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Found 7 results

  1. [feature] First thing I have to say: the hologram optics are just in the HUD (because sometimes when you get killed you can still see the dot, I know; bug), but I'd like to see that changed to be something inside the scope itself, like an actual hologram. Much like in the game Squad, for those who have played that game. Squad also has some black border effect when walking and crouching while aiming down a scope, like the scope is actually in an angle where you can only see partly through the scope [attachment] Furthermore I'd like to see more scopes added in the game; mainly more variation in choice cosmetic wise. An obvious addition would be the ACOG sight (different magnifications?) Some others would be: A nice Aimpoint Comp M4 A wet dream for the M4 mws, also great with red dot magnifier SUSAT sight I know we already have a similar looking scope, but I'd like to see the iconic hairpin instead of a weird crosshair. Also perfect for them UK fanatics on the SA80 Some russian sights: PK-ASV sight (1,5x zoom?) Obzor (?) With the iconic green triangle dot OKP-7 sight 1P78 Sight This would look cool on something like the VEPR (12?) or maybe even AK's other than the AK-15 Some other red dot sights with a 2/3x zoom would be great, yeah we have the B30 red dot sight, but I really don't like the red circle around the red dot. Especially because it doesn't look round, but instead it's jagged (max settings). Also, will the red dot magnifier ever work like it's supposed to? Would be a very nice feature to have in this game. Something to indicate range for RPG's / snipers, like for instance the SVD scope and RPG-7 scope, would look cool, too Especially if it's functional ([feature]) SVD RPG-7
  2. I have a quick question regarding the reticle of the Elcan Medium Magnification Scope. Before patch 0.2 it was pretty realistic and illuminated, now its just a boring dark cross. Is there a reason it got changed from good to bad in 0.2 and are there any plans to change it back in later patches?
  3. So all of my scopes havent been working since the tdm patch theyre all blurred out. Ive found out that it has a direct correlation to what my texture settings are on. Anything below high and my scope is rendered useless and blurred and this game is unplayable on high.
  4. I have a questions about the scopes in this game. Is there a reason why the visuals are not like in real life and are any changes planed to enhance realism? In the game the whole screen zooms in when you use any sort of optic with magnification. Which is not accurate at all compared to reality, in which only the scope zooms and the outside stays normal. The Red Orchestra/Rising Storm games have a pretty good representation of how scopes should work. And I have noticed that in 0.2 the reticle of the Elcan medium magnification scope has been changed. Before 0.2 it was looking good, had nice realistc detail and illumination, now it´s just a boring standart reticle without ilumination. Is there a reason it got changed, despite the fact that is was pretty accurate before the patch?
  5. If you've ever used red dot sights IRL you would know that the in-game depiction of red dot optics is entirely off. Video games rarely if ever get red dots right and usually use some shitty DoF effect that they put in the wrong place, etc. As it stands, WW3 deals with 1x sights in the generic way, just slapping them on the screen with zero distortion. This results in some sights being incredibly bulky and annoying to use. They're obtrusive. Moreover, they do not accurately reflect how these scopes actually work. If realistic red dots were implemented in WW3, the scope housing of the sight would be very blurred out/transparent because you use red dots by looking PAST them. The end result is essentially a floating reticle in midair. It would look a little something like this except with the sight housing even MORE transparent due to the way your eye works. I think reworking 1x optics to be more realistic would improve the immersion and realism factor while making gunplay more fun. Thoughts? If you don't want this, please share why! This isn't a case of "this game must be realism simulator". It's more like, this will make the game itself more fun AND it just happens to be realistic. Think about it: Right now, the ONLY red dot type sight worth using is that square one with the really wide lens. It's the least obtrusive sight by far. Making 1x scopes more realistic would allow you to use whatever you want essentially.
  6. Hey was wondering why do all the magnified or sniper scopes look the same when you ADS? Is it set that way? Or is it just a bug in my game? I would like to see different looking scope when I ADS for instance with the Swat scope maybe just a red crosshair instead of the standard red circle with the dot in the middle. Why would I have a choice of different scopes if when I ADS they all look the same. Hey just a thought.
  7. When switching to a secondary sight, in the current build, you bring your eye to the sight. This blocks out most if not all of the left hand side of the screen, disallowing you to see anything unless you lean left. I suggest altering that function by making the character rotate the gun to the left, effectively and efficiently bringing the sight to the eye, as that is how it is actually done. First picture illustrates my problem, cant see anything on the left, whereas the second picture provides clarity on the situational awareness. The new optic suggestion would be something along the lines of a Aimpoint T-1 or T-2 a nice micro red dot, Vortex would work too.
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