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Found 5 results

  1. Hello awesome people who still hang around these forums, Last time i checked for updates it was 4-5 months ago i believe and i still don't see anything new. So here are my quesitons: -What's happening with the game? -How's the migration to my.games going? -What are the devs doing (are they good? are they still working on the game) ? -When will the game pe playable on my.games so that we get players once again? -Are pickles still relevant? These questions are related to my.games and the state of the game when it will eventually be on that platform -Will it be free to play? -Will it have lootboxes? -Will it have paid skins? -Will it have paid weapons with better stats? -What happens to the people that bought the game? In order to not create confusion, please quote the question you're responding or discussing about at the beginning of every comment. Thank you. or you can simply "write it like this" Just have the question at the beginning of the comment please.
  2. Question 1: stats on attachments. When I choose between different barrels, it shows RECOIL –0.2, or RECOIL –0.05, which, as I assume, means that this attachment reduces recoil (adds a negative value), but when I switch to other attachments, related to weapon handling, (grip, bipod, compensator, flash hider, suppressor) I see RECOIL 0.85, RECOIL 0.9, a positive value. What does it mean? Recoil itself is displayed as positive value on the weapon’s stats, so, negative value on barrels is a mistake of some sort, or positive value on other attachments actually adding recoil, not decreasing it? Question 2: recoil mechanics. When you are firing full auto, recoil kicks in, when you stop firing, your sights return to point of aim. Same happens when you tap firing. But, if you tap fire faster than 4 shots\clicks per second, you get the point of aim shifting. Why it happens? Is it intended? If it is intended, then how big is influence of random horizontal recoil (fixed values, left\right is random on each individual shot) on tap firing? (also, point of aim shifting is hell of a pain for pistols, which are already suffering on their own) Question 3: armor. What is the point of armor, except, of course, limiting my mobility, if 99% of my deaths, instant deaths, look like this? (highest, critical hits, full damage not mitigated by armor) Armor only covers the small area, limited by its visual representation on post-death screen, and not the whole body? What about hits to the side, to the back? Question 4: RPG-7. Basic warhead looks like single-stage HEAT, which should have less splash damage on infantry, but in fact it works no worse that Fragmentation warhead. Is it just balancing issue, or different warheads only differ by their damage, not effect?
  3. WesDaMooch

    Loot Boxes?

    I was wondering if look boxes will be in the game in the future. I am not against loot boxes if they are free and are unlocked with XP or something, but if they are payed then it would really suck. Thanks.
  4. Where do devs stand on strong language? Will this game stay true to 18+/M rating or will we get the overwatch/r6 siege type of situation where you are banned for any kind of minor cursing and disrespect in text or voip?
  5. Muflex


    BASIC --------------------------------------------------- WHAT TYPE OF GAME IS WORLD WAR 3? World War 3 is a multiplayer first person shooter, featuring large, 64-player battles with intense firefights between infantry and armored vehicles. World War 3 portrays a theoretical future conflict taking place in the most famous cities in the world. WHAT ARE THE HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS FOR WORLD WAR 3? More info soon. WHAT OPERATING SYSTEMS WORLD WAR 3 WILL BE AVAILABLE ON? After the release World War 3 will be available exclusively on PC with Windows operating systems. WHERE CAN I DOWNLOAD WORLD WAR 3? World War 3 will be available on the Steam platform. DO I NEED STEAM TO PLAY WORLD WAR 3? Yes, Steam account will be required to play World War 3. HOW MUCH WILL WORLD WAR 3 COST? More info soon WILL THE GAME FEATURE ANY IN-GAME PURCHASES? Yes, World War 3 will feature in-game purchases of items which are purely cosmetic and won't affect the gameplay. GAMEPLAY --------------------------------------------------- IS THERE ANY FORM OF SINGLE-PLAYER AVAILABLE? No, World War 3 is purely a multiplayer game and constant, stable internet connection is required to play the game. HOW REALISTIC IS WORLD WAR 3? World War 3 strives to find a balance between realism and fun. Its primary goal is to make you feel and think like a soldier. HOW LONG CAN A FULL BATTLE LAST? One, full game of World War 3 can last about an hour. IN WHAT WAYS CAN I INTERACT WITH OTHER PLAYERS IN WORLD WAR 3? Outside of our grand 64-player combat gameplay, you, your friends and other players can chat using our messenger system, as well as team up into squads and clans. CAN I CUSTOMIZE MY EQUIPMENT IN WORLD WAR 3? Yes, World War 3 features an extensive customization system, which allows you to fit different attachments and parts to your weapons, dress your character in various uniforms and even change the main turrets on your vehicles. WHAT IS YOUR STANCE ON CHEATING? We are dedicated to punishing every player that is caught using cheats and external means of unfairly improving their performance. Such punishments will be severe and include, among others, account suspension and deletion. WHERE CAN I REPORT ANOTHER PLAYER? You can report other players through our external reporting system at hacks@worldwar3.com. Make sure to include the full name of the player, as well as any evidence you might have. WHAT LEVEL OF VIOLENCE CAN I EXPECT FROM WORLD WAR 3? World War 3 features intense firefights, explosions and tactical combat. It does not, however, feature gratuitous violence and dismemberment. EARLY ACCESS --------------------------------------------------- WHY EARLY ACCESS? Early access allows us to test the basic feature of the game, such as netcode, while taking suggestions from the community and developing the game in a way that will satisfy our players first. WHEN ARE YOU PLANNING TO RELEASE THE FULL GAME? More info soon. WILL I LOSE MY PROGRESS ONCE YOU RELEASE THE GAME? No! All of your progress made during our early access will stay with you after we fully release the game. OTHER --------------------------------------------------- WHERE CAN I FOLLOW YOU TO GET NEWS AND UPDATES? You can follow our official community channels on Facebook, Twitter and visit this forum. CAN I CREATE MY OWN CONTENT FEATURING ELEMENTS OF WORLD WAR 3? Yes, as long as you clearly disclose that you are showing World War 3 gameplay and/or content, you can create and/or stream video content featuring World War 3. I’M HAVING A GAME ISSUE, WHO CAN I CONTACT? Please contact our player support at support@worldwar3.com I HAVE OTHER QUESTIONS. WHERE CAN I ASK THEM? Use one of our official channels, such as World War 3 forums, Facebook and Twitter.
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