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Found 7 results

  1. DESCRIPTION OF BUG : 1) I could not access the server which is more than half full. After a try of connection a notification window "Other reason" appears. Connection is endless. 2) Filter ticks cannot be removed (By default all of the filters are chosen). So filters don`t work. 3) One of the server had a strange sign: "Server locked". And I could not access to it. Sorry, I forgot to make a screenshoot. GAME BUILD ID : 3540764 STEPS TO REPRODUCE : 1) Connect to server that is more than half full. 2) Click on filter ticks. 3) I don`t know.
  2. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: The message that the server is full pops up endlessly. It helps only alt + f4 VIDEO — https://youtu.be/5caTEyZv_vE GAME BUILD ID: 3540764 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): I tried to access the server through a server browser, but I was stuck on an endless loading after trying to connect to the 38/40 server. I tried to go through the "Quick Game", but I also did not succeed - a message appeared that the server is full. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS: AMD 2600X (stock), RAM 32Gb@3200 (stock), RX 580 8Gb Nitro+@adrenalin-2019-19.1.2-win10-64bit-jan24 (stock), Windows 10 ver.1809 (17763.292)
  3. Hi I play since the start of the game and i love it and i love to play conquest large. The problem is large server barly exist and they are empty all the time and never get full if I start one. I think the problem should be solved with the server browser. The next problem that should be better with the browser is that you not allways have to play Smolensk cauz everytime you do quick search you spawn on Smolensk or an empty Server. Not many players out there and many of them are on empty Server or not the map they want . I know its already on PTE but please bring it over fast. Ty Erzkrieger
  4. A couple TDM improvements, other things what I have and only should be in TDM (like Minimap and Shot spotting) -TDM Minimap and Shot spotting were awesome because of orientation, that mates doesn't shoot you and some campers at the moment. They sit in dark corners or covered places where you can't see them really good. With the shot spotting on the minimap you can see were they are -At the moment we can't shoot through this fences at the most scaffoldings, where most campers sit, too and you can just hit them from open sites. -ADS Field of View (ADS FOV) that we can choose if we want the same FOV in ADS or not. I want my ADS FOV the same like my hipfire FOV or near to it - An Gameplay option what I asked 1 month ago and isn't still in the game -Soldier Crosshair (in Hipfire), why vehicles have it, but we Soldiers not? -That we can pick up Weapons or Ammo from enemies or team mates, too. - A complete TDM match should go which team what reached 100 Kills first. Like Day Warsaw first to 100 Kills finish and end. Then a new match on Night Warsaw to 100 Kills finish and end, not 4x50 Kills that ruins the gameflow I find. Or that we can choose on the war map if we wanna play the Day or Night Warsaw map. -Finally a Server Browser with filters etc. Matchmaking is awful in shootern. Then it weren't so problems to find a full server or a game mode what someone want to play and join in an empty server or wrong game mode like TDM if they wanted to play Warzone. Thanks for reading and I hope that at least the ADS Field of View find the way in this game soon.
  5. I always pick USA. but everytime i ask people what part of the world theyre in i always get mix results. its not all USA players. i get Australia, Europe and i occassionally see what looks like Asian/Japanese/Korean names. maybe its a temporary workaround but it doesnt seem to work. this is probably why gameplay is so stuttery, warping 1-2 meters with every step with high ping.. hope they consider this.
  6. Please put options in, where we can play with Minimap all the time and no Friendly Fire. For spotting I wish that enemy shots are shown on the Minimap, maybe if we or a mate aim on an enemy, too. The normal spotting we can do with the position mark/ping (no 3D spotting) I like 3D spotting but I think most players find the mark/ping spotting the better thing and I haven't a problem with it, too. A Minimap is for me orientation, where I am, what's going on and where I see the ways, Mates/Enemies and Objectives etc. No Friendly Fire available, I don't like trolls or mates who shooting or drive with the tank over you. Another thing is if team mates run in your sight if you shoot and you get negative points etc. for that. A Server Browser like other players said, where one of the best things, too. I'm looking forward to it and the evolution of the game. Thanks for reading and I hope the ideas find the way in the game. Best regards guys
  7. I think this would allow us all to join games faster and with more consistence with my experience with the matchmaking system.
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