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Found 11 results

  1. i just bought an silencer for a light machine gun, but the sound was still the same ingame!
  2. Witam, zastanawiam się i jednocześnie mam problem z prawidłowym ustawieniem dźwięków w WW3. Podczas gry dźwięk wydaje się jakiś stłumiony, pozycjonowanie kiepskie, kroki z tyłu są niesłyszalne a jak się odwrócę to wydają się OK. Wiem z roadmapy, że w przyszłości nastąpi optymalizacja udźwiękowienia ale może jest jakiś sposób na ulepszenie doznań już teraz. Obecnie gram na słuchawkach Roccat Kave XTD 5.1 Analog podłączonych pod kartę dźwiękową Asus Xonar DGX (ASM). W grze i w ustawieniach karty dźwiękowej ustawione mam na 5.1
  3. Hello, After playing the game for 4 hours: The game is bad but not that bad and can be great! The graphics are bad compared to big titles like BF I understand that this game is realistic so I won't say anything about the player movement, The weapons are great the recoil and everything, it feels real Big issues that can improve the game a lot: 1- The sound: the sound in the game is the most bad thing, you can hear enemies but you don't know where they are, the music is too low (even when you reduce the volume it is still bad), you can't hear your steps, the tank you hear it but you don't know where it is sometimes it's just next to you but you can't hear it 2- Point of interests: when I respawn I feel like I'm lost, I don't know which point I should go to, you don't know which point is the closest (till you point the weapon so you can see the distance underneath it with super small number). It would be much better if we can know which point is close you can make the closest point bigger... 3- Play with friends: it's so hard to invite a friend or join a friend even when you create a party please make it easier, because it takes about 20 minutes to be able to join a friend after he invited you and there is nothing saying you're joining your friend (like a small text or icon) 4- Respawn: we should be able to respawn on teammates not only on the leader, and we should be able to respawn on a point while is being taken because if a point is being taken it's like it's already taken! you can't respawn on it 5- Enemies are friends: add some visual effects or colors because it's hard to know if you saw an enemy or a friend they are almost identical 6- Custom weapon: in the game when you die you aren't able to change the weapon and you can't add different profiles, we should be able to change weapon in the game 7- Spotting: it takes time to spot enemies even big tanks 8- Disconnected after a game: each time a game end I get disconnected 9- Add autobalance in servers: when a team is loosing they start to leave and the teams became unbalanced 10- Crouch and Standing: Add an icon on the corner of the screen because most of the time we don't notice we still in crouch position! That's all what I can remember and for me they are very important, if you can improve these things believe me the game will go to another level!
  4. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: another sound bugged, after enter in a mortar puddle, every step for all the remain match sounds like a run in the same mortar puddle in the water. GAME BUILD ID : 3313216 PTT STEPS TO REPRODUCE : Berlin, enter in the mortar puddle on B2, between A2 and the helicopter mortar hole. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS: intel i6600K - 16GB RAM - NVIDEA 1070 CRASH LOG (if any): non logs
  5. AS_Walking

    sound bug

    DESCRIPTION OF BUG: when people shooting, a lot of sound are broken, like interrupt. Other sound bug is that when shooting with TOR the reload sound doesen't work GAME BUILD ID : 3313216 PTT STEPS TO REPRODUCE : shoot on PTT, and for TOR Reload SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS: intel i6600K - 16GB RAM - NVIDEA 1070 CRASH LOG (if any): non logs
  6. I love this game the gunplay is great however the sound is not good. In my opinion the guns are really lacking in sound it sounds like I’m shooting a bb-gun not a Ak-15 I also think that the I game music needs to go while it gives it good atmosphere I think that it is just in there to fill in the lack of sound in game. I love the communication between the soldiers and think that it is great. The 3D sound scape could be improved with better positional based audio. I think that it would also be cool if the devs added not only voice chat but VO-IP similar to games like PUBG and Insurgency
  7. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: suppressors doesnt' works and also the sound effects doesn't exist GAME BUILD ID : 3271209 STEPS TO REPRODUCE : install suppressor on every weapons SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS: Intel i6600K Skylake - Nvidea 1070 8GB - RAM DDR4 16GB - HD ssd 250BG CRASH LOG : no crash log
  8. Description of bug: prone next to barricade in A1 and was clipped through it. if you don't clip through then the players animations are canceled. Game Build ID: 3271209 Steps to Reproduce: 1. I was laying prone next to barricade and was repositioning myself and clipped under the barricade. sound and animation cancel. 1. I was trying to recreate the prone glitch to record it but ended on top of the barricade. 2. after getting off the barricade I noticed the player model is holding the weapon incorrectly and moved the camera down to see that the model is gliding on the floor not making footsteps or any movement noises. weapons still have their audio. Ww3 2018.11.02 -
  9. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: after a few click of customization, the sounds starts to crash like a "metallic click" brocken (and it break my ears) STEPS TO REPRODUCE: after a few click of customization, and every time after a match GAME BUILD ID: 3242871 SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS: i6600K + Nvidea GTX 1070 + 16GB ram CRASH LOG: NO
  10. **Free look While Aiming: Right now we only use it while walking-running, but no while you re aiming, and i think is a disadvantage in combat. **Vault, and jump over obstacles, sometimes doesnt allow you to get "on top" of certain surfaces. **It would be cool if you can see your character in 3rd person view while you're doing animations (insulting, dancing...etc) **If you are using a drone, quadropter, etc... why not add a mini cam of your character in a corner of the screen? Just to watch your surroundings. **Add the customization menu (in-game) **Better icons and map alerts, while you're in-game. Easier to analyze where and when, to hold or capture objectives. **Right now i can only hear voiceovers in English. is there a possibility to hear in native languages? depending on your faction? Russian, Polish. etc? **I think this is a bug; if i want to drive a vehicle, i press my Mouse 4th button (binding opt), but i cannot get down of the vehicle with the same button, the game wont recognize de 4th button, i need to go back to F key. I think this is for now, sorry if some or all of the points in this post have been discussed. ..and THE GAME IS "/(%//!"/%$$/" GREAAT!!! congratz Devs!! Im so excited for this game to be on of the very best wargames in modern history...keep it up. PS. sorry bad English!
  11. There have to be much better Sound. For guns and for to know where the shoot came from or the steps and stuff like that. Every gunsound sounds like a "toygun" For example the Grenades. Like waterballons.. :/ There have to be a bit more blood. Just to make it a bit more realistic. Like Bulletimpacts on the bodys and more blood if the bullet penetrate the body. For example like Counterstrike: source or Go Like that https://u.kanobu.ru/images/2010/04/20//76e13460-97dc-4563-b371-a0f4167d85a0.jpg
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