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Found 9 results

  1. Sniper Rifles are not skilled and balanced at the moment. You can also do one shots, doesn't really matter what part you hit on mid and long range. On Warzone it's for the most time annoying if somewhere camps a sniper and gives you all the time one shots. Best solution would be that headshots are only one shots with full health on mid/long range, other parts 65-90 Damage - armor hits included. Some players wish a bit more spread in hipfire, that the Snipers can't run around a corner and give you a precise one hit. On close range I don't know if one shots should be there just belly, torso and head hits or if all parts like hands, arms, legs etc. get one shots.
  2. Hi. How does everyone feel about getting shot trough the wall? It feels unfair in Smolensk map when sniper shoots you trough the outerwall of the building with full dmg. Yes, yes... I've noticed that it's a job in progress, so there is no textures and all the walls are propably just there to show where the buildings propably gonna be, but it just feels unfair and less fun. I can see this working if the bullets would not do the full dmg when going trough the outer wall or if they don't go trough at all. Other then .50/12.7mm and higher caliber should not go trough and even the .50/12.7mm should not do full dmg even if you were hugging the wall. "Well how about the armor you wear?" You may ask. Well It should matter a bit. Bullet going trough wall loses a lot of it's cinetic energy depending various factors like the thickness and the material of the wall, bullet speed, bullet type, distance of the shot, angle of the shot...ect. so depending the armor you wear, then you should take less or more dmg if the bullet hits your plates. "I'm not wearing no armor! Armor is for losers how are affraid to die and it makes me slow too." I hear someone screaming... well... lets just say that then you take a lot of dmg unless it's a headshot, which means you are dead. Im OK with shooting trough inner walls of the house though and 20/30mm cannons should go trough the outer wall easily. No obviously these are just my thoughts, but I would like to hear some of your so feel free to comment.
  3. DESCRIPTION OF BUG I cant refill my weapon every time I try the game tells me my weapon is full but in reality I only have 10 bullets ( you cant see it but it is written there in red) GAME BUILD ID 3421056 STEPS TO REPRODUCE spawn with a g 27... SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): CRASH LOG (if any):
  4. So I just want to gauge to players around here, what is your current favourite loadout to play the game. Currently I am loving my Vityaz and TOR combo along with Med pack. I get to kill people with the sub machine gun in close quarters on to lose out most of the time to the OP Vepr 12 or AR if I potato and the TOR for the long range kills. Although I do find that sniping is sometimes a bit odd in this game as I headshot people and only does 18 damage or so but that's a topic for a different day.
  5. Hi guys, i suggest to put a button to hold the breath wile sniping. I would like also to customize my sniper with camouflages like gillies. Good work Devs!
  6. LoSti's World


    Hey, can somebody tell me where I need to hit a player for a 1 shot kill with a sniper rifle? I always get killed by 1 shot hits from snipers, an they shoot me in the stomach even with the biggest amor, I tryed everything... Headshots stomach, but I can't kill them with only one shot (use AP Munition) . How can they do it with only one shot? Thx
  7. players are able to lean with sniper rifles, lmgs and rpgs. is it to powerful? should heavy weapons make u fully expose yourself if u want to get into position to shoot other players?
  8. MG5's TTK (time to kill) is really low. Even at longer distances this waepon can be a pain in the ass for players. It's recoil is quite managable so basically you can spit a whole mag directly onto a single point. A moving soldier equiped with mg5 can easily kill a sniper on a distance of 100+ meters while sniper has to spit 3-4 bullets straight to enemy's face just to deal 90 damage. Let's take TOR for an example. Few times i bodyshoted someone with TOR just to deal 15 DAMAGE!!!! Tor can damage a tank for 20+ damage but a moving soldier is waaay to much for it?!! Farm 51 WTF? I want to remind that TOR is a .50 cal sniper rifle, and we know that .50 BMG can basically penetrate any concrete wall that is up to 15 cm thick.' Best way to fix this is to significantly increase MG5's damaga and increase sniper rifle'sarmor penetration and damage.
  9. I am a fan of the armour system. But only to an extent. I get that armour can take some Rounds. But, on multiple occasions I have shot someone in the chest with the Tor which is chambered in 50BMG with AP rounds only to receive a 55 damage armour hit. It's a 50BMGAP it would go through that armour like paper and through the building behind them and ruin someones dinner. Even a 12.5mm would mince body armour.
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