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Found 3 results

  1. In-game uniforms should change at a small level based on the equipment carried. e.g. When carrying the MCS, a shotgun bandolier like the one below could show up on a player's chest rig, this could also apply for pistol holsters. Personally, I think this would be much better than adding many more clothing styles, and gives enough variety that the loadout can really feel individual. This probably shouldn't be directly customisable, but change depending on what the player picks as weapons.
  2. I mean, what the fuck happened to this game? The TTK used to be decent on launch. Now that the devs are "balancing" the game, are we going to see another generic BF4-like shooter? My Gripes Bullets don't do much damage (pea shooters srsly?). The recoil on some weapons is way too high. Shotguns and RPG don't do shit to infantry. The pacing feels too fast for a tactical shooter. Muzzle velocity on all weapons shouldn't be dumbed down. HE shells have weak splash damage. The ROF of 50.cal Coaxial and RCWS are too slow. Headglitching. (Bullets/Projectiles should originate from the barrel, not the camera/head) Lack of weapon and barrel collision, especially for turrets. Suppressors should decrease recoil by weight and improve accuracy by giving additional barrel length, and in return increases gas blowback.
  3. So, this is a realistic war game and there isn't any gory aspect ? For example ,if not dismembrement ,at least there should be some blood stains around a dead body and i think that a dead body should remain for a longer time on the field without disappearing after 5 seconds ( it ruins the feeling). Another cool feature should be impact holes on bodies with the difference between a hit on a armored zone and a hit on the flesh. These are cool features for a realistic game, i think. I know that for now there are lots of more useful improvements and problems to be resolved ,as well, but i think that in a near future the devs could take these features in mind.?
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