt let me--
  2. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): 1 FPS when i join a game, take a look at the FPS counter at the top right of the screen, and also check the mouse cursor on the clip below. I cannot do anything until it stops after around 10 seconds. Took a clip: https://streamable.com/denyl GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 3829460 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): Join a game, does not happen every time but i'd say 1 on 4 games. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): i7 600k / GTX 1070 EXOC / 16 gb ram / Fresh HDD. CRASH LOG (if any): None.
  3. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: This is my experience with WW3, it's been like this for some time. Version 0.5 is unplayable, regardless how many players are ingame or visuals details I play on. The previous 0.4 was better, not great but better than 0.5 for me, performance wise. GAME BUILD ID: 3705486 STEPS TO REPRODUCE: All the time SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS : CPU i7-7700HQ; RAM: 16GB DDR4; GPU: GTX1050 4GB; HDD: SSD SORRY FOR BAD AUDIO QUALITY, I forgot to disable my microphone.
  4. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: I would like it if the developers were to focus on making improvements to the performance of Moscow TDM. I can tolerate lower performance on Moscow Warzone because of its slower paced nature, but if I wanted to go play with other people in Moscow TDM, the experience is awful. This is not really an issue for other TDM maps. Heck, I can even play Warzone while compressing a folder filled with 6 GB of files in the background with 7z (assuming I don't use most of the threads and put it in the background) in the same HDD that the game is installed in, and record gameplay with OBS, and have little performance issues. I constantly get frame times of at least 20 ms, and sometimes more in certain areas of the map (for instance, in parts where rubble is present). This makes the game sluggish and jarring for me, even in games with as low as ten players. In fact, this is the only map where OBS fails to become responsive when recording (Radeon ReLive is better, on the other hand). I may have similar frame times in other game modes and maps, but if the high frame times occur in Warzone, then it is more bearable in my opinion, owing to the slower paced nature of that game mode. Here are the settings that I am currently playing on. So far, reducing anti-aliasing settings down to medium helps alleviate this performance issue a little bit, but I do not like how the game looks with that setting - not only does it look ugly, but the aliasing becomes so much more obvious that it kind of becomes a little difficult to see anything at range at 1080p. The aliasing also adds some unnecessary reflection which appears distracting. GAME BUILD ID: 3553342 STEPS TO REPRODUCE: 1. Start the game. 2. Enter Moscow TDM through Quick Join or the Server Browser. 3. Play. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 GPU: MSI Armor Radeon RX 570 8GB RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB Motherboard: ASUS Prime B450M-A Drive that the game is installed in: Toshiba P300 2TB 7200RPM 3.5" SATA Please let me know if you require me to list more components.
  5. I am wondering if the performance for this game would ever truly be improved, and how much that improvement would actually help the game. Most people know that UE4 is one the most graphically sophisticated engines, however, it usually has terrible performance. Especially, when an online multiplayer game is built on UE, it faces many optimization issues. Insurgency Sandstorm, a UE4 game, released very recently and it still has performance issues until now. Will WW3 follow the same fate? If it does, how will we ever have a working game? Frostbite engine, for example, is flawless for online games such as WW3, you get top-notch graphics along with pretty smooth frames per second. The WW3 steam page recommends either a GTX 780 or an R9 290, I have the r9 290, but I certainly cannot play this game on ultra settings, or even high settings, unless I play Warsaw TDM. Particle effects, any type of action such as sliding or firing your weapon or using a grenade, significantly lowers fps. The fps is also tied to how many players there are in the server, some games with 10 players I am running 50fps, when it's around 30 or more players I can barely go above 40fps, with constant drops below 30fps. I really like this game, and I think this dev team (TF51) are incredible, but I would rather see a working game with all performance fixed, rather than content drops. Then the thing is, will the performance be fixed, considering it has UE as a barrier.
  6. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required): Every time I return from the first match to the main menu (either via Escape -> Quit or in ending screen via timeout / "World Map" button) my FPS drops from the max. limited 50 FPS to 20-21 on the world map and the game is really stuttering. However in the other two tabs "Community" and "Customize" the problem does not exist (FPS immediately goes to 50 again). This really drives me away from the game as I have to restart after every single round. Most of the time the second round will crash with different error messages (sometimes about a texture being to big to be loaded into (graphic ?) memory) or the game would run with said shitty FPS (20 at max). Also before the first round the world map works just fine (after start of the game). GAME BUILD ID (required): 3343723 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): For me it's just starting, playing a round and returning to the world map. Happens 99% of the time. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): Mainboard: ASUS X370-PRO CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600X GPU: AMD 4GB Sapphire Radeon R9 380X GPU-Driver: Version (most recent version as of writing) RAM: DDR4 16 GB (2x8 GB modules) OS: Microsoft Windows 10 1803 Build 17134.407 Pagefile: min. 2935 MB (recommended by Windows) to max. 4096 MB IN-GAME SETTINGS: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I am mentioning the pagefile in the specs because I had problems to even start the game at all when I disabled the use of a pagefile recently. Also during the first patches I had this 20 FPS max. problem in the whole game until I enabled "One Frame Thread Lag", but since the option is gone now I cannot really test if it has anything to with this bug. I just noticed it might have something to do with the UI because I am experiencing extreme stuttering too, when dragging any of the settings selector bars:
  7. Hello, I am playing on this rig: CPU: AMD fx-8320 | 8 threads 3,5 Ghz GPU: Nvidia Geforce Gtx 970 RAM: 16Gb DDR3 Drive: Running on a 500Gb SSD My performance is extremely bad, even when playing at 720p with all settings low I get at the best 40 fps and while seeing other players I get about 15 to 20 fps. My CPU and GPU are only used to 20-30% and the game uses 10Gb of my RAM. For me the game is unplayable like that. Is there anything I forgot to change? Or should I just wait for performance patches? My Rig definitely is not the problem, while it has seen better days for sure I can play almost every other game at high-ultra settings at 1080p with 60fps. Please help, I like the game a lot. Greetings
  8. Hello, currently its not possible to choose CPU core affinity. Each time i try using Task Manager or Process Lasso i get an error. Being this a very single core intensive game, being able to set my best cores to the game would be ideal to get those extra fps, since im using a 8core CPU (ryzen 2700x) this would improve my game performance by a lot, as an example i have CSGO, another ST game, to use only 4 physical cores in only one CCX and i managed to get between 40-70fps more and more stable game. Hope you guys enable cpu affinity, it would really help people with high core count CPU's.
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