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Found 4 results

  1. Hi. How does everyone feel about getting shot trough the wall? It feels unfair in Smolensk map when sniper shoots you trough the outerwall of the building with full dmg. Yes, yes... I've noticed that it's a job in progress, so there is no textures and all the walls are propably just there to show where the buildings propably gonna be, but it just feels unfair and less fun. I can see this working if the bullets would not do the full dmg when going trough the outer wall or if they don't go trough at all. Other then .50/12.7mm and higher caliber should not go trough and even the .50/12.7mm should not do full dmg even if you were hugging the wall. "Well how about the armor you wear?" You may ask. Well It should matter a bit. Bullet going trough wall loses a lot of it's cinetic energy depending various factors like the thickness and the material of the wall, bullet speed, bullet type, distance of the shot, angle of the shot...ect. so depending the armor you wear, then you should take less or more dmg if the bullet hits your plates. "I'm not wearing no armor! Armor is for losers how are affraid to die and it makes me slow too." I hear someone screaming... well... lets just say that then you take a lot of dmg unless it's a headshot, which means you are dead. Im OK with shooting trough inner walls of the house though and 20/30mm cannons should go trough the outer wall easily. No obviously these are just my thoughts, but I would like to hear some of your so feel free to comment.
  2. DESCRIPTION OF BUG : Ammo disappear randomly from ammo count when shooting (video 1). I'm not sure if it's a problem of the ammo count system or one gun in particular, because the LMGs seem to have the same problem. Other times it doesn't refresh properly, and will show for example 50 -> 49 -> 47 when shooting 3 bullets. (video 2) GAME BUILD ID : 3271209 STEPS TO REPRODUCE : Shoot with any rifle. ammo bug video 1.webm ammo bug video 2.webm
  3. So i checked out the shotguns and is it only me or does the vespr-12 or whatever its called has 0 bullet travel time? Its like i can snipe with it from across the map. Not only that the damage it does is way too high and the spread way too low. Currently assault rifles are nowhere near that gun. It needs a big nerf and probably a complete redesign on the ballistics such as damage dropoff spread and bullet travel time. Tell me your opinion.
  4. Hello, through my few hours of gameplay I found some texture bugs. 1) Pistol aiming 2) Green smoke when shooting some walls on Berlin map 3) Designer's choice or poor architecture on the Warsaw map 4) Little bit "flying" wall on the Berlin map, behind Brendenburg Gate by the trees on the right side 5) Clipping Helmets/hats/gas masks when used with Quick release PC with jacket
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