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Found 14 results

  1. [Feature]: Howdy everyone, my suggestion is simple. There are currently 5 maps and 3 game modes. If there were only one server running each map+game mode combo there would be 15 servers. Roughly allowing 400 players to be concurrently playing with full servers and lobbies. However some players don't like certain maps/ game modes, so i thought that sometime in the not too distant future a poll via Twitter or a Steam Link (in news update), could gather data on which specific map+game mode combo is the favorite then make 2-3 servers running that specific combo. I know 400 players doesn't sound like a lot, but unfortunately at the present point in time the player base never has more than 6 full lobbies out of the 30+ that pop up on server browser(less than 150). A quick sidenote: there are WAYYYY too many breakthrough servers, its a fun gamemode however there are way too many that are ALWAYS empty. Then there are certain "combos" that rarely show up, for example Warsaw+TDM (my personal favorite). My logic and reasoning behind this is that returning/new players coming to truly beta test the game and have a really fun experience will have the circumstance of sitting in an empty lobby for 10-20 minutes or playing in a 1/4 full warzone lobby be limited. As time goes on more duplicates of map+game mode combos could be added as recorded data shows which "combo" servers are always full/ near full. This will also make it appear as though there are more players on because more of the total available servers will be full. I feel that this would be a way to stabilize the servers a little bit too because there wouldn't be 30+ empty servers. Simply put; like 20, MAX, servers always running the same map+game mode combo allowing for consistency in the gameplay and playerbase revival. I really love this game and I can see the enormous potential. I just wish that there was more than 1-3 servers to actually play on (not empty all the time) XD. Cheers to the Dev team for keeping at the dream!
  2. i suggest make server files public so Fans can host their own servers . Why ?? we will get ones with better Pings hopefully my ping right now in this game is 160ms .. 130ms at minimum and it should be at least 92 - 80 ms.. i can spare spend some bucks monthly to host my own if it really can hit the 90 ms like i get in all other games
  3. I was speculating why the games player numbers were so low and ideas on how to change that. I personally noticed that when playing on a server the map never rotates, I got the game yesterday and put in 12 hours so far and I found out about 3 new maps in the last 3 hours of play, I still dont know if i've played all of them yet. What I personally feel like the game needs is voting after match has ended for the next game mode/map. Benefits of changing the map after the server has ended: *More players in 1 single server *more variety in each server *more reason for a player to stay in the match and wait for his map instead of leaving to seed an empty server with his favorite map, introduce more players to different maps and play styles. Benefits of allow voting for the next game mode: *Say there is a 30 player server playing that war game mode, if they vote for the sever to change to team death match the server could do this, break up the players into 3 groups of 5v5 on 3 separate TDM servers, if the server did that it would ditch 1 server in favor of automatically populating 3 whole new servers for a specific game mode and players who use the "Quick join" function at the start of the menu could easily join one of these newly created servers (Right now with quick join I heard it puts players in an empty server which is a huge issue). *Lets also say a TDM server chooses to switch to the war gamemode, if im correct the player count in a TDM session is a 10v10, they could vote to turn that server to war and have a good sized lobby for a fun war game, this also allows for more space for quick join players to enter the game, and that would solve the problem of joining an empty server with quick play. I personally wouldnt like a map vote feature to be implemented like it was with insurgency2 where you had to navigate the menu to call the vote and you would only see text with the map name. Keeping map and game mode voting after the match has ended would let new players see which map they will be playing on (I associate maps with their look more so than their name). If you guys like the idea or wish to add onto my idea please leave a reply! Hope this game can improve its player base soon! REALLY LOVING IT SO FAR!
