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  1. Hi, Am I the only one who sees that there are generally no roles in the game? I mean, apart from a pusher/defender/sniper for the infantry and just tank for the vehicles, it seems that anything else is just role-playing? Like make believe! What do I mean? For example, how many times has anyone seen IFV's / APC's transporting troops from A to B? I haven't at all in my 160 hours. What I mostly see is people using the armoured vehicles as power armor, storming the lines and causing havoc. It's all good until you realize that APC < IFV < MBT. There is literally no point in playing anything but the MBT due to the more powerful gun and armor. Oh but it costs less to run with the 8-wheeler... yeah... Could we expect more defined roles for each vehicle? I mean, it is in the description of each class but in reality the only difference is how much they cost and how powerful they are in game. (Usually, the 8-thy is more hard to use and the MBT is the easiest - is this intentional?) Will we ever see 8-Wheelers driving on water just like in BF2? You do realize that game from 2005 had more defined roles than this current gen UE4 Super High HD 4K Texture "1 million" triangles per item game? And it runs better than this lel. Enough ranting. I'd suggest that vehicles are looked into with the thought of differentiating them and putting them in the proper roles. I'm not sure how to do it but giving free exp / BP wouldn't do it. Must be a mechanic of some sort. Maybe allow spawning on the IFV's only? Infantry - It's a mess. I've tested to play like a MG gunner, i.e. take good positions, lied down with a bi-pod and mow down enemies. However, this does not work at all as I've seen plenty people just taking the damage like iron man and continue on their journey or look at me and are like: "What are you doing there, Willis?" and get killed with their sight only (which was supposed to be fixed but maybe this is laggy servers?). I mean 40 dmg is not enough?? I'm like hitting them 6 or so times and he keeps on living. Ugh... I don't know. If this was PR or DOI, that guy would have died 20 times. Everyone is pretty much running and gunning at this point and there is very little resemblance of people taking different things, in order to fulfill a gap in the squad, so that the entire unit can take on multiple obstacles and enemies. How come in Project Reality and Squad, they have nailed the role play & team play to a T? Can't it be implemented in this game as well? Or is it doomed to be just a BF clone in a UE4 engine?
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