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Found 5 results

  1. OPIS BLEDU: Przeciwnicy respią się dosłownie 'przed lufą'. Wydaje mi się, że nie powinno tak być. Na dołączonym filmiku dobrze to widać. --> [0:23] https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dFgt77dtDA93Sx-CxvWAvSg69s9LxwGY [myślę, że chodzi tu o dopracowanie ograniczenia dostępności spawn point'a, gdy wrogowie są blisko] GAME BUILD ID: 4300829
  2. First of all I want to point out that i am very happy with the 0.6. update which brought so many old and new players back into the game. Hence i really want to help make this game great. There are big issues with spawning in this game. Especially when you want to deploy on a Squadleader/Member. Instant kills are premanently present. A solution to this would be to disallow people to deploy on a Leader/Member whenever they are supressed or in combat. This system is very similar to Battlefield 4's mechanic where you are not able to deploy on a Squadleader/Member in Combat. I think this would improve the gameplay by a lot! Thank you for your attention. Have a nice day?
  3. Current Content Build ID: 3335211 When one spawns into a tank with another squad member, sometimes they spawn into two places at the same time: 1. Into the tank itself, allowing capping objectives as it rolls to them and dying on top of the tank, but nothing more. 2. Into the sky, falling and often times spinning as it happens. Still alive, but out of bounds, maybe to a developer spot, because there is no warning of being out of bounds and the player does not die. When the player hits the ground he stays spinning on the ground. This has happened twice so far to myself, and another member of the Finnish Discord in both Berlin and Moscow maps.
  4. Okay, I love the game so far, but there's a few things that make me really want to quit playing until they get fixed. Spawning is horrible. The spawn selection screen can be buggy sometimes, like not being able to spawn on the quad leader. But stuff like that is expected with EA so whatever. My main problem with spawning is getting spawn killed. There's no spawn protection, and sometimes I get killed before my screen has totally loaded in. I also feel like we should be able to spawn on any member of the squad, not just the leader. There's already been a bunch of discussion on this but I think it might help with another issue. One team, almost always, dominates the map. The only assistance the losing team gets is an extra base spawn on a side of the map as a flank. But it never works out. Getting all points taken from you, being pushed back to your spawn, then having pretty much no way of getting any points back feels terrible. I feel like being able to spawn on any member of your squad would help with being able to secure and defend points a lot easier. It could just be the losing team is way less organized than the winning team, which seems to be the case sometimes, when my whole team is sitting just within the spawn, while I rush by trying to capture the obj. But if I could spawn off the 4 other guys actually playing the obj, maybe we could get a couple and come back. Tanks are also really good. Especially when they have APS. If a tank has a skilled operator, upgraded armor, and APS, it's almost impossible to take out without a whole squad firing RPGs at the same time. There's been plenty of times where an enemy tank has destroyed my team, and no matter how many RPGs I put down-range, the tank was fine. (I'm also guilty of this, it was super fun for me but I kinda felt bad about it lmao) And finally, some balancing stuff. The RPG is way too good against infantry, plenty of posts about that already. Imo it's way too hard to snipe, but I'm probably just bad. Shotguns are the real snipers in this game, etc. I'm sure all this stuff will be adjusted in the future, since I've heard plenty of people complain in game and on Discord. Sorry for the long / rant post, but these things are extremely frustrating, and not hearing much news from the devs, on top of this, makes me want to put down the game. Let me know what you guys think, I really want to hear your feedback!
  5. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: I was killed and when I went to respawn, I ended up falling through the floor and died again. Kill screen said suicide. GAME BUILD ID: 3242871 STEPS TO REPRODUCE: couldn't - only happened once so far
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