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Found 6 results

  1. Witam Chciałbym dodać małą propozycję zmiany modelu celowania broni krótkiej układ rąk trzymających wygląda nienaturalnie,chciałbym żeby odległość pistoletu była dalej niż jest aktualnie ponieważ to wygląda nietypowo,podczas strzelania z pistoletu ręce powinny być wyprostowane .
  2. I would prefer to use the handguns more if the soft cap did not exist or were reworked. Right now, I find myself clicking quite quickly, and the gun doesn't fire half the time. I can fix this by clicking at a slower rate, at about the same rate as the handguns' fire rate, but I do not wish to be limited to that. The three handguns that are offered right now have too slow a fire rate in my opinion to be useful for almost any situation. I would like to make further use of it especially now that in the PTE, suppressors can be added to them. I would like the handguns to fire like how the rifles and SMGS can be fired in semi-automatic mode. Alternatively, I would like to see handguns that have different calibers, such as .45ACP, and .40S&W/10mm auto. I do not yet wish to see revolvers and other high-caliber pistols being used in this game even though they may be better for more offensive purposes, as a result of their higher damage output. Edit: since the PTE update, I think this already seems to be the case.
  3. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: Pistols ADS is not properly centered GAME BUILD ID: 3288304 https://gfycat.com/pl/LimpImpressiveDowitcher
  4. Is there any use of these two types of guns? Am I using them wrong? I am really confused about why these guns even exist in this game. Ok, One purpose of taking pistols is to lower your gear weight, cuz you must have something within the secondary weapon slot. It seems to me, seems to me, 90% of players wear heavy armor, which means I don't have any chance to win unless I am flanking. Maybe it's my problem not flanking well, but most games people could not hold the battle lane well so flanking usually is a failure. The other question is about the weight system; I don't figure out whether crossing the line and being in one class(let's say medium class) and you have the same movement speed? Or the higher weight means, the slower and the lower weight means faster? However, unless I am hacking (actually I dare not to try it yet.) I cannot pass the enemies' fire field no matter how fast I move. It looks like light armors are useless. Correct me if I am wrong, please. I really need help with these problems. Thanks a lot.
  5. Why is thet whan I empty either of the pistols that the slide doen´t lock back to the rear? this really bugs me I just need to know if this is going to get fixed/change. its not posible to fire a gun if its not cocked.
  6. So... this time we will be discussing side-arms. I find them necessary in a builds which demand a gun that can fit in lighter builds, like making a SMG fast/mobile class or medium speed AR build. My personal favourite? I have a hard time picking between G17 and Lebedev. Let me explain why I dislike Ragun at it's current state. It has similar stats to G17, dealing similar damage, while having smaller mag size and higher recoil, topping it off with lower possible ROF, compared to rival from Austria. If I had to make it better, I would simply lower the recoil of consecutive shots. Nothing more. Now onto Lebedev... it doesn't kick as much, taking the note it deals higher damage compared to two other choices. I can't find any issues with it for now. And about G17 - if I am forced to cut down on any unnecessary weight, I'll equip this mediocre-hitting, fast and swift pistol. I get what I expect - in cost of lower weight I get lower power. Maaybe I would increase it's spread while firing from the hip and when moving... It's a bit sad that they might be outclassed by SMGs as secondary weapon choice.. I am waiting for your opinion.
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