  4. Hi Dev's just want to bring to your attention there's like 12 Asian servers which have all the maps and just 3 servers for Aussies / New Zealand which play the same two maps Dev's we really need Map Rotation to keep the dream alive! Hitting Continue; Map goes for 2 maps then rotates to new map or Dev's just rotate after each round Or ! Vote map after each map Ping for the Asians servers is > 250 for Aussies worse for New Zealand players, while Aussie based servers are < 60 https://steamcommunity.com/app/674020/discussions/0/2530372519570467146/
  5. I believe there was talk about some micros coming up, and I thought I'd start a discussion for them. Players are arguably sensitive to the idea of micros, but I do not think that if the micros are not Pay2Win, people will mind. Getting the in-game currency in the game is not super time-taking currently in 0.2.3. We do know that the servers cost money to keep up and maintain, and that's what micros are often for, and that's what brought me to make the topic. I do wanna hear what people think of the micros. Another way could be rented servers. I personally don't see micros as this big evil, but I don't like Pay2Win, which is why I don't buy those games that are. As to what these microtransactions could be, I do have some ideas: Certain color patterns for guns, vehicles and player itself. Some hats like Cowboy hat. "I love the smell napalm in the morning!" Motivational patches much like the ones already implemented. "Hold my beer" as an example. Slight weapon customization such as a pistol grip or other cosmetic(?)
  6. WW3 promised us South Africa servers and i don't see any South Africa servers yet. Why? NA, SA, EU, OC, AS servers are all live. Where are the South Africa servers?
  7. I have been getting xp and currency and levelling up after every game are they going to Reset us as its consistent with the XP you getting and the servers seen to be good. All im asking is it worth grind ranks or will it just get Reset
  8. @ Devs - ETA on AFRICAN SERVERS ?
  9. Hi Devs.. Here are 3 easy fixes that can be added to the list of other peoples suggestions 1. Bodies should remain a little bit longer on the battlefield 2. The ability to swap for/pick up a downed players weapon - this can be possible if bodies remain a little 3. Once deploying a special eg UAV/Reaper.. the laptop takes far too long to be put away and you end up getting shot. Its quick to open but reeeeeeaaaallly slow (unrealistically) to put it away - decrease the time please. So far the game is fun to play. Keep up the good work.. Regards from South Africa
  10. Please add Progression back i need a reason to login i get into a game in under 5 mins and game is amazing i just need things to aim for getting high kill games and general ranking up etc. Anyone else feel like this ?
  11. I made a post in the forum discounting my anger by not being able to enter the game until now (I do not know how to delete the post, moderators if you want to give a hand) after days getting tired of university and weeks of hype with the game. All the friends who bought the game to play with me already asked for a refund and I that every update started the game and waited 20-30 minutes to enter, I can not ask for a refund as well (and I do not want any more refund, I will follow the game until I am able to play). I understand that programmers are not guilty and that they do their best to bring the game, no one enters into this industry just for the money (EA/ACTIVISION only). I blame all this to who managed the strategy and release dates of the game, the game is not optimized this is a fact. I played several games in early access like rust (I've played since its release on Steam until today) and ark (it was not optimized but only in fps, I could get into the game at least) and I know that Early acess games are a bet, but I also know that they should be playable to your audience, I have no problem with the servers, my problem is that it will crash and it will crash my computer as well no other game has done until today, 100% disk, 100% cpu, 100% gpu. My concern and anger is in the fear of having bought a game that by the bad launch miss the players, all the youtubers that I accompany in my country stopped making videos of the game, all the reviews in my language are negative and they advise not to buy the game . The launch of the game was spectacular but a game with 1 week of life that already shows falls in the amount of players is extremely worrying. The game must keep up with an increasing amount so that the developers have money to continue updating the game. so excuse my soldiers for my childish behavior, a difficult day does not justify, but I still have the same problems that will not be solved so soon since the next patch will only come after the repair of the servers. I still can't speak English, so I'm sorry for grammatical errors ^ _ ^ p.s I STILL HATE THAT LOADING SCREEN, THAT INFINITE LOADING SCREEN!!!!
  12. Is there a chance for us to get South African servers? We have a large player base that is very dissapointed with BF5, they are all excited about this game but no news about local servers.
  13. Can't connect right now, only me??
  14. I thought they switched Progression off yet im getting a lot of the currency when i finish a few games and then boot the game up i get more and more currency ? Anyone else getting the Currency ?
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