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Found 10 results

  1. Canted Sights are obstructive if they are put ont the back of primary scope it shoukd be put on the front of the scope like this one. Pictures below 1st Picture: As you can see the canted sight is place on the front of the main scope instead at the back which gives more view on both the sights.
  2. Hello, Will there ever be a change on the system requirements?
  3. Okalume


    How do Claymores work exactly ? Do they disappear if you place a certain maximum number or after a period of time ? Or are they all permanent until they're destroyed/used ? Thank you !
  4. Each time since game come out i have spend 30-90 minutes setting everything up as i like personalized customization for weapons and character. I have actually stopped playing this game (around December 2019) due to loadouts reset that were happening all the time. Every now and then i'm logging in. Just to realize (as almost always) that loadouts are reset. Sometimes i set them up resign during that and close it for a month or two. Sometimes i just leaver right away (like today). Question that i wanted to ask is the same as the title "How many more times all customized loadouts will be removed?". I would really like to play, but i wont waste my time if this is not fixed yet. Cheers,
  5. Where is this version of berlin? It looks sick in sunrise
  6. Can you get banned using a Reshade or is it fine ? If not im just going to use VibranceGUI.
  7. hey was just curious what the developers plan is to implement wipes. i know that they have already said a couple times that there will eventually be a few wipes during the development but to what degree. are these wipes going to remove all progression(rank/weapons/money/whatever the gold thing is) or are they just going to remove weapon unlocks. if the above options are the case i have a suggestion as playing hours and hours into a game only to have everything removed is extremely frustrating. what if when there is a wipe it refunds all the money you have spent and the money you currently have but then only transfers a certain percentage of that lump sum, maybe 10-20% that way you still have a reward for playing hours into the game and when you get on after a wipe you carry on a little of your progress. i also dont think you should wipe ranks, unless the xp rank system is directly tied into the cash system saving it through a wipe makes sense to me. let me know what yall think, any devs if you want to chime in on yalls ideas that would be awesome, cheers.
  8. What are the most important things you would like to see in a Discord server? What kind of community would you join? What is mandatory for you? I'm a member of many of them and I'm trying to help all. Help us improve!
  9. For the last two days I've been getting constant 150+ ping servers, which is as bad or worse than the connection I had when I joined the EU region to play with a friend the other day. What's the deal? Do I need to clear some config that got stuck even though I'm selecting NA or are we unknowingly being tossed into an international pool of servers just to get games? I'd just like to know which it is. Thanks!
  10. Just a quick question to the Devs on how dmg is recorded. Last night almost 90% of my deaths were reported as stomach or gut shots. So how is dmg recorded? If I lose my plate armor, will another chest shot be recorded and shown as a stomach or gut shot? I just find it odd that over 90% of my deaths were shown as gut shots and not chest shots. So can you maybe clarify this a bit for me?
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