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Found 7 results

  1. I was speculating why the games player numbers were so low and ideas on how to change that. I personally noticed that when playing on a server the map never rotates, I got the game yesterday and put in 12 hours so far and I found out about 3 new maps in the last 3 hours of play, I still dont know if i've played all of them yet. What I personally feel like the game needs is voting after match has ended for the next game mode/map. Benefits of changing the map after the server has ended: *More players in 1 single server *more variety in each server *more reason for a player to stay in the match and wait for his map instead of leaving to seed an empty server with his favorite map, introduce more players to different maps and play styles. Benefits of allow voting for the next game mode: *Say there is a 30 player server playing that war game mode, if they vote for the sever to change to team death match the server could do this, break up the players into 3 groups of 5v5 on 3 separate TDM servers, if the server did that it would ditch 1 server in favor of automatically populating 3 whole new servers for a specific game mode and players who use the "Quick join" function at the start of the menu could easily join one of these newly created servers (Right now with quick join I heard it puts players in an empty server which is a huge issue). *Lets also say a TDM server chooses to switch to the war gamemode, if im correct the player count in a TDM session is a 10v10, they could vote to turn that server to war and have a good sized lobby for a fun war game, this also allows for more space for quick join players to enter the game, and that would solve the problem of joining an empty server with quick play. I personally wouldnt like a map vote feature to be implemented like it was with insurgency2 where you had to navigate the menu to call the vote and you would only see text with the map name. Keeping map and game mode voting after the match has ended would let new players see which map they will be playing on (I associate maps with their look more so than their name). If you guys like the idea or wish to add onto my idea please leave a reply! Hope this game can improve its player base soon! REALLY LOVING IT SO FAR!
  2. Hi Dev's just want to bring to your attention there's like 12 Asian servers which have all the maps and just 3 servers for Aussies / New Zealand which play the same two maps Dev's we really need Map Rotation to keep the dream alive! Hitting Continue; Map goes for 2 maps then rotates to new map or Dev's just rotate after each round Or ! Vote map after each map Ping for the Asians servers is > 250 for Aussies worse for New Zealand players, while Aussie based servers are < 60 https://steamcommunity.com/app/674020/discussions/0/2530372519570467146/
  3. The following clips was all recorded on the same server 1 Round on the 28. January 2019, Server with 68ms Ping what you can see in the top left corner. On BF4 german server I have a ping of 12-13ms, so it isn't really enjoyable to play on a high ping server most time in WW3. I hope in the server browser who will come soon, that we can sort the ping, too. Also more servers for most regions and that we can finally see in the scoreboard the ping of all players in the match. The Netcode problem is, that you clearly hit enemies (blood spatter) but hits don't count or you don't get hitmarkers and that the Time to Death (TTD) feels still too fast (Dying from 1-2 shots, superbullets) It feels that you need 10+ hits to kill an enemy sometimes. Please remove this flinching if you get hit by enemy bullets, it's annoying for good players who can react fast after a hit and could kill him, but the random flinching disturb the aim and recoil control. My Hitmarker infos: White: normal hits Red: armor hits Purple: head armor hits Green: kill hits Another thing is, what I also tested with players on a server, that the Semtex Grenade doesn't stick on enemies and it goes through their bodies.
  4. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: Unable to join any match on any map. Right after initial loading (of the match) the game kicks me back to the main menu. No errors, warnings or crashes. All three server options checked. GAME BUILD ID: 3399480 STEPS TO REPRODUCE: Press quick play or try to join a match any other way SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS: Laptop Asus gl502mv i7-7700HQ @2.8GHz, gtx1060, 8gb
  5. Moja propozycja to rozpoczęcie trybu warzone od zebrania minimalnej ilości graczy (duży 20 osób) i (mały 10 osób). Wrzuciło mnie dzisiaj na dużą Warszawę gdzie całą rozgrywkę graliśmy 3 vs 3 i cały mecz staliśmy i przejmowaliśmy punkty.
  6. Can we have a option to play on South America server like we have to play on NA, EU and AS servers? The game already have SA servers but some times SA-players join on NA servers and we get pings over 180ms. ? Idk if this happens because all populated SA servers are full and the game just don't want to let you waiting for too long on queue. But play with 180ms+ is terrible. I prefer wait 10-15 minutes to join in a match as play with 180ms+. So can we have a option to choose and force servers locations? Ty for your time. ?
  7. I really like the idea of the Game, but.... Please add a server list to this game, i really getting bored by pressing the "Quick Join" button because 90% you join on a server that is 0.5 balanced ( 200-3000 Tickets, 12 against 20 player, 15 min left) It's so boring to join on a server like this because, the enemy already captured all points and have Tanks and their Sniper Positions, and (it seams like) you are the only one to try to capure a point, but of course you have no chance alone ( your team / squad is camping somewhere ) Add a Server list that people can see what is going on on the server ( Time remaining, Score, Map etc. ), so that we can decide by our selfs if it's worth to join this or that server. I really like the Game, but if you always join servers like this, you start asking yourself if you really want to start the game because you know how it will end
